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  1. Does anyone make dice for the RPG other than FFG? There was a company at GenCon that had some really nice stone dice but they were $100+. I figured it might be nice to have a dice that stands out to make it easier to not mix up dice at the table.
  2. Dragon happens to be super strong in the single core set environment, so they're always a rough matchup. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of kill cards to deal with a big tower character. You have Noble Sacrifice and I Can Swim, and that's about it. After playing some you'll learn how to play around them a bit, but aside from using Miya Mystic for attachment hate all you can really do is try to dishonor the tower so they're less effective.
  3. Exactly. It's not exactly the best time to be traveling to events in the post holiday lean times. Several of our group would have gone except it's PTO blackout at work.
  4. This could make for some interesting drama. Perhaps Daisetsu will be seen as the superior ruler but with questions raised about his dabbling in things best left alone. Then we have the contrast of Sotorii as the rightful heir and (mostly) pure and honorable but a leader of questionable competence. I enjoyed the Brothers' Destiny story arch and just wish we'd seen it develop more through the roll into Onyx Edition.
  5. I always sleeve each deck separately and unsleeve the cards when they are removed from a deck. I also double sleeve with Dragon Shield's perfect fit smoke back sleeves and I do leave those on, so any card that has been in a deck is sort of sleeved. When sleeving up a new deck I give preference to already sleeved then sleeve any that aren't already in the Perfect Fits. I find sleeving/unsleeving decks to be relaxing and meditative so I don't mind doing it every time I build a new deck. I occasionally resleeve an entire deck concurrently with making changes for the same reason. It relaxes me.
  6. You cannot play Vengeful Oathkeeper because the conflict is no longer military. Essentially the only thing remaining is that it was originally declared as military. And that only matters for your next question. You can declare one conflict of each type. If the type changes, it was still declared as its original type. In this case you would only be able to declare your second conflict as political.
  7. Just got caught up on the episode with Spooky. Probably gonna check this out later tonight while deck tweaking. Always good to hear what a good Crane player has to say.
  8. I don't show my face around Dojo of Lies often (fun as it is to post on a Scorpion forum with a Doji username) but I seem to remember reading the thread about potentially picking Seeker of Void as soon as we found out about roles and the associated provinces. Am I incorrect? I feel like the choice was discussed and largely agreed with before anyone knew Backhanded Compliment was even a thing, barring maybe playtesters.
  9. I think they're trying to build hype for early tournaments and event by having lots of new cards coming out. Early LCGs can get a bit stale with such a small cardpool, hopefully this helps with that. Once the early excitement grabs people, they may be more likely to stick around once steadier releases start. They might be expecting CCG players to help drive sales with the new method, since we're used to having larger card pools early on and spending $210 in a quarter can seem paltry in comparison to a traditional CCG. I don't know about sales figures, but maybe they're finding LCGs have a lot of drop off from launch to the end of first cycle.
  10. I'm having great luck with it. Running 2x I think so I usually see one copy. I find it usually might be immediately useful but I usually don't hold on to it long. I usually get it to go off when I'm first player. Win a fire conflict with at least one personality with no fate. Between Crane cards, Magnificent Kimono, and Fire it's easy enough to end the conflict with your bowed, fateless person honored and their biggest dishonored. Then Noble Sacrifice for your first action, likely discarding someone big that they had saved for attacking.
  11. If you feel this way I strongly urge you to contact FFG with a well-worded statement of your concerns. They do not read the forums but I feel that they should know that there are people that legitimately feel this way. There is no "correct" choice but FFG should be forced to recognize the consequences of their decision, especially from someone such as yourself whose objection isn't just a knee-jerk tantrum.
  12. I much prefer using influence in trying to deck build rather than only using in clan and neutral. Scorpion was my first attempt, running 3x of Fiery Madness and Forged Edict. Poison was pretty clutch sometimes but I never played it. Between Voice of Honor and Guest of Honor it was usually unnecessary. I switched to Crab to help pressure dishonor. Watch Commander is great for that and can basically lock someone out of playing cards of their honor dips low. It's also a decent buff for the cost. I think x3 is worth it if you're Keeper. I've also been running x2 of Reprieve and Hiruma Ambusher. The Ambusher can be a nasty surprise to turn off an annoying action. Honor is seriously unviable for anyone but Lion right now (and even they're pretty iffy) so I don't worry about it. Honoring characters is much more useful as a buff and to turn on other cards. Air victories are best used to steal rather than gain. Dishonor isn't a primary win but does allow you to bully people into playing suboptimally or bleed people out if you start to stalemate. Military isn't as big a problem as you might think. Crane have 4 dynasty characters at 3-4 military for 2-3 cost. You may need them as defenders more but it's not uncommon to win military conflicts. Doji Challenger can also tank an unimportant attack to pull in and bow a potential attacker. Overall I think Crane is in a pretty strong place right now with a good mix of control, removal, event denial, dishonor pressure, and the ability to win conflicts of both types.
  13. Presumably a reference to the Redguard warriors of the Alik'r desert that prefer scimitars to more traditional swords.
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