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  1. Sorry late to the party but I always like the player involvement in the game and keeping maybe not in the same way that aeg had it. But with a new home new traditions should come. I know some old choices will be keep and some will be lost I just hope that when we move forward that we the people will still be able to make choices.
  2. Name:David Hanson Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: Born in Spain "military parents" I have seen more of the work then most have seen states in the U.S. I currently live in clarksville TN with a small playgroup of 6 to 10 players none sharing a clan except spider lol. I myself am a hard core mantis player thru and thru. How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? I started from the beginning 20 years ago in Virginia Beach with a group of guys I was given a crane deck and was hooked from there. Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? After winning an event back with Yoritomo's Alliance if fell in love with the underdog Mantis and have been loyal ever since. What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? The fact that there place was earned not given and no matter the trouble ahead the Mantis weathered it and were stronger for it. What was your first L5R tournament experience? That was a long time ago and I was 14 at the time but I do remember facing an old friend and he went to duel Yoritomo and I said you will fail in this futile attempt and when we were done his character was dead and Yoritomo stood over him. =) Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? This is quite cliche but the phrase I am my 20 strongest will always be my favorite quote as it showed my champion had a heart for his people and did not want to see them destroyed who is willing to sacrifice himself for the survival of his clan. Favorite character? Why? Yoritomo, obviously as I stated above he may be hard and brutal at times but he does have a heart for the people. Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. My favorite experience is the people the community and family that this game has fostered I can't think of it being replaced by anything. Favorite deck that you built or played and why. My favorite deck was my magistrate Aramasu's Legacy it was not what everybody was expecting as most mantis for running the landing. And allowed me to play around with Calvary, navel, and big units with an old raid mechanic. Favorite Arc and why. Jade because that's where I help make the Mantis. Favorite Tournament experiences. At Gen Con 2014 I was I was in the main event in full costume playing my heart out to almost make the cut and just come short but in turn had many people compliment me on my costume and the constant roleplay I had with others in costume.
  3. I can see a starter for each clan it will help people like me who are loyal to their clans not be force to play something they do not like.
  4. I really hoping to see 9 great clans with 2 decks 4 Provences and a stronghold as that has been the look for me.
  5. Ffg has received my money for xwing already and it will receive it for l5r too most likely. I have taken part in other ffg games and have been pleased with it. I am happy to be here.
  6. They could even break it down from a core set to a clan boxes too. So you could just pick up your clan and Bam good to go.
  7. When I first started playing I chose Crane due to having dueling that was 20 years ago, but when Yoritomo's Alliance came I was a HUGE fan of the underdog and fell right in line with the Mantis and have never looked back. It also helped that I had won an event to help push them to Great Clan status to lol. I love that not matter what the problem or pitfall came Mantis rose above and showed it will never be defeated.
  8. As A Mantis I want my clan first and foremost but I do want all the clans in the starters. Having expansions with Ratling, Naga and Shadowlands could be cool add ins to current decks for splashing or making solid solo decks. I also win conditions with tweaking remain as it would be weird to play L5R with no provinces and one deck.
  9. I agree I like the L5R system i have been playing it for some time and it is a nice breath of fresh air from all the d20 systems. Go for tweaking but not a complete overhaul.
  10. I looked at the LCG system and agree with you all that it will help new and old players. Accessibility will be great and price is reasonable to boot. The only question i have that may only be answered once we see what they have in mind, but will they make a format so we could us the old cards with the new? If they do not that is fine we could just have a legacy format maybe? Like most of us we have rather large collections and I for one would not like to see them gather dust.
  11. The story is what drew me to the game like many many others. There are to many stories out there to pick just one but if i must it would be Yoritomo saving his clan from destruction along with his son by being the 20 greatest and 21st. I know it is cliche but that is were my heart falls and why I will always and forever be Mantis clan. I wish FFG all the best in making sure the story stays true to all of us. I do believe we are in great hands here. So lets set sail and see what is beyond the horizon shall we.
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