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  1. I was actually thinking on the case of crafting skills. It kinda sucks for them, because if you're a crafter of X, you're kind of expected to know how to repair, adapt, and at least improve that X. Invent and attune are in the "Master" league, so to speak, but still... that's 3 of 5 rings you need to invest just to be able to do your job. And with Rings being used for multiple skills (instead of 2 Traits per Ring), it kinda turns into "Oh, I just buy a little skill in Y, and now I'm rolling like a boss in it" Not quite sure how I feel about it :/
  2. Correct me I'm reading this wrong, but if you want to be really good at your job, you need to invest heavily in -all- rings..? (page 80 onwards)
  3. I.... wow. I see the intent, and the desire to make something that pleases everyone... but oh my, it does feel terribly messy.
  4. What he said ^ A word of wariness though - it may be easy to think "oh, we'll change all things and it will give people a reason to buy!", but it would be wrong - if you change the elements that make players comfortable and familiar with a RPG, they will just go away (I'm looking at you, D&D 4th) and search for alternatives.
  5. I wouldn't call it being "duped by advertisement". But simply a matter of offer and demand. My demand is to play RPGs. If the offer in my 'local environment' is simply of D20 (be it D&D X edition, Pathfinder, or some other variant) I am either forced to play it, or not play any RPG at all. After a while, you grow so used to it (inertia is a HUGE factor in these things) that you just don't want to learn a whole new system/game. Regardless of the flaws you perceive in it.
  6. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EDqXn Not exactly cards, but card art. Though I really hope "Bayushi SHOYU" is just a typo... >_> please don't give the Scorpion a Soy Sauce Champion.
  7. This. Everyone is always ready to assume the worst, to assume that whoever is on the other side of the screen is a disgusting human being. No one is remotely willing to give people the benefit of the doubt - not just here, but in general everywhere. That is the true tragedy - that in the haste to be the first to denounce something, or to be seen as virtuous, folks are so ready to trash everyone else without pausing a single minute to think, "hey, maybe the guy just made a mistake and didn't mean anything much". Such is the haste that, not content with raising the matter in the original reddit AMA, even after an apology has been made, the matter was raised in the l5r facebook group (until locked because it was devolving in pointless insulting back and forth) and now a ghost account is created here for... what? More of the same? The guy made a mistake. He apologized. "To err is human". Unless you're all aliens or robots, some people should remember that. Now please can we go back to L5R and discussing the new game?
  8. Wow. A reasonable point of view being presented in this kind of thread? I am stunned. And yeah, going around and giving sentences malicious intent is like, many a sad person's hobby. It is both unfortunate to see it in this community, and to see it going to 4 pages already - when we ALL know this goes around in circles and achieves no purpose at all other than people becoming angry at one another.
  9. You are absolutely correct and that NPC does indeed exist. City of Lies, GM's Guide. Shosuro Gobei is the NPC you're thinking about.
  10. Keep in mind, this would also work in the ongoing story. 'Spider' becomes just a different name for Shadowlands Horde, and whatever untainted remains of them were left behind are either retconned out of existence (YAY), or sent to the same place Minor Clans go (once in a blue moon appearance). And Mantis got nuked in Onyx.
  11. Could this mean they will simply pick from where the Winter Court IV ended? *hopeful*
  12. Yea, I've heard this theory before. Sadly, Scorpions seems to be the only one to find such a theory interesting ! Well, take a look at the Onyx fictions the story team put out I personally love one of the last acts, where the Lion see the actions of Nitoshi....
  13. Put me in the field of those that like the reduced deck size. Or rather, reduced -minimum- deck size. It's an elegant solution to a real problem, and truly... nothing prevents folks from increasing their decks to the 40/40 they were used to, once more cards are released for the game But a minimum of 30/30... yeah, me likes.
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