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  1. Not saying it will ever happen, buuuuuuuuuut....
  2. Isn't painful to look at the darksaber for too long? I feel like if you statted the darksaber, it should start to hand out a penalty after a few rounds to those who are not used to it.
  3. Is there such a thing as a non-Scum Broadsider? Or a Large Broadsider? A ship with only side-arcs seems like a new mechanic. Why the extra limitations of being small and Scum? I don't think of small as being a limitation, I was just being specific. I don't really think that Scum need another large ship, with the new one, that puts them at 4. I just think that a ship that only broad sides would be an interesting mechanic. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to Rebels getting it, but it feels more like a Scum thing to me.
  4. What I meant was, if you have a HLC you could fire once, but you could choose what arc to fire from.
  5. Would you like to see a small Scum Broadsider? (a ship with no front arc, just left and right firing arcs) I think it would have to be kind of slow, great health pool, 1 maybe 2 agility, no turrets, no missiles, *maybe* cannons (however you would have to have some kind of upgrade for your cannon to shoot out of both arcs) I think it could be a really fun ship to fly.
  6. Two things. how many people would be drafting from the same deck? I think the odd ball card would be better if it just had a point value. Like 27-28, some where in there. If you feel like that's too good you could always say that's the point value for the ship after upgrades, so you couldn't just load out what ever small ship you wanted. I might try If I can get a group to do it.
  7. Beatfacehorde


    Honestly been messing around with b-wing and upgraded engines + FCS, and it's not bad. I wouldn't say its the best, but it does give you options.
  8. Really what it seems like you would want is a way to use the older pilots. It doesn't even really seem like the t-65 is the issue. Why not just make a 3-5 point modification card that says for all intensive purposes this ships is a t-70, but you get to keep your pilot ability. We'll call it the t-69 test. They could do the same for Tie/fo's, thus giving the player more options. I say 3-5 points because Wedge in a t-70 could be busted. You'd be in a t-70 but your mod slot would be taken.
  9. The "theme" for this card is might save your ass in a pinch, which is totally on par with what chopper does in the show. Also this could be used as a counter to stress bots.
  10. Hmm.. Looks like those two guy would be hard to kill for sure... And it's still and A,X, and E wing, so I can still call it AXE-wing.
  11. So just load up Poe and Corran, then have a naked A wing?
  12. Still kinda new to the game, with 6 games under my belt. So I wanted some advice some builds. Concept 2 b-wings and Poe…. 1 T-70 X-Wing (force awakens models) 2 B-wings Poe 31 pts + bb-8 2 pts + push the limit 3 pts = 36 pts Dagger squadron Pilot 24 pts + heavy laser cannon 7 pts = 31 pts Dagger squadron pilot 24 pts + heavy laser cannon 7 pts + Fire-control system 2 pts = 33 pts 36+31+33=100 Plan: Use Poe’s ability to take 3 actions in one turn to out flank targets, should always have a focus. B-wing lay down 4 damage dice from regardless of range. Concept built Keyan Farlander 1 B-wing, 2 T-70’s Keyan Farlander 29 pts + Heavy Laser Cannon 7 pts + E2 1pt + Tactician 2 pts = 39 pts Red Squadron Veteran 26 pts + BB 8 2 pts + Outmaneuver 3 pts = 31 Red Squadron Veteran 26 pts + R2-D2 4 pts = 30 pts 39+31+30=100 Plan:Red Vets flank as Keyan charges in, or, Red vets block for Keyan so he can hit hard. 3 Wingmen (more of a fun build than a competitive one) A,X, and E-Wing Ethan A’baht 32 pts + R2-D2 4 pts + Accuracy Corrector 3 pts = 39 pts. Wedge Antillies 29 pts + Crack Shot 1 pt + R7 T1 3 pts = 33 pts. Jake Farrell 24 pts + Lighting Reflexes 1 pt + A wing test pilot 0 pts + Expert Handling 2 pts + Chardaan Refit – 2pts + Autothrusters 2 pts = 27 39+33+27= 99 Plan: Wedge and Ethan fly together trying to kill 1 target a turn, while Jake flies all over the place trying to stay out of firing arcs and put some damage on people.
  13. Stealing!! (mostly joking) Looks like fun to play. That phantom is going to be a ***** to catch, much less kill. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, I don't have a lot of games played. These are the builds I am working on atm. Let me know what you think. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/195555-nub-nub-builds/
  14. Can we get a 2v2 tourney? If not, escalation seems interesting...
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