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  1. I would suggest you take a look at the Heroes of Rokugan Living Campaign modules. They currently have the 3rd campaign almost entirely posted. It would give you a good feel and since the campaign is over you can pick and choose from it without fear that you would be spoiling anything for your players. The campaign is designed for bushi heavy with Shugenja support. http://www.heroes-of-rokugan.net/, The third campaign is fourth edition and can be found in the previous campaigns section of their website. They also are starting a 4th campaign if you want something that has things to do at cons. THough they pretty much only go to cons in the middle of the country.
  2. The Heroes of Rokugan Mass Battle and LARP are two of my favorite events at GENCON in the last several years. You should try it out.
  3. Idathyrsus - You may want to check out John Wick's game Blood and Steal. I have not had a chance to look at it myself but John has stated that if he had the chance to do the game over again he would do something very simular to what your are talking about with having each clan set what they value and have honor relative to what each of the clan's value. Thus a high honor scorpion would be excessively loyal to the clan while a low honor scorpion would be ready to rebel and be uncomfortable with his orders. I have not had a chance to look at blood and steal but it might be worth a look.
  4. So much the better for them to sell a "World of Legend of the Five Rings" book down the line, or whatever it would be called (a la The Worlds of Android). As has been noted elsewhere, the story isn't the product. The story is the marketing. Executed well, it should whet the appetite for the cards and the RPG and whatever else FFG plans to sell. A little mystery wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, although it could obviously be pushed too far into obfuscation. From that perspective, word of mouth stories from big events could be great marketing for future sets they foreshadow. Speaking of which, FFG does little fics on the rules inserts for their other games' monthly card packs, so I'd be surprised if they didn't do the same thing for L5R along with more word-of-mouth style things if they go that route. AEG Tried this again about 10 years ago. It was an utter failure. It disenfranchised players as important story points never got out to the whole comunity, especially when small groupd of players refused to share the stories. AEG has almost always had stories for events. The queastion was how tied in where they. When the game started the internet was not out their and people did not know what they were missing it had little effect. But the last time AEG tried to do important story for events it exploded in their face. Today's word of mouth is the internet and to not just share them direct is to be acused of playing favorites and if selling the product is what you want to do you can not be in that game.
  5. Here is your problem. You are mixing up terms here. Also from my standing you actually proved my point. Only when it said elemental spirits or elemental Kami are these the elemental kami that shugenja manipulate. Worshiping the elemental kami is meaningless as they are kept in line by the spirit of the tree. Just as The spirit of a person keeps the person's elemental kami in line until that spirit departs. Also, not the reading. It said things such as As appropriate. Now that is not defined anywhere, Also a spirit of any living creature is not the sum of the elemental kami of that creatures. The spirit of a tree for example is made up of both water, air and other elemental kami. The Tree has a Single spirit. The Kami care not what form they take. It is the spirit of the tree that matters. Sorry that you put so much typing there but you really missed the whole point and honestly misread the whole thing and assumed that words used differently implied the same thing. Also, when the current edition does not reference something in any way previous editions do hold precedence. (Especially on things that are not mechanics directly.) Your interpretation is based on a construction that you have created which does not recognize spirits that are separate from elemental kami.
  6. I read somewhere that AEG was given permission to finish up its existing plotlines so this could be placed under that. Also I don't believe that this is what Shawn meant when he said (somewhere, I look at a lot of places) that they did plan to rap the story up appropriately so I imagine that we should expect something more at some point. I think you can garentee that this does not mean rap up onyx or the spider things but Shawn did state somewhere that a few more fictions where coming.
  7. I get your point here, clan loyalty does actually sell a lot of cards. Though I also get why people claim clan loyalty is problematic, or more so that it gives people a reason to whine when you had a difficult to balance situation that the L5R CCG had. I agree that clan loyalty is an important thing to the game. I also wish though that people would just accept that their clan will not always have a good chance of winning. This is not a reason to stop clan loyalty, that is to stop the whining. Though at the same time the gamerunners do have to investigate if some clans may be overpowered (or underpowered) but most claims of that over years have been overstated.
  8. Although it may appear that I am arguing that winter court should not take place, I want to clairify that I think that players should realize why FF would be thinking about other options. AEG was looking at other options themselves then they sent Rob Hobart to Origins this last year with a story based larp. (I did attend that event and that it was not as well attended as I would have liked. But a number of the players were players who were either new or returning. Part of my point is that a buisness should invest its resources that expand its game player base, a problem that L5R has had in both the RPG and CCG, they simply did not do it recently. Also, what you keep in your own vision of the game is imaterial to cannon. If you as a player want to keep all the events in your world and run in your personal games thats fine, but stuff that is never mentioned again should not be forced into cannon because it just clutters up the mess. From a technical purpose yes maybe it is cannon but so is all the stuff mentioned in the Clan Wars Miniture Game and every once in a while people pull that up that as cannonical. On top of clan Wars you also have the years of back editions of the RPG that frustrate newer players. Do you really want to add more to that mess. I would not harp on this point if AEG had done more to expand their game. One of the big reasons I mention this is the way people are talking about winter court (and 4th edition in general) as a gift from the kami and if any change occurs they will quit the game. Change will come and FF is a very different company from FF; I would not expect FF to do something like this becuase they have been more focused on makeing decisions that expand their products than appease a small group. I hope to express these reasons so people will keep an open mind about what FF will do and start to think about this change before it comes. Winter court had problems that were fundimental to its inception, I can mention others but this was enough to point out why I believe FF will not even consider doing it.
  9. I don't think that has to be the case. But I think that players in Winter Court players should be warned that this is likely the case. There is nothing honestly more annoying to people who did not play winter court, for one of a million reasons, to hear them come out of the time and here them arrogantly say how everything is cannon when it will not be the case. One example of something that was cool but would have honestly never come up was the Kitsune Rangers and Rokugani National Parks. Sure it was cannon but it would never have been mentioned again. (If you want to here why this is the case feel free to start a new thread.) Does that really make it cannon? I don't think so, especially now. Though my especially now is related ot an outside event. One of the big problems with going to timeline independence in 4th edition is that this was really not possible. In past editions story prizes sometimes got their ownly mention in RPG products. It actually allowed the story team an immense amount of flexability. It also encouraged CCG players to pick up the RPG. Though at the time they did not do endnotes as they had started to do recently with fictions. Fantasy flight should absolutely do this. Sure people will complain that well now they have to buy the book. Well, honestly, the company has to make money and if encouraging people to buy the book. They could even give the players a copy of the book if they win a tournament or such. It all just works better for the company. I agree with you 100%
  10. You are honestly missing the point here. I was not saying that things outside of conventions are bad and it seems I hit a thread with you. What I am saying is that winter court does not reach a variety of people and is honestly very small and not engaging with the comunity. They could for example do things like gamestore adventure where the results of the adventures of reported back. There are honestly a lot of better ways to get the game more well known than it is now. My point was that winter court does not help with that and you can easily engage multiple types of fans in other ways.
  11. Here is the problem, you are assuming a much higher level of senciance and concern on the part of the Elemental Kami than has ever been portrayed in the game. The local kami are kept in line by local fortunes and the pesentry and the samurai worship the local fortunes. Now it may be true that you don't have reference to this material and that in fourth edition has not covered it but this does not invalidate material covered in previous editions because you don't own them.
  12. I can agree with your here. Their are supose to be a limited number of shugenja in the empire and the game has always been portrayed that way Really? Has this ever been stated in this way in the game? The Brotherhood of shinsei provides for the religious need of most of the empire. So for most of the empire they do not need to speak with the kami. I think it would be true if you said a narrow set of rituals but sertianly not a wide or majority of them. ( I am seeing wide here as essentially the same as wide.) Again, Elemental Kami are not the same as the kami spirits, your ancestors or the fortunes. Angry kami can make things go badly but when it comes down to an individual person they are about appeasing the ancestors and the local fortunes. the Elemental Kami have nothing to do with their dailly life of the vast majority of people in the empire. Now its true, that they can do all these things but again, what does priesthood mean and what does it mean to fulfil that respocability. In the civilization of rokugan it does involve ritual and such, but they also have many monks who fulfil the vast majority of those rituals. The elemental Kami are in many cases not relevant to those things. Because of this we have to ask ourselves what is it that the elemental kami do and we have to not confuse them with all the other spirits in the empire. From my perspective your argument here is far weaker than, I believe, you think it is. Everything that a shugnja does will likely involve the aid of the elemental kami, including for example forging a blade. If a shugenja becomes a smith, as is well known in the agasha and Tamori families, then the forging becomes a holy practice. The Same is true for the Tamori who stand with the Mirumoto in battle. The battles that Tamori Yamabushi fight in are sacred events as far as the participants are concerned, with the same being true of the few cases when the Isawa march. The Yoritomo would be thrilled if they had a Shugenja Shipwright. The real thing that holds them back in the empire is that if they procead down these duel roles they become masters of none. Its also true that the game does reward this by not having a reason to get theology 10 in most campaigns, but honestly that is up to the GM in the current design. (Though one way to handle this would be to limit spell mastery levels to half the characters Lore: Theology, Lore: Element Skill, or both.) The GM has to make the campaign have a reason for a shugenja be spiritual.
  13. I have to agree with Terraneaux, though for different reasons and it has mostly to do with who is allowed and not allowed to play winter court. The methods that they use has never done a good job at screening out people who will drop and people who have played it before also had a very good chance of getting in again. Also, this type of event is also not open to those with writing difficulties from things like dyslexia, roughly 10% of the population because of both the format and the method to gain access to play. On top of this the event does not do much to help spread the product or the game, what it does do is reinforce the game for people who allready play. This is not helpful espcecially when you consider how much effor has to go into it, even if it is by volenteers. If you are looking for something that really reaches out and engages the community, both new players and experienced one, the should go with something that actually engages the community of players and has a chance to engage people who are not allready interested in the games. Things such as LARPS at conventions, such as the one done at origins. Off Course they do need to make sure people know about these events. Another thing that many of the Winter Court players have not really seamed to understand year after year is that unless it fits within the ongoing narative of the game their thing is unlikely to actually make cannon. Some people come to events with goals and try to achive them. Unless those Narative Align with the plot of the game they are not likely to be mentioned in a story and never be cannon outside the winter court event and if that is the case then it is likely that something will contradict them later
  14. I think it is important to point out that Monks fill the vast majority of priestly roles, that of course being the ritual deffinition. They fill it almost exclusively for the lower classes and regularly for the samurai class. The Kuge is likely the only group that is exclusively serviced by Clan or imperial Shugenja's. That allows there to exist a number of other roles as suggested that we would not often consider priestly areas where spellcasting is more neccissary, such places are of course inquisitors, craftspersons, warriors, and such. We have no correlation, the spellcasting part, to this in our real world today. Thus us thinking that the spellcasting portion of the priesthood should be limitied is taken entirely from a limited perspective. Though this is not entirely the case. The Vatican does have an Observatory filled with Priest astronomers who do Astronomy.
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