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  1. Thats an awesome story i did not know about. Thank you.
  2. As this story clearly demonstrates, the Crane Clan, more so than most, were founded on close familial ties. The Doji and Kakita founded and named after Husband and Wife. Daidoji being their direct offspring, and even the later Asahina family founded after being married into the clan from the Phoenix. While their always likely to be some love lost between clan families just like there tends to be in any family. All of the Great Clans have different relationships with the families that make them up that usually stem from the relationships between their founders. Some can be that of absolute loyalty like that of the Shosuro towards the Bayushi while another like that between the Isawa and Shiba can be muddled and prove to be a conflict between Duty vs. Subservience. Both the Lion and Unicorn Clans like the Crane in ways have histories that closely intertwine many of their families and promote not just interbreeding and mating but establish a kinship between them sometimes supersides blood. The Dragon on the other hand hold their Togashi leadership on a pedastal and occassionaly as mentors towards enlightenment much as Mirumoto and Agasha themselves did. While interplay between the families exist as it does in any clan the relationships between the families as a whole are more based on function and perhaps faith than famial or like mindedness. Their goals for their clan differ like their philipsophies do. In regards to the difference physical characteristics between clans goes, I would ask all to consider the founding Kami. With the acception of Togashi i believe, the blood of a founding Kami, a literal manifestation of divine order, runs through the veins of at least one family per clan though likely far more after 1000 years of political marriages. Despite the centuries of delution your still looking at sharing the blood of an deity with an arguably perfect mortal form aligned with what was most important to said kami. If the physical traits between those of samurai of different clans would be on a course to drastically diverge from each other i believe it would be here, at the very beginning.
  3. From what I read the entirety of the clash should take place between then end of the round issued and the start of the next one with the only additional mechanics being used being strife wager and finishing blows. That said the only details on the specific of the duration of the clash and whether only one cycle of strife wager takes place is unclear. "Determine Winner: If both characters are still standing at end of the clash, there is no winner, and both withdraw to fight another day. If one character inflicts the Incapacitated, Unconscious, or Dying condition on their enemy (or kills them outright) without suffering any of these, they are victorious in the clash." The fa t that it says its possible for both characters to still be standing leads me to believe its just a one turn exchange and within the skirmish since its gives nothing to suggest it would adopt other rules or traits of a duel. I also assume that on the 1st to act in their clash they are able to change stance? Even if its the person who made the challenge initially givong them a possible 2nd turn. Lastly since the challenge can be made from any distance from 0-5 range bands does that mean the challengers initiate the fight at yhe distance from where they started?
  4. At first i thought it was just similar name due to the dragon clan lands being mostly mountains but then i found their tradition. To summarize: "These monks focused on a relationship with the natural world, as only through experiencing the interplay of the elements in their most primal state could the soul be set free. [2] Most yamabushi sects organized themselves into bands of five, with one monk in each band embodying one of the Five Rings. [3]" While this is from 2nd and 3rd edition sources their philosophies fit in nicely with the kannushi and yamabushi described above. And seeing as they are recognized as one of the largest brotherhood sects on rokugan and count the order of the seven thunders amongst them I see little reason they couldnt already cannonically exist within the new l5r.
  5. Better than i thought honestly. Sure the damage is 5, but with the right Kata thats a fantastic weapon. I thought it was Wargear and Cumbersome lol. Though im kinda surprised you could walk into places with a blade that long and it be socially acceptable by rokugani standards, going by the qualities anyway. For the lion and crab matbe but still.
  6. Yes but don't both of those weapons have base damage values higher than the strongest armor's resistance? Sure their are excpetions like get boost from kiho, invocations, other techniques maybe some Oni but overall id think the risk of breaking those two is far less likely and worth the high damage/lethality with cumbersome as a balancing act.
  7. This is an excellent point that is downplayed due to happenstance. While i do not believe the writers of l5r have ever intentionally downplayed or overlooked the these facets in rokugans culture and the role of preists i think the fact that 1. The audience here is widely american or westernly influenced toward magic users have role primary action at all times and 2. That the preist of rokugan unlike the monastic traditions that serve the emperor through the brotherhood are samurai in service to their daimyos 1st, both play a role in them being depicted and played by all as more like dynamic spellslingers than keepers of elemental harmony and peace.
  8. While it is a school I loved since the death preist didnt emerge as an accepted religious sect in rokugan until Tein Shin Yin Wang were made fortunes in the 1160s then the timeline reset would have them nonexistent in rokugan so far. That said between the techniques of the kuni witch hunters and toritaka exorcist perhaps even yogo wardmasters mechanics and premise for onmyouji could easily be flushed out. Their are also mechanics in fourth edition homebrew called Court of the Minor Clans that has a Obake minor clan that is very similar to an onymouji you described.
  9. Something just accured to me while reading through these post. The design of razor-edged on your ceremonial daisho is actually more elegant and thought than I may have realized. Your Soul and Duty wielded almost exclusively for defending your Honor and serving your lord off the battlefields, as thats be discussed to have more prudent weapons for war. Considering the major concern here is using the weapon against armored foes, as thats the only consistent way to sum up enough resistance to endanger it, what is the greatest concern of a samurai on normal duties. Bandits maybe ashigaru turned aggressive ronin at the worst. And if you come upon something worse your likely to either get aid or adjust your tactics. The reason i bring this up is because the greastest risk resistance wise are other samurai in armor and Oni maybe some nastier shadowlands creatures. These are all fights that you would go into better prepared for and not rely on your katana off the bat. Even fighting other samurai is either during a war where all would have their wargear and armor anyway or duels, half of which take place without armor unless terms are decided on which also likely faciliates a change of weapon. Making your daisho razor-edged, while wouldn't go so far to say is a social deterent, makes more sense when you look at when and whom it would typicalky be used against. That and likely also so not taint your blade of the soul with bad blood.
  10. Heh while I am working against myself here a bit I do agree with the statement above, but The Tribe of Isawa utilized Blood magic as sacrifices to the fortunes to facilitate their magic. This was before the fall of Fu Leng and Festering Pit put the method at risk via Kansen, but was earliest method of shugenja magic none the less. So while the unique effects of later Bloodspeaker spells come off as more insidious and socerous it still has fundamental ties to elemental magics of shugenja. In this regard i personally wouldnt consider one anymore "magical" than the other. Though denizens of Rokugan could easily be swayed one way or the other i imagine. **** even gaijin powder was thought to be foreign sorcery when it blasyed through the magiced walls of the capital on during White Stag.
  11. Many excellent points here on all sides, but something I haven't seen accounted for, unless someone brought it up much earlier, is that in most combat in the new system PCs will be fighting minions, something that didnt exist in l5r til now. Considering that criting on minions before passing damage does fatigue equal to lethality and minions only have to have a severity of 7 before they die i feel that allows both razor-edged and heavy weapon camps the abilty to dish out on more even ground. Now while that doesnt extend to adversaries i like a little meat on their bones. They die too quickly and what was the point? And pc vs pc doesnt arise too often in my games but thats what duels are for right?
  12. Fyi ove only ever played 4th edition with choice 3rd edition mechanics tyed in. The entirety of my unsderstanding of rokugan comes from everything released since the 4th core rulebook up to and including Atlas of Rokugan along with the AEG canon stories. This includes books like Naishou province, all the Element of books, Emerald Empire, Imperial Archives, both Histories of Rokugan 1 and 2, and Sword and Fan just to name some favorites.
  13. See you say you have it all and read it all but only quote the mechanics and breifest descriptions of school techniques to me. It makes sense that you wouldn't concern yourself with any material that further depicts the very same same things your discussing in greater detail when they work against your own arguement. My claims come from having read the entirety of 4th editions content. Much of what people consider "fluff", a term I vehemently dislike due its dismissiveness, from source books are wriiten in great detail to flush out and provide context and intimate breakdowns of a slew of things in the system. Much of which is ideal for framing a detailed campaign or provided players who care about the substance around and behind their characters to better portray an in depth roleplay. Book of Earth and Fire as well as Great Clans of forth editions go into detail about gear composition and how Kaiu traditions and smithing methods contribute to their fantastical boost and Kaiu Blade. If you take the extra step and apply the logic of the nature and magic sections of the same element themed books and how the synergiest structure of kami and ningen-do, the realm of form, bring about rokugan as we know it you might begin to understand why I claim such "delusional" ideas.
  14. While I can see that you are adamant at rationalizing the lore and setting of the game to encompass what you are most comfortable with, which systems perfectly allow and encourage. I can't help but interject when precedence that contradicts cannon is toss out with zero fact checking. Both in descriptions of forging swords, to use of kiho, and even cooking in rokugan Kami aka the elements are present. It is explained in various sources that everything both people, the ground, weapons, and gods are comprised of the elements. The difference is wether they are awakened or not, hence shugenja's abilities. As well what influence they are under. Kiho is the conscious manipulation of a persons elements in a unusual way the allows the user to make one element more dominant in there form than others and create the desired effect. Same goes for forging armor or katanas for a Kaiu. Its established that a devote enough individual can awaken the kami in any object if enough of their self and spirit is put into it through work and varied conditions. This timeframe varies but in l5r is consistent. Even every mortal with void that isnt spiritually disrupted dreams magically as the realm of yume-do where rat gods, spirit tapirs, and other creatures occur are a regular thing for rokugani whether they know it or not. At this point it sounds like your trying to convince yourself more than anyone else. So if you want to use a different term than magic and play without the fantasy foundation the setting is based on your free to. But if your trying to convince others the setting and game are more like your desired setting than not then I'm going to have to kindly ask you to take a step back and rexamine what you are doing because denial is alot more obvious from the outside.
  15. I agree with the notion your pitching Sushi. I've always been a fan of lore and philosophy of styles and tactics being reflected in mechanics and visa versa. In previous editions I'd always have fun with players hunting down special homebrews or creating techniques ourselves that granted a more of a peek at more obscure yet specialized lesser know styles. Two of my personal favorites were ones we found in 4th edition like the lesser known Seawatch Dueling style of the Crane which we flushed out utilized patience to magnify the bonuses recieved the assessment phase of a duel and the long lost pinnacle technique of the Original Hiruma School, Flowers on Unattainable Heights. So yeah I love taking obscure lore and running with it ^^. With that in mind though the fact that this new dueling structure is more tactful, variant in approaches, and inclusive with most schools given the right conditions of the challenge that leads me to one question. If most kata and shuji can be adapted to find use during a duel in this system l, when does the number of expanded options engineered for it specifically become too much? See the thing ive enjoyed most about the techniques and school approaches in beta so far is that the mechanics are broad enough to be of use in multiple situation and not just a single specialized one. With the right techniques, opportunity usage, and tactics i feel thesr duels can be just as engaging and detailed as you are describing Sushi. Just by using tools that have utility elsewhere as well.
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