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  1. @Mirumoto_Rei, all you other clans are finally catching up to base Ratling deck design 3 Holdings 37 dudes gogogogogo.
  2. "I find their decision to replace Humans with Pterodactyls most intriguing."
  3. internal transport within the united states is kind of wonky compared to Europe. Our trains and busses cost about as much as a "regional" (small-plane) flight, but take 3-8x as long (although they're considerably more comfortable than the sardine cans our planes have turned into). I'd either go with the direct flight to Indy, or, if you really want to have mobility while in Indy (although most useful stuff is within walking distance of the Con), you could go to NY and grab a car for a week, for ~$280 or so (depends on where you look/what their policy for driving it out of state and/or long-trips is). If you take a bus from NY to Indy it's ~$85-100, and takes roughly 18 hours. A train from NY to Indy is ~$105-140, and takes nearly 23 hours. A plane from NY to Indy is ~$180-250, and takes ~2.5 hours The car ride takes ~11.5Hours. The price of all these things also ramps up the closer you are to the day of, so it's important you choose early. Normally I'd suggest car-tripping so that you can haul all your loot home without worrying about it getting wrecked in the airplane's cargo hold, but unless someone's renting submersible cars it'd probably be a bit challenging of a road trip.
  4. They can do what L5R did in a similarly difficult deck situation of trying to tailor their unwieldy game to a draft format, hand out a single "draft pack" of starts-in play cards, and a few copies of basic common actions from the core set, which players are supposed to keep with them from draft to draft, then use normal booster packs for the rest of the draft. Potential Draft Pack Contents: 1 10 Health, 10 Point Cost Red Character with no ability and a mediocre die. Ranged Damage. Not usable in Constructed Play. 1 10 Health, 10 Point Cost Blue Character with no ability and a mediocre die. Melee Damage. Not usable in Constructed Play. 1 10 Health, 10 Point Cost Yellow Character with no ability and a mediocre die. Mill and resource generation. Not usable in Constructed Play. 2 Aim 2 Block 2 Close-Quarters Assault 2 Dodge 2 Take Cover Then use 5 packs to draft (20 cards without associated dice, costing ~$15MSRP, a number that's the industry standard for drafts and gives you some room for prize packs), Ignore Hero/Villain Requirements, and everyone should draft enough cards to have a deck, even if they draft 5 character cards. If they don't draft 5 characters, they have some room to tinker with their deck contents. Using a smaller deck-size in limited seems like it'd have an outsized impact on gameplay, since Mill is ostensibly a supported victory condition in these sets, so dropping the # of cards needed for Mill to win might make individual mill cards too strong.
  5. I always participated in the Game of Thrones 1.0 Melee Tournaments at gencon when I had the chance, and I always used an core set 'starter' deck to do so, because multiplayer is all about the kvetching, pity, and backstab, not the cardboard
  6. I assume they'll ship on Thursday, so it'll arrive sometime the next week. Hopefully the three local stores have at least one display I can go buy at their full price, but there's a likelihood they've presold through their allotment.
  7. It is possible, and has already been documented as happening. As to the chances, you get 6 legendaries per box, and there are 17 legendaries, so your chances of pulling two copies of the same legendary in a box are roughly 12%. This is assuming actually randomized distribution, and no one's opened and tracked enough of the product to prove that it follows specific print-runs or patterns as yet, so assuming random seems reasonable. We're seeing adequate amounts of clumping in people's facebook posts about their opens, so it's unlikely they've curated a print run that intentionally puts 4 of the same rare in a booster box (something Magic specifically goes out of their way to prevent, with their complex, curated print run and box filling, as opening a ton of the same rare is, in the majority of cases, a negative buyer experience unless you hit the jackpot with your clump rare).
  8. Lucas said in the Knights of Ren interview that Cards you own can not go into other players Hands or Decks, and any effect that would attempt to do so fails in its entirety. It's already a known issue that'll be in the FAQ, and answers the Mos Eisley Spaceport and Cunning+Holocron questions.
  9. Most of the "take two actions in a row" combos have a really high ceiling... and a pretty low floor. Feels real bad when you invest multiple cards/resources into getting that "unopposed" roll, and roll garbage. Should naturally be kept in check by that. Yeah, it'll be annoying when Rey attaches a holdout blaster and Han shoots you for 8+, but that isn't going to happen the majority of the time.
  10. Welcome to the moment where demand is highest and supply is lowest.
  11. If you really need a physical presence to feel like it's not silly, just stack the two Lukes on top of each other to designate Elite-ness!
  12. Broken Shinbone: The Tribe So Broken It Was Better At Honor Than The Crane.
  13. If you'd opened that TotV box 17 years ago you coulda made some money!
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