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  1. It's rather amusing since FFG's parent company is french https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asmodee
  2. I have never looked it up before but my own files are refered to in the credits. Here is a more up to date version https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4Pd3r0rloCldVNHemZyMnhtSjA I have considered many times looking for artist to draw those who only have description of but never got around.
  3. I have a file with all the collected mons from the 1 to 4th editions somewhere.
  4. Matsu Tadaka (i think it was his name) became the champion for no Akodo of age and good reputation enough were available at the time.
  5. Thanks to you two for all your hard work over the years.
  6. Will this scenario be made available to those not at gencon ?
  7. In old L5r, for a long time, you had nearly no Kitsu.
  8. There was no status in 1th edition, and yes, status and rank are different. But status isn't a well-defined value, and it's easier to compare all editions based on school rank. It doesn't mean there is no exceptions. I know, I got a bunch of characters printed in 4th edition as npc and general PC.
  9. It's based on side information from NPC from 1-2nd edition, stuff from 2nd edition GM book and GM's survival guide and... inside stuff from playtesting.
  10. I don't use those ressources, so I can't really confirm or infirm what previous posters have said, but the listing given is for games who accepts new players. They may be dozens, even hundred, of games who are ongoing and not taking new players. For the Star Wars game I did online (the only online one I did) we didn't advertize anywhere nor welcomed anyone. We were all friends of the GM who took us and only us for his game. At my local store, Pathfinder is still selling strong and we have a game there every two weeks (and I play another campaign in another club once per month). Fifth has one once per month table at best and sells correctly... But that only what i can see. Without the real selling numbers, we can't really tell much about how they perform...
  11. I know, I've fought the creeping rank levels increase when playtesting 3rd so we returned to the levels the topic you mention speaks of.
  12. Indeed, but I used the terms that were used in the books. In order, the Dragon started with Togashi, Mirumoto and Agasha. The Kitsuki were added centuries later. Then Hitomi created her family and driven the Togashi and Agasha away. Following her departure, the Togashi and Hoshi joined in. Decades later, to end the Spirit Wars, the Tamori family was created as part of the peace treaty with Hantei XVIII
  13. Indeed, some stayed, but in too small numbers to be considered a real family (and none were released ever at the time in card form). Time of the Void mention a minority.
  14. The Dragon at the time had the Togashi, the Kitsuki, the Agasha and the Mirumoto. They added the Hitomi but the Togashi and the Agasha left, so no 6th family. The Tamori joined years later (in Spirit wars, so decades later in-game) but true, the Togashi and the Hoshi joined before them... but years after the Agasha left. So when they did the Agasha move, the Dragon ended with 3 families and the Phoenix 4. Not sure for balancing at the time.
  15. Just to point a fact people seem to be confused about... most of the samurai of a clan never go past rank 1-2, rank 3 characters are already high ranked members and rank 4 and 5 are super rare (and let's not talk about what is higher than that). That the canon. A rank 3 character has achieved a high rank in his clan and likely an important position as an officer, sensei or diplomat. So yeah, sanding rank 3 characters to do diplomatic missions is what happens in the setting. Most NPC aren't higher than rank 3, but people remember those who are higher than those because they are more memorable. People remember Kakita Toshimoko, master sensei when most of the senseis in the Kakita Academy are rank 3-4. Now, all the discussion is still relevant, just need to move the rank bar a bit lower.
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