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  1. Fun tournament, thanks for running it. I look forward to more shenanigans here in the future
  2. The setting, the people, the people, then the people. When a game has no monetary reward for winning, and it's a little difficult to get into, what you get is a friendly player base of young adults, 25+. Of course the inability to sell it to a younger audience eventually led to its downfall, but that is another story.
  3. Gold fish and pretend about turn 3 attacks. That's about it. As far as that being an option in the future, god I hope not. L5r is all about the people. I understand it's a thing, but I hope it does not come through L5r way.
  4. The Foil Isawa Tadaka from Siege: Clan War is one of the prettiest cards l5r ever did. I would not mind that being available for Koku at some point.
  5. This is going to be a disaster, imho. No store wants it, nor will they know what to do with it. L5r players who really want it and bought booster boxes regularly will be left in the cold. I like the gesture, but think the implementation will be...dubious.
  6. I hate this so much, but probably the best way to go at it. The two year wait till GC 2017 will serve a similar time skip method.
  7. Players should have input into the game's story and results, and should be allowed to make cool flavor cards. However, not to the level AEG took it to. Dial it back some, and never interfere with the mechanics. FFG seems to know what they are doing.
  8. Dueling needs to stay, in one form or another, and while everyone should be able to it, 2-3 Clans should be better than anyone else. We alrealy lost Ancestors, Regions, and Celestials. The game should not lose so much of its flavor. Flavor and fluff is what made people care. The game also needs to avoid a homogenized version where clans and abilities are vanilla and uninteresting so.. If you are Mantis, for example, sorry you are garbage at dueling and should continue to be garbage at dueling (even with your Ogre Bushi's on boats).
  9. I like themes, but I don't think we should have too many for a few years. The idea of a Beastmaster theme was puke-fest, I hope FFG uses this as fluff only, or not at all. Deathseeker, would be nice if cards keyed off them as well(or something like Brutal in 40k), but I too doubt this, and would consider this fluff/falvor text only. Tactician should be a strong keyword. Lions w/o Tactician are just a bunch of rice farmers.
  10. Integrating every clan should not be too bad. 40k Conquest core set has 7 factions, an 8th has a stand alone expansion next week, and a 9th is on the way eventually. Of course that game has an ally theme to help with the limited card pool. If L5r does not do this, they will have to launch with even less clans.
  11. Come one at a time Counterattack Desperate Wager Steel on Steel Test of Might Three Stone River Torrential Rain Touch of Death Edit: Also REFUGEES!!!!
  12. Name: Oz Gonzalez Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: I'm from a lot of places, but I would say Seattle/Bellevue, USA, at this point. My play group has been meeting weekly(or more) for over 14 years. Anywhere from 2 - 14 people. I'm one of the two jerks responsible for the monster that is Case. How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? Every time I would come home from military leave, in the last 90's, my brother and friends would be playing this. They convinced me to buy a Naga starter from Hidden Emperor, and that was that. We played at a buddy's house, always multi-player or at Neutral Ground in NYC. Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? Yes. I was a Naga loyalist for 1-2 years, then a Phoenix one for about 14 Years(always Samurai focused). Last 18 months I played Crab. Also played Ratling for about 18 months, again with the HoR box, so like 5+ years before they were any good What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? I chose Phoenix in gold after the Naga went away, because their Samurai looked really weak. I always enjoyed playing clans the way you were not supposed to. What was your first L5R tournament experience? First pre-release was Spirit Wars, in Seattle. First tournament was Everything to Gain 3 I believe, also in Seattle. I played the Nezumi box from Heroes of Rokugan. YEA. Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? I loved 2 Phoenix stories. I hated how Shiba Aikune was punked out of the emerald championship in gold arc, but his attitude was all I needed. Also, there was a stand alone story about Asako Hirotsugu that really stayed with me. Favorite character? Why? Shiba Aikune, and Asako Hirotsugu. Aikune was just a walking time bomb. Hirotsugu was a cool and tragic Bloodspeaker. Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. Too many man, almost 20 years of this lol. Favorite deck that you built or played and why. I really liked my City of Remembrance decks. So good and powerful, and the only Phoenix decks that could stand the terribly trinity of Crane Dueling/Mantis Raiding/Khol Wall. Also liked Lion Paragons in early Emperor. Just a pure beatdown. Favorite Arc and why. Lotus. When every other action is powerful, then the playing field is even Favorite Tournament experiences. Playing Dan Tibbles in a round of 32 stands out. First attack of the game was a 5 province loss(4 retributions). Making the cut and conceding to people I like stands out too for some reason(Wong, Capaletti, etc lol). Also, once in a Kotei in Vancouver in the early 2000s, I tore my copy of Make a Wish. That was fun Anything else you would like to tell players about L5R at that time, or any stories to bring back some fond memories for old school players or inspire new ones? Just that at it's height, no game was better. And I've played over 100 different card games. ​
  13. Huh, I was wondering why the other forums were so dead. I'll have to check that place out then.
  14. I think it will be at the very least one of the top 2 most popular games. As others have mentioned, this is a lot of activity for a game that is at best, 23 months away from being produced. Now that a few days have passed, I'm glad FFG has purchased it, as their other games are legit(now that I have picked up 40k). Still hate the cards are flimsy like tissue paper, but I will get over that too
  15. On a side note, are all the cards for all their lcgs printed the same? I bought a pack of 40k conquest over the weekend for funsies and was dismayed at the cheap quality of the actual card stock. Felt more like a deck of playing cards(spades, hearts, etc).
  16. I played Ratling in my first non-prerelesae tournament ever, back in 2000, with the Heroes of Rokugan Stronghold, lol. I never played them when they got good 5+ years later, but they had a pretty die-hard crew. I would not like them to return as a faction, per se, as it would further dilute the seemingly limited card pool, but I would like a few rats per cycle as nuetral cards.
  17. ^ This part, I may have taken for granted, I'll give you that, and the game is probably even more expensive if 1-2 people are trying to get into it, no doubt.
  18. Two years is also long enough where you could completely overhaul the mechnincs and no one would care, probably. I took it with a grain of salt. Lip service for a crushed playerbase.
  19. I could not disagree more. I will agree that LCG playsets are vastly cheaper than CCg playsets but yeah. 1. We never buy base sets because we all have 15+ years worth of cards stock and most are reprints or "soul of". 2. I've mentioned numerous times how large my playgroup was. We gave cards away for free. 1 booster box was almost too much. 3. We remained competitive. I'm pretty sure your statement is baseless on this matter. 4. Ebay is a thing(as are pre-orders), and booster boxes can be found in the $75-80 range all the time. Yes cheaper than Potomacdist. 5. Our card stock is so large, for so cheap, we just bought common and uncommon playsets from Yasuki Jeremy. MOSTLY TO GIVE AWAY. I will concede that we all could not field Temple of Destiny x3, VtD x3, A New Alliance x3, and Accepting the Choice x3. But that would not be a competitive deck, that is collecting the most expensive cards to be a 'tard. We are playing competitively, not collecting the chase rares. In L5R, these things are not synonymous. In the last twelve months, I bought 1 booster of TNO($80), 1 booster of THA($80), 1 Siege clan deck($20), 1 box on TF($80) for no reason(well to give cards away to new players). $260.00. And one set(TF) was because I had disposable income. Finished 3rd in Tacoma, and over meta'd Bellevue 2 days ago for honor and scrubbed at 3-3. But I digress. I already mentioned that LCG is a little cheaper, but vastly? That is a myth, unless you DON'T pay competitively and only like collecting full sets. One last thing, I like you Daramere, don't take this as any kind of flaming, I just think your competition statement was garbage, but I respect you and all the data collecting you did and posted on the old AEG forum
  20. Crab: Hida: Punch you in face, all the time. Hiruma: Find them, and sneaky punch you in the face. Kuni: Hunt them, and magically punch you in the face. Toritaka: Run around and stuff Yasuki: Steal your money, blow up your banks, and slap you in the face. Crab history!
  21. All valid points, I cannot argue that. It will require a serious overhaul though, and I bet the resource/province thing is completely scrapped for something new.
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