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  1. I am not talking about 2 weeks updates. I'm talking about not having an update at all recently, as the game is being released. I took the last 2 weeks as an example. And what I wrote takes 30 seconds to type depending on how fast your typing is (you can try, I'll time it for you). I don't think anyone reasonable is going to blame FFG for allowing the module to be released only after a certain date. Actually, most of us know they do, and no one has been blaming them to do so, so far, am I right ? So why not clarify it by giving away the piece of information so people know ? Yea no good reason for that. What I'm taking from your answer, is that you can't find a single good reason not to communicate the minimum pieces of information needed by the community to feel part of it, so that we know a minimum what to expect. I understand my message could be taken as an attack toward those working on the module, and it's not, it's a critism on the lack of communication, a fair critism if you ask me. But communication is important nowaday, I think everyone will agree to that. So be honest about what I'm talking about, stop twisting everything, and maybe you'll start seeing that what I say is not irrelevant at all. About the module "built within one week time", either I didn't make myself clear and I'll clarify or you didn't understand correctly, I'm sorry both ways. I kind of said that if it's just putting all the cards' informations into the OCTGN deckbuilding machine, it doesn't really take long (imho). And it could definitely be out in a week. I could be wrong, you tell me. It's all the automations that, I think, make the OCTGN module difficult to build. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to accept it, that's how it is to be grown-up : you can make mistakes, you just have to admit it. Unlike you, I'm not throwing punchlines to your face to try to make you feel stupid or unconfortable or disrespectful, that's childish and agressive. I'm not agressive or disrespectful to anyone when I'm making a fair criticism.
  2. Who talks about "updating constantly" except you ? You're totally twisting it. There has been no real information given whatsoever for 3 months. Just to say, there is a middle ground ! And no, I don't feel like asking someone to take 5 minutes during the last 2 weeks' time, just to say "Hey, FFG asked us not to release it before XX, we're aiming at a XX release right now. Of course, we're doing our best and will keep you in touch. Thanks, bye." is unreasonable, sorry. That's actually what people do, a lot. It's a matter of mutual respect. I respect the work they do, but they should respect the community they are doing it for. One does not exclude the other. I am excited by this module. I am thankful. But I also can't understand the lack of communication, it's just nonsense. Now all this talking is taking us nowhere really. If one can't realise minimum communication is important, I can't do anything. Also I don't want to cast a shadow on the work being done (in the shadows), because we're all going to be so happy when it's out.
  3. I am not demanding anything. I am not saying we shall have it this way or by this date. I am saying that no communication is really bad, that it hurts the whole point of this thread, and of doing it for the community. The fact that they are doing it for free does not mean that we don't have a say in that. It does not mean that they don't have a responsability and be accountable to the community. Re-read the first messages of this topic ! Only one L5R module for OCTGN can exist at a time, so it's exclusive. So yes, the work they are doing impact all of us, because if I wanted to do one : first I would not be able to release it since OCTGN will probably tell me 'hey there is already a module being built right now', and second it would not make any sense. "They may announce today that the entire module has been scrapped, and it would still be in their full rights to do so." If by "it would be in their full rights", you mean that I can't sue them, oh yea sure. But if by that, you mean it is ok, heck no. Because the whole time they took saying they would do it, they just prevented other people to do it. So it would definitely be wrong. About the FFG part, again I am not telling people when it should be released, so what you're saying does not make any sense. That they do it for free, that we're grateful, that we thank them for the time and the energy they spend in doing it, does not mean that they are not responsabile and accountable for what they are doing. Sorry to say that. Nobody asked them to take this responsability. So if you take it, you do it good, you're accountable and you have to communicate about it. All this seems ground rules to me. Edit : and all this is so theoretical (and so pointless) because from what I can hear, the OCTGN module is kind of ready, and so it the 'Teki' site. But again, what does it cost to keep the community in touch 'officially' ?
  4. First of all, let me say I'm very thankful to all the guys that contribute to the OCTGN module. Like a lot of us, I'm all excited at the idea to finally being able to play extensively to L5R before we get the coresets in our hands. But as I just said, the community is very excited, the expectations are high, so I must say it is really unpleasant to not hear about the developpment of the L5R module. It does not cost anything to say a few words about how it is going and when it is going to be released. I mean the hard work is being done for the community to use, so keep the community in touch ! Secondly, it does not take much time to enter all the cards in a deckbuilder. So no I'm not excited by what you are showing us. I mean, anyone committed (that includes a lot of people) can take just one whole evening and enter all the cards in a deckbuilder. Yes there is bitterness in this message, but we are all kind of taken into hostages here. We don't necessarly need all the automations to be there at the release of the module. So I guess anyone here could take a week to make a module with the cards, but we're not doing it because, well, you're supposed to do it. But we don't know what you do and when you'll do it. You can admit it is a bit sick...
  5. So I've heard the OCTGN module for L5R will be available after GenCon... Can we have a confirmation of this ? I mean, there are a lot of people that are interested in L5R for OCTGN, so just a few words about what is going on would be great. Thanks.
  6. All the fictions can be found here : https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/ And for easy access, the Unicorn one is here : https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e5/c7/e5c715ba-b008-4461-a9c0-781886ac7e29/curved_blades.pdf
  7. I don't want to pressure you at all, and I know this kind of stuff takes time, but I love how L5R is about the Community, so I'm merely suggesting an idea. I think you should do one that you will handle the top Crab player at the next big Kotei you're into (or if you don't play at kotei, the one of your chosing). That would be an amazing show of support to your clan, and even more motivation for Crab players to perform !
  8. Am I wrong to think the part you struggled the most with is the circle of the Mon ?
  9. -> it's gorgeous -> it can be improved a little. Which scares me to think how amazing your next ones will be !!!
  10. Thank YOU for this place I randomly stumbled unto. It's good to feel home :).
  11. I've been following the FFG L5R boards for months and don't remember seeing any references to it, so I thought it would be a great idea to guide the French L5R LCG community to what seems to be its new home : http://l5ajce.forumactif.fr/ ! It's very active, it's organised, it's growing. We're waiting for you. Edit: it's a forum for the European french-speaking community, so not just for people from France, but also from Switzerland, from Belgium, etc.
  12. She was toying with the idea to create a pain in the a** for the Crane I'm sure… or to invate the Wasp…
  13. Mmm no. Shinjo and Utaku are, but they are not the whole clan, are they ?
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