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  1. Truth and #justice should ever prevail over blind commitment. Follow principles, not people.
  2. Yeah, and they did. Which is part of why L5R is at the pass that it is, I'll wager. L5R suffered from lack of advertising and support as AEG focused more and more attention on its brand new shiny children and ignored its first-born. I think there are a lot of reasons. Everyone's going to blame the parts they want to keep, and no one will blame the parts they want to kick. So it goes. AEG acknowledges having diverted attention and resources from L5R to getting other aspects of the business up and running. They promised that they would be recommitting themselves to L5R, now that everything else had taken off, but that never happened. There may well be other reasons why L5R stumbled, but a huge one was lack of advertising. No one can buy your product if they've never even heard of the bloody thing.
  3. Yeah, and they did. Which is part of why L5R is at the pass that it is, I'll wager. L5R suffered from lack of advertising and support as AEG focused more and more attention on its brand new shiny children and ignored its first-born.
  4. Card design, as in mechanics? No. The story? H#&& to the yes!! That's what makes L5R such an incredible game!
  5. Name: Yvonne Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup? I live in a smallish town about 45-50 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. My current playgroup (thus far) consists of myself and one Friend. How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? I had seen it advertised in some magazines and couldn't wait to try it. I've always been fascinated by ancient cultures and Asian stuff, in particular. Then, at Archon in '96, they were running demos and giving the decks away. My fiancé and I did the demos and we were hooked. We still played Magic off and on for a little while but soon gave it up completely in favor of L5R. (We also played Mythos, X-Files and Highlander but those soon fell by the wayside, too.) Did you/do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? No, not really. I'm a ronin at heart and was a rabid Toturi's Army player (while playing other factions sometimes, too) but once TA disbanded there was no regular ronin stronghold to play so, for the purposes of Imperial Assembly voting and such, I chose Dragon. Other than the IA account - now-defunct, I suppose, I'm not particularly loyal to them. I have decks for all but Crab (too brutish for my taste), Crane (though I'm considering them) and Lion (too inflexible and militaristic). What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? Dragon - they're weird, like me. Also reclusive, like me. And the seeking of enlightenment. That's cool. Mantis - love the Tsuruchi and their bows. Also the individualism and the clan's rise to Great Clan status without a Kami. Phoenix - their Love of Peace and Knowledge (they probably should be my main Clan for that reason). Scorpion - Ninja. Plus, it's fun to be the bad guy, sometimes, or to keep people guessing, at least. Spider - I have a Light deck, no Shadowlands, and plan to have a Dark one, too. I like that there are some who aren't (or weren't?) tainted, that there's an element that's sort of good and also, as with the Scorpion, it's just fun to be the bad guy once in awhile. Unicorn - their compassion, the way they care about the peasants, their unorthodox ways. Don't like the meat and leather bit, though. What was your first L5R tournament experience? Had to have been at Archon in '97. I was playing Toturi's Army. I forgot what my opponent was playing but like, all three of my Togashi Mitsu turned up beautifully and I won the game very quickly. I won the second round, also, but it wasn't a good experience. The person I was playing reminded me to do something I'd been forgetting to do or hadn't realized I could do or something. So, I went ahead and did the thing and, whether it was because of that or not (I don't recall), I went on to win the game. Afterwards, I was sitting there shuffling my cards and stuff and I heard my opponent, who was standing nearby, talking to his friends saying, "I only lost because I was a gentleman (or honorable or something to that effect)". I started to go up and ask them to change my win to a loss but I never did. I still wish I had. (Note: If you're not prepared to lose a game, and not ***** about it later, because you gave your opponent a tip, then don't give out tips. ) Favorite story or quote from the fiction? "Until I understand." ~Togashi Favorite character? Toturi!!!! :) Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. My fiancé and I and a couple other people playing L5R all evening long, several times a week, at this huge round table at Hardee's in Union (and playing at other restaurants, too, but Hardee's had the best table for it). Good, good times.
  6. I don't have a favorite story. I love them all and they need to continue. It won't be L5R without them.
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