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  1. are there more player option added in Mask of the Oni? FFG liked spattering stuff in the adventure books for star wars so i'm curious if they started doing it here too.
  2. are there any good resources out there for the maps of the major cities in rokugan? I think i remember Atlas having some stuff but i can't find my copy so does anyone know of any other good resources fro rokugani city maps?
  3. So from reading the rules and rereading them I had come to the conclusion that when you inflict multiple crits. So as far as I understand it when you inflict a critcal injury the recipient rolls Fitness reduces it from 5 down to 3. person receives another crit with deadliness 5 only reduces it by 1 receiving 4. this compounds onto the 3 they had before making the total 7. is this correct because it's the only one that makes sense as to how you would be able to potentially kill someone during a fight outside of a coup de gras.
  4. is there a comprehensive list on who is leading what family at this point in the cannon?
  5. Well 4e wanted to reign in all the OP that they made with 3rd so that's understandable. While I agree a larger themed book like they did with the Elemental books would be better IMO and justify their normal price tags I don't see them doing such a thing. Which is why I mentioned they'll likely do Way of 2.0
  6. So being the way FFG puts out supplemental material, clan books are highly likely going to be a thing. And those of us that have been playing a while are likely familiar with the old Way of clan books. So I pose the question what do you predict/would like to see in said Way of 2.0 books? To start off for me I'm going to predict in Way of the Scorpion there will be rules for Tejina/shadow brands which I can't wait to see again.
  7. for making a clan ronin at CC I would go through all the steps until you get to the school and then just pick the ronin school.
  8. Is there an official area where people can post up some L5R fan art? If not maybe make a sticky thread for it?
  9. Ok the book was confusing about the techs because it just seemed like the ones listed you didn't have to meet the prerequisites to buy them.
  10. So I got my core today and was looking through and character creation kind of confused me. So I get that you get your initial skills and ring bonuses etc. From what you pick and there doesn't seem to be any starting xp so i'm wondering how you get advantages and the starting techniques.
  11. triumphs and despair never cancel out as per RAW anyway, I was more just talking about advantage and threat.
  12. yea the talent is the reason this has come up so that's why I need clarification. Can you site a source for that?
  13. So the rules for crafting state that the player can spend advantage/triumphs, THEN the GM can spend threat/despair. Can someone point me in the direction of a clarification on this because for the longest time I thought they just cancel out like normal. However rereading this it seems that both advantage and threat are spent. I've messeged the devs about it but if there is already a post somewhere that gives a definitive answer I would like to know where it is.
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    sounds like it's time for an audit of your characters to make sure everyone has the same amount of XP
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