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  1. Haha if they do that be prepared for that choice to be made by the first person to offer $1000 bounty on some champ's head.
  2. We'd love them to do more story-based decisions. That was how AEG did things. But it's way more costly to the company and the margins on LCGs, especially in the long run, do not support a lot of overhead.
  3. Player choices with serious impact is a fundamental element of L5R. This is like someone complaining about not liking the NFL because the ball is shaped funny.
  4. Then quit playing. FFG has a built in customer base who they know will play under these conditions until the day the game ends. I'm sure they expect a ton of the people who came from their other games to move on to the next thing too. No one is forcing you to play the only game that uses this system.
  5. It provides a significant incentive for players to compete at the highest levels. All of this complaining just means that FFG successfully made their quite lucrative World Championship a big deal for people.
  6. Oh yeah, do whatever you want when you're at home. That makes the complaining about the choices at Worlds even less necessary.
  7. A lot of us think it's a good idea. The folks who don't can play pretty much every other game ever made.
  8. Not gonna lie, I'm enjoying all these people who have started playing a game that was very clearly going to follow the 20 year history of its own previous edition in allowing the best players to make world-shattering decisions, and are now surprised. Spoiler alert for the new kids: If you think the winners making the decisions pisses you off, just wait until someone like me purchases their choice from them without ever leaving home.
  9. If you're comfortable being the only one who cares about art accuracy, welcome to L5R. If you need people to agree with you on really anything, you should save your money.
  10. Whatever else people may think of the guys who collectively dictated the story results of Gencon 2003, let me tell you that they cared more about the story than almost any player around today, and the reason is that tournaments actually did direct major events within the story. It wasn't just L5R Mad Libs back then.
  11. Yes, because I think people drastically underestimate how central the interactive story is to an individual's choice to play L5R over another game.
  12. I cannot possibly imagine FFG keeping the Dishonor victory condition. Unlike AEG, they don't tend to pigeonhole themselves into game mechanics that are miserable for all but a handful of players in the world.
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