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  1. I bought Way of the Dragon on a whim and have been hooked on the RPG and lore ever since, picked up the CCG around the start of Gold Edition and played it until somewhere in the middle of Lotus. The Way of the Clan series are truly what got me into the game and I loved learning about each clan for the first time book by book.
  2. I never said the LCG should adopt the RPG's timeline neutrality. The differences in the two media are pretty apparent. My only hope is that the game will distance itself in some form from the story where AEG left off, which IMO had been bad for a number of years.
  3. That is why I usually don't explain these things. There are 9 clans. Everybody get's a cliff-notes version what the clans stand for. Further history lesson will be ignored since it does not add anything to the experience, Except being as boring as a history lesson... If someone wants to catch up more power to him, but I will bring not up anything by myself. I guess the point I am trying to make is that the story is important for the player playing now. But nobody is interested in story prices from the rain of blood period. So having a setting which does not specify where it stands in comparison to past or future events is not problematic, as long as you provide story within the setting you describe. There is an emperor is calls himself Hantai (I will not specify the number) and there are 7 great clans and a lot of minor clans This might be before the 2nd day of thunder or after Onyx. This advice is sound and it is something I already do, and it helps that the roleplaying games I run avoid the canon storyline and issues I brought up like the plague. One of the best parts of 4th Edition RPG is its timeline neutrality and divorce from the story. Still for those who are new to the game and want to delve into the story... well its a mess to say the least. Unfortunately the largest events, and hardest to gloss over, in the story have often been the most problematic.
  4. The ongoing story is as much a hindrance as it is an asset. When I have to explain to new players why the Sun and Moon have been switched out twice or why the Spider exist, I can feel their interest wane.
  5. I could not agree more. The first Heroes of Rokugan is equally amazing but are hard to find these days, I think I have most of the modules on a hard drive somewhere, if I can find them I'll put them up on a Dropbox. If you do find them, posting them would be very much appreciated! I never did manage to find/download them before they up and became so scarce -- PM sent.
  6. That's my hope as well, there is some great stuff in the Homebrew and Gamemaster forums. I could not agree more. The first Heroes of Rokugan is equally amazing but are hard to find these days, I think I have most of the modules on a hard drive somewhere, if I can find them I'll put them up on a Dropbox. Thanks! I'll add these to the list.
  7. Since we don't have a RPG forum yet and it looks like a new edition is years away I thought we could start a thread for resource material like we had at the old AEG forums. So here goes, I'll add to this post as more stuff gets posted in the comments. Index of 4th Edition L5R Schools - we used to have a master list at the old AEG forums that was incredibly helpful, so thanks to Cristol.GdM for this! As far as I know it is up to date: http://pixel-breath.com/imperial-registry-index-of-all-schools-in-l5r-4e/ L5R Roll and Keep Probability Chart - great interactive probability chart http://lynks.se/probability/ L5R RPG Page - not sure how long this will be up but AEG's RPG page still has 4th Edition Character Sheets and the Legacy of Disaster Adventure Module for free: http://www.l5r.com/rpg/ Heroes of Rokugan 3 Modules - a recently finished "living" role-playing Campaign. For those unfamiliar with "living" campaigns they are mostly played at major conventions where players new and old can play through a module and participate in an ongoing campaign. This one just concluded at this year's Gencon, and while I've only gotten to play in a handful of modules the Heroes of Rokugan crowd produce top notch adventures. Below are the modules to run it for your home game: http://www.heroes-of-rokugan.net/index.php?page=PriorCampaigns Heroes of Rokugan 2 Modules - another "living" campaign by the amazing folks of Heroes of Rokugan. This one concluded at Gencon 2010 and used the 3rd Edition of L5R and all the modules are available below: http://heroes-of-rokugan.com/HoR2/scenarios.html Kaze no Shiro - Unofficial RPG Supplements - for years Kaze no Shiro has served as an archive for L5R stories and roleplaying resources. I can't say enough how thankful I am to the great group that run it and have preserved the history of the game we all love. I particularly recommend the Musha Shugyo RPG supplements, Isawa Nazomitsu's Challenge Focus Strike's and the adventures Mirror Mirror and Fortune's Lost by the guys at Tastes Like Phoenix. Most of these supplements come from older editions of the RPG but can be easily converted: http://www.kazenoshiro.com/rpg/unofficial-content/ L5R Wiki - thanks to this group who run and update the wiki we have a massive collection of L5R lore which is a great resource material for the RPG: http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Legend_of_the_Five_Rings_Wiki L5R Character Manager (added by Shosuro) http://sourceforge.net/projects/l5rcm/ A NPC Generator (added by Shosuro) http://www4.ncsu.edu/~drmohr/L5R/l5rnpcfluffgen.html Shared Adventures by Shosuro (added by Shosuro) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9ePcRR0ppr4SmxJYUtrbVJ2WXc&usp=drive_web
  8. Sorry to offend. I was able to introduce quite a few people to L5R through D20 and don't have anything against most of the books. I thought the Secrets series was quite good actually. I personally thought Oriental Adventures was the worst book in the D20 Rokugan series because it mashed it in with a lot of non-Rokugani things, but having said that it was a popular book that introduced a new wave of people to L5R at the time.
  9. Gp4 wasn't as popular with everyone else was it was with us? in any case, i think the point above about the nothing is well made. its hard to have a villain that can't win without the game being moot. but i do like the idea of motivating the spider into aligning with Rokugan by corrupting, killing, or otherwise breaking its line back to Daigotsu. Putting the Heir of Daigotsu is very much central to the identity of the spider as a Clan. Screwing with that would be a powerful motivator. The Nothing has always felt best suited for the RPG to me. I love the Nothing, its one of my favorite things in the setting and its perfect for smaller scale personal stories like Kitsuki Kaagi, but for reasons you stated it makes for a poor main antagonist. As for your original question, I'd go Option 2. I'd like to see the Spider return to the Shadowlands Horde with the Daigotsu and Chuda becoming the Lost again. However the Spider Monks and Susumu should stick around in some form so long as their abandon any ties to Jigoku.
  10. Going off memory Oriental Adventures had "Rokugan" (sort of) and "non-Rokugan" parts in the book. If the section had the five rings at the header then that told you it was a "Rokugan" section, if not then it wasn't. There was a page or two in it that suggested a way to play standard D&D races in Rokugan, where you had Crab Dwarves, Crane Elves, etc. So it was just a side note of a possible home-brewed Rokugan, not the base setting presented in Oriental Adventures. At least that's how I remember it, I sold my copy several years ago. It's still a terrible book though and a dark period for L5R.
  11. That's a large assumption to make. The only two things that support that are Spider Mon avatars and a quote about the Colonies, both of which don't need to be read into this early. I doubt FFG knows what story direction they are heading in right now and so we can't assume to know.
  12. I thought Celestial was the Spider's time in the spotlight? No other clan has ever gotten the spotlight the way the Spider did in the Destroyer War. The Spider taking over and ruling a dark version of Rokugan would be a terrible introductory time period for new players. Why? Look at Star wars, that is basically how people got introduced to that setting almost fourty years ago. So, what is the issue? Because it's a poor representation for what Rokugan has been for the bulk of its history. As you said Star Wars began that way. If Legend of the Five Rings were about living under the tyranny of a Dark Empire then sure it'd be fine, but Legend of the Five Rings isn't about that. It's about a place where "Honor is more powerful than Steel" and new players should experience that.
  13. I thought Celestial was the Spider's time in the spotlight? No other clan has ever gotten the spotlight the way the Spider did in the Destroyer War. The Spider taking over and ruling a dark version of Rokugan would be a terrible introductory time period for new players.
  14. Exactly. The setting is much stronger than the convoluted story that followed.
  15. Outside the Clan Wars and Gold Edition every storyline of L5R has felt like a giant mess to me. I had no investment in the current plot, but I can understand the sentiment of wanting to start back where it left off. I will say though that retcons aren't necessarily a bad thing. There have certainly been some events in Rokugan's history that would be best forgotten or changed. As for a reboot, it really just depends on how they went about it. If they wanted to recapture the magic of the Clan Wars then I think that'd be a mistake, as much as I love that time period. I'll echo what others have said about the Colonies. To me it detracts from the game more than adds to it, the game should be centered on Rokugan.
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