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  1. I still think the Lore sections should be grouped by setting. *bumps friendly like*
  2. Maybe the forum should be organized by game? That way several with shared lore would be linked together.
  3. Until Hotaru has a baby, Kuwanan has another power. He's the heir.
  4. It sounds like they're opposition for your courtiers. It also sounds like Kakita Yoshi is closer to his Yasuki cousins than normal genealogies may indicate.
  5. "I will be your villain, Hantei"- Bayushi The theme of the Scorpion Clan is to be the heel. The best way they can do this is to stand in opposition to the hero or face's virtues. For example, Bayushi Shoju is/was a skilled commander, a consummate warrior, a talented duelist, a loving husband, a doting father and a loyal servant of the empire. You can see how he contrasts against the virtues that Doji Hotaru/Hoturi present. Tell me, what would be a good Rokugani heel for the Crab? Would it be an infiltrator? Nope. The Shadowlands have pretty much inured the Crab to this tactic. I'm not saying it's impossible.....but it is hard and kind of old hat for the Crab to counter. What about a bushi that fights dirtier than the Shadowlands could ever consider and knows all the chinks in the Crab's armor? Someone who can say "While you are at your wall, I'm with your loved ones...."?
  6. Just a fun little game to play. Fill in the blank with the most absurd school you can think of. Bayushi Shoju and one quarter of the Scorpion clan are of the (Insert School name) School. For me, I waffle between Yogo Wardmaster and Kitsuki Investigator. For Yogo Wardmaster, it means that the Scorpion has more shugenja than the whole of Rokugan several hundred times over. With Kitsuki Investigator, imagine the level of mind games. "You see, we actually invented your techniques and guided you along the path to developing them. You never noticed...."
  7. Thank you very much. I appreciate your response.
  8. All the same, thank you for the answer. You will understand that I will wait, for a more official answer. PS: Ikoma Courtier (sshhh…. John Wick doesn't want you to know the Lion could be artsy-fartsy. Don't mention it to anyone ;))
  9. I greatly appreciate the well meaning advice, seeing as an official Scorpion bushi school is unlikely to see the print until about spring 2022, and I look forward to responding to other's grumblings about their own school problems with such sage council given here especially when they feel their bushi schools aren't up to snuff. However, your comments do not answer my question, nor could they. Perhaps, if a source that I have requested reads this thread, I shall rephrase my question. What was the writer's intent in not giving the Scorpion Clan access to a native bushi school?
  10. What school do Scorpion Bushi train at? Who serves in Scorpion legions? Who acts as duelists should the need arise? How does the Scorpion Clan work without these things?
  11. It's sad to see Fantasy Flight Games made the same mistake Wizards of the Coast made with 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. The lack of several classes that were considered core in previous editions (and those classes reappeared in fifth edition) really hurt my interest in fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons. I did not really feel like spending more money to buy features I considered "Core" to an RPG system. So, I bought the PDF based on promises WoTC put out, rued myself when WOTC failed on said promises and bought the DMGuide and the Monster Manual for 4th edition when they were on sale in PDF form for really cheap years later. You can probably guess by the screen name what my favorite school was. You can probably guess how enthused I am to be told that in order to play a character that was once a core rulebook character that I may need to spend perhaps a hundred dollars (Player's handbook at 50 dollars plus shipping, handling, and tax. Dice at 13 dollars plus shipping, handling, and tax. Then this new supplement you are speculating about which since I've been around for a while I'd guess would be 20 dollars, plus shipping, handling, and taxes.) That's right. Potentially a hundred dollars on a promise that someone else has made....and not Fantasy Flight Games. Oh sure, I can muck about with unofficial solutions, but they are just that....and I'm getting the feeling that if I really want to run a Clan War campaign, I should just go back to 3.5 Edition. I'm not invested in FFG's setting so much. I'm not that invested in the rules that much. Another thing is that while Fantasy Flight Games does not consider the Bayushi Bushi school iconic, it is the Scorpion's take on an iconic position. Who fights the Scorpion's battles? You know, the ones that can't exactly be handled by a shinobi stabbing someone in the back or a courtier finding out about those rare night time excursions to certain places of business? The Scorpion Armies have been better than just poor courtiers suddenly informed they are soldiers and thrust into battle. Bushi are iconic to the Legend of the Five Rings setting and it's baffling to see a Clan that completely lacks them. I had high hopes and I feel let down. I guess I'll get the fifth edition when the PDF goes on sale for reduced rates or some such. I'm sorry that my first post here is a complaining one, but that's how it is. If FFG wants me to buy stuff, then they better make stuff I want to buy. You may think it's odd that I'm quibbling over one school, but it's my right as a consumer to put my foot down and go "No. This is what I want and you're not doing it. I'm not buying into it." Please forgive me and I hope what I've said makes sense.
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