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  1. The Reaction on The Prince's Plan has two gold costs: the 2 gold cost of the Event and the 1 gold cost in the text. The Rules Reference states, on p5: which implies that these are paid as separate costs, not combined into one. Am I correct in thinking that Littlefinger's Meddling will reduce each of these costs by 2? What about Fealty? Alex
  2. A Tourney for the King only grants immunity to opponents' events. Alex
  3. It's the last step of framework event 1.3, "Reveal plots": Once these steps are complete, the players have completed the process of revealing plots. If a player has no cards in his or her plot deck, that player's used pile now returns to his or her plot deck. (The just revealed plot is not yet in the used pile and does not return at this time.) Rules Reference, p26. Alex
  4. According to the previews, Ward reads, Take control of attached character. Clearly, if you attach Ward to another player's character, you take control of it. However, what happens if Ward leaves play? There is no text that says, "Return the character to his or her owner's control," so the character remains under the control of the player who played Ward, right? Alex
  5. So... What other game elements are there to which an Attachment can be attached? Alex
  6. What happens to Terminal attachments hit by a "return to hand" effect? The RRG says, Terminal Terminal is a keyword ability that appears on attachment cards. If the card or game element to which a terminal card is attached leaves play, the attachment does not return to its owner's hand, and is discarded from play. In the second sentence, does "the card" refer to the attachment, or to the card to which it is attached? Ie, should the sentence be parsed as If the (card or game element) to which a terminal card is attached leaves play ... or If the card or (game element to which a terminal card is attached) leaves play ... ? Alex
  7. If I steal a character with Ward (from True Steel), and the character subsequently dies, can I react with, say, Arya Stark, or has the character lost the Stark affiliation by that point? Alex
  8. How can my Yoren put into play a copy of a Unique that my opponent has in play? My opponent will then "have" two copies of the Unique card in play, which is forbidden by the sentence I quoted above. Edit: ktom's post went up while I was composing that question, and clears things up a lot. I'll just add that if the intent of the sentence I quoted is to "determine what actions a player can take", it would be useful if it were phrased as such, rather than as the continuing check implied by the use of the present participle, "have". Alex
  9. What exactly does Each player may only have a maximum of one instance of each unique card, by title, in play. on p22 of the Reference Rules, under Unique Cards, mean? For example: if I use Yoren to put my opponent's Margery Tyrell into play, is that me having her in play (since I control her) or my opponent having her in play (since he owns her)? In particular, if my opponent has Margery in play, does that stop me using Yoren to put another copy of her into play from my discard pile? Similarly, if my Yoren has put my opponent's Margery into play, does that stop my opponent putting another copy of Margery into play under his control? Alex
  10. So a Lady-in-Waiting cannot be used as a duplicate during setup, correct? Alex
  11. Yes, traits, not keywords. Sorry! Alex
  12. The definition of trait is "listed at the top of the text box and printed in bold italics." However, I can't find any text that says that other usage of bold italics refers only to keywords. Potatoes are vegetables, but not all vegetables are potatoes. Alex
  13. Not necessarily, but mostly. For example (according to Wikipedia), of Queen Elizabeth II's nine current ladies-in-waiting, all but two are nobles or daughters of nobles. Getting back to the original question (since the rules only care about what is printed and what isn't): Is there any text in the rulebook that supports Istaril's assertion that bolded italic text refers to cards by keyword, rather than by title? A similar question applies for cards that appear to refer to cards by title, such as Bastard Daughter. Alex
  14. Is Lady-in-Waiting a Lady, for the purpose of A Noble Cause or Lady Sansa's Rose? Alex
  15. Why is the knight not immune to the delayed effect? The source of the delayed effect is the Event, Tears of Lys. Alex
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