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  1. Once you declare a conflict (choose conflict type, ring, ready characters) in 3.2 everything is "during a conflict" until 3.3
  2. Once per conflict phase, at a water province, until it is broken.
  3. Hasn't happened yet so don't know what the rotation schedule is going to be.
  4. The art on both cards also has a number of similar features that would suggest it was intentional and not a misprint/retcon.
  5. RULES QUESTION During the card draw/bidding stage, are you required to draw the full number of cards equal to the dial? For example: Player 1 sets dial to 1, Player 2 sets dial to 5. Player 2 pays 4 honor to Player 1. Can Player 1 choose not to draw? Can Player 2 draw any number of cards between 1-5? Or are players required to draw the amount bid?
  6. Voltron is indeed a reference to the giant robot series. Voltron was formed when lesser robots combined to make a more powerful/larger robot. In L5R context it means loading up a single character with a bunch of attachments and/or cards that temporarily boost stats.
  7. Sacred cows that that I would lead to the slaughter: 1. Methods of defeating/destroying threats in a very short time-frame that have previously confounded all the experts for thousands of years. No more magic bullets or special snowflakes. 2. Big Bad confronts the empire and all the Clans join hands, sing Kumbaya and win without consequence. This while the Big Bad simultaneously goes into trope mode, losing all intellect, spelling out the grand scheme, becoming overconfident, and being defeated without consequence (see #1). No more forgone conclusion or dogpile 8v1 scenarios. Make the Big Bad divisive. Make it reasonable for Clans to choose opposing sides. Big Bad doesn't need to be Shadowlands or gaijin incursion over and over again. Also, make it matter which Clans are allied. Show how fragile and problematic this can be.
  8. With the possibility of full character spreads being wiped from the board in a single turn, a "low" political strength army will have opportunities to win political conflicts and even break a province.
  9. At this point, I'm hoping that people do grab their box and make for the door. This way I can wait with generic tickets in hand and get a slot in the tournament. The fastest internet available in Hawaii was not quick enough to nab tickets either time.
  10. Nathan Lipinski for a seat at the Villain's table *pm said you couldn't receive msgs
  11. If anyone has an extra ticket and still needs a room, I have a deluxe room at The Alexander I can share
  12. Spider/Shadowlands/Shadow http://spiderclan.net/index.php
  13. If mixed clan decks are going to be the norm and/or encouraged through alliance effects a better wording may be: Battle: If you control a Lion Clan Personality, give your target opposed personality a force bonus equal to his personal honor.
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