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  1. Then it's a good way to cherry-pick things for me. I'm a CW era player, but I'm okay with adding Darth Vador to my collection for this price tag !
  2. But we DO want to be toxic. Our failure to do so, is definitely telling us we should try to push harder and together, as a community, to reach our goal ! People have expectations for us, we should not fail them !
  3. It’s a painting subforum and you haven’t done no painting sir ! You’re disqualified ! 😁
  4. That and... you can have 2 units for the price of 1 for friendly games ! You just have to switch minis if you have a problem determining LoS at some point ! 😁
  5. Well, you can have 6 squads of 8 droids, making it 48 B1 droids on the table... not bad ! (That makes it 14 B1 droids left in my reserve...)
  6. I'm not playing competitively. I already made the very logical changes about LoS and cover...
  7. Or we could very well imagine that all alien forces are possible additions for every army. You would then be forced to include at least 1 commander (or operative) and 1 corps. And would then have access to the rest. Max 3 corps, 1 SF, 1 Support and 1 Heavy for example. That could well represent the fact that the factions can change their allegiance...
  8. 24 barricades per game on average. For a more serious response, it does not really make sense to count barricades... but it makes more sense to count the number (and the length) of light cover in general. I don't want barricades on my Green World, but fallen trees works the same.
  9. The Jedi Philosophy has very little in common with the Samurai and the Bushido Code actually, but a lot to do with ancient (non-political) Shintoism. The lives of Samurai and the "code" which is a late idealised version of it, is very much family and clan centered. The Jedi Philosophy is not. The Samurai does not vow himself to an ideal but to individuals, his lord(s). And his lord does not vow himself to an ideal neither but to the pursuit of power and influence. The Samurai does not care to kill, the Jedi does. Both don't fear to die, but not for the same reason : for the samurai it is a matter of doing your duty, for the Jedi it is a matter of death not being an end at all. The Samurai does not value life, hence why. Jedi do value life above all else. And so on...
  10. Don’t bother to look at the FAQ, you will get bored. Just use the Tabletop Admiral, it’s much easier and smoother.
  11. Are these reflector shields on the Droid Commandos, somewhat canon ?
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