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  1. It's a bit overexagerated. I can recall most details of the background, but locations in books is harder...
  2. It's the tournament that led to the creation of the Badger clan I think, but yes, after sumai there is a traditionnal dance going (see book of water).
  3. It is mentioned in the previous edition that the Emerald Champion knows about law many times and that the clans only send their best... it makes sense that the candidates wouldn't be total morons in the fields they are going to represent the Emperor for. Because even with good advisors, a basic understanding is required.
  4. And the Hantei children have been mostly trained by the Kakita in the original storyline, so the Ruby champion not always being a Crane make it less likely he trained them, at least, for the combat skills.
  5. Same name, different meaning, the tournament was a one-time use of the name.
  6. The Emperor's chosen https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor's_Chosen they have each a field as you can see it in my file at the bottom of this message, and can order those who are in the same category as them as the Emperor's representative. Outside of that field, they get respect from people based on their status, and as members of their clan can order their lower status kinsmen based on what their clan want to offer as support to their position... people from outside their field of power will act based on the favors they can get. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19XhI7NVc2ZbX4vIW-NgO4ImX8Sdux2y1
  7. You could have the minor clans go in chronological order before the great clans, making the cheapest gifts go first and be done.
  8. The Moth clan is indeed a 5th edition creation.
  9. People who marry into the Scorpion often puts masks, Scorpion who marry out of clan have been known to keep theirs (I remember a couple doing so) but some didn't.
  10. Exactly, those were special editions sets, not regular retail, so they don't count. Freighter would count, but I the Balrog sets I mention predates it by a few years.
  11. The earliest I remember from a card game switching to a non-collectible format was Middle-earth the wizards, with their Balrog expansion.
  12. Toturi was forcefully sent to a monastery in the original setting, so he couldn't inherit...
  13. Don't know in the new lore, but they overtook Kyuden Ashinagabashi in a single night, so based on average of 300 samurais defending the place you can think about 200 of them sided with Tsuruchi.
  14. For a time, they used the Ashinagabashi family name.
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