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  1. Spells do not have a rank. The Talent, let's call it Spell Knowledge, has ranks. Each rank lets you learn one spell beyond just knowing Utility.
  2. I would like a setting agnostic book for Equipment and Vehicles. A single Genesys book that complies all the build it yourself stuff from the Star Wars books into one volume. They could put little notes in specifying what uses of Advantage and Triumph are setting specific. Also the full Attachment/Modification rules from Star Wars would be nice. My players have never played in a FFG Star Wars game and it would be pretty crappy of me to tell them they need to read these books from another game to know how to create their own gear.
  3. My solution to the problem of characters being able to do everything with only one characteristic and one skill was to have learning a spell be a tier 1 ranked talent. When a character first learns their magic skill they get Utility for free, but they then have to purchase every other spell they want to know. This does not get rid of late game abuses of magic, but rather postpones it. If someone has spent 325xp (125xp on spells alone) to be able to do basically anything with one skill before they have even improved that skill then more power to them. I was also playing around with the idea of individual spells being tier 1 ranked talents and each purchase past the first gets you one more upgrade that your character has learned to utilize. This would quickly turn magic into an xp blackhole though, and that's no fun.
  4. Sushicandy, I never called for a homogeneous Rokugan. I only pointed out that the setting has one over-arching culture. And much more so than the parallel you draw with China. China is many times larger than Rokugan, unless that has changed in the new timeline, and even during the Warring States period could fit at least two Rokugans into the larger provinces. China is also made up of dozes of individual ethnic groups, which Rokugan is not. The closest things Rokugan has to a second ethnic group on a Clan sized scale are the Unicorn and the Yobanjin. The former really only has a second ethnic group in one family, the Moto, and the later are people who are ethnically but not politically Rokugani. My point here being that Rokugan is by its nature a very culturally unified place. But all of that is irrelevant. I invite you to read the 4th Ed. supplements Emerald Empire, The Great Clans, and Secrets of the Empire, if you have not, so that you can get an idea of how different, idiosyncratically, the Clans are from each other in my understanding of Rokugan. Iaijutsu, however, is not something that the Clans differ on. It was established by Lady Doji and her husband Kakita as the method for resolving disputes in the courts at the beginning of time. As has been observed Clans have their own "just between us" ways of resolving things, but none of these have the in universe gravitas of an iaijutsu duel. The importance of iaijutsu is such that wars that are being fought to a standstill can be resolved by an iaijutsu duel between their generals, and it was scandalous when Hida Yakamo dueled Mirumoto Satsu with a tetsubo rather than his katana. To say nothing of Yakamo violating the terms of the duel further by killing Satsu. I would love to play in the game you envision where "we're gonna fight this out" can be with any weapon or fighting style. That world would be varied and interesting. Rokugan is just not that game world. It is clear that we are at an impasse on this, but if you feel that I am staunchly cleaving to the old canon merely to reject change, I would put forward that you seem to be trying to break from it out of some desire to change everything.
  5. I prefer the old idea that duels are iaijutsu only. It helps create the feeling that Rokugan is a single country with an overarching culture culture. The Clans are not seven kingdoms unified under one high king, but a single kingdom. While different Clans may favor different weapons and styles on the battlefield, part of what makes them rokugani is that their bushi all know at least the basic aspects of how to fight a iaijutsu duel. And more over understand that in the highly ritualized world of politics they are expected to resolve disputes that cannot be smoothed over with words by the clan's courtiers with swords a match of that particular skill. All of that having been said I do want to see the kata used for duels available to more than just the Crane, and maybe the Dragon, with some rare kata kept only for the clan that developed them. This is where the watchful eye of the Bayushi, or the fierce recklessness of the Hida would be represented in duels.
  6. One of the things I most liked about Rokugan as a setting is that in its original version characters that were not religious figures did not perform religious rites. We take for granted a sort of laisez-faire spiritualism that is not present in the highly ritualized and stratified society of Rokugan. The kinds of rituals that are present in the beta are things that in earlier editions of L5R would be considered either the province of a priest, whether shugenja or monk, or an expensive advantage. I liked the idea that religious rites belong in the hands of religious figures. Now the more religious rituals, like all of the ones listed, could just have Monk or Shugenja School added to their prerequisites, but unless that kind of treatment remains common it would continue to feel out of place. As written the criticism that the game feels strongly of anime is fairly reasonable.
  7. Having read the beta, I am intrigued and confused by the fact that all schools have Rituals as a technique type. Given that these are religious practices performed, at least in the old lore, by holy men and women (read monks and shugenja) I find it interesting that anyone can develop real skill at this. I would personally prefer it if schools only granted two varieties of techniques and only monks and shugenja got Rituals.
  8. I seem to remember some passages that would only make sense with this interpretation.
  9. This documentary should help explain this. Basically, three quarters of it is in Christian Peterson's head.
  10. -A stronghold with Province Strength -A champion with a functional ability -One in-Clan Event that is 0 fate and does something to actively advance my win condition. -A holding, at all -One in-Clan province that has at least 3 PS and does something useful without blowing itself up. -Something to help with the high cost of being purple. Any of these would be nice.
  11. There is no rule preventing it, there for it is legal. It is also an important matter for the Arborec and L1Z1X, both of which have ways of gaining production on the planet they are conquering. (Arborec because their GF have production, L1Z1X because they can take control of space docks on planets they conquer. Unless that is the Winnu, memory fails me.)
  12. I just realized how good this makes trade for the Hacan player on turn 1. "I will refresh the commodities of any player who agrees to give me one of those commodities. It is a trifle to pay for this service in light of the otherwise burdensome cost of a CC." This would net you at least 5 goods I would think. So much better than Trade was for the Hacan in TI3.
  13. So, with the impending release of Twilight Imperium 4th Ed. how likely does it seem that there might be a Genesys sourcebook for that world? There is a history to the game that could make a great setting, and I know there was a bad one quite a few ears back, but does anyone else think it is likely or have an interest in it?
  14. My speculation is based on the first two deluxe boxes for WH40k:Conquest being Necrons and Tyranids. Early deluxe boxes seems like a good place to introduce factions that FFG did not feel were necessary to creating the game, or were too expensive to include as fully developed factions. The most obvious of these is Shadowlands. If there is an additional deluxe add on faction I would suspect Minor Clan Alliance/Mantis.
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