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  1. True but there have been Wrestlers from all over the Empire. Even the Daidoji had some.
  2. Ok, hear me out. The new family of the Phoenix, the Kaito, are based on the idea of Shrine Maidens. One of the main purposes of the Shrine Maidens in Shinto is to become proper vessels for spirits. There is another group that do the same thing. Sumo Wrestlers. i would love to see either a card depicting a Kaito wrestler or, even better, a Kaito school for the RPG that lets you BE a Phoenix wrestler. I know that Rokugan is not the real world but I still think it would be cool and appropriate.
  3. Recently moved to Bloomington, IN and looking for a FLGS. Can anyone recommend any place?
  4. So currently, without any dueling cards, it makes more sense to loose duels for the honor then to sacrifice honor for the win. still one of the weirdest systems. I hope the Crane article shows at least one Dueling card.
  5. Sorry but can someone tell me who The Black Crane was?
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