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  1. Mantis Stronghold 7PS 4GP 2SFH Limited Action, 3GC: Draw a card. Clan Pride - As long as your recruited personalities are only of the Mantis Clan or Neutral, your Ranged Attacks get +1 Strength. (There is NO second side) By focusing on a clan you "activate" a benefit tied to their stronghold. If you don't focus on a clan, you get all the variety from playing with other clans (Perhaps a small penalty like not being able to proclaim them?). The cost is you will make it harder to keep your stronghold's passive ability online. Each of the nine strongholds should have a unique "Clan Pride" benefit that is related to a larger theme of their clans that makes the clan fairly renown for it. Sure the Mantis are merchants and spiritualists but they are fairly renown for their archery. Then what the Sensei can do is overwrite the "Clan Pride" with a variation of its own. Example: Satoko Sensei +0 -1 +2 Your Clan Pride ability on your stronghold is replaced with the following: Clan Pride - All of your Shugenja have "Home Battle: Bow this Shugenja. Send Home a Spirit in your Army. You may only activate this ability as long as your recruited personalities are only of the Mantis Clan or Neutral."
  2. ^ I love vcards like those. It gives you a unique way to build your deck and think outside the box. Now I really need to pick up a copy of Abandoning the Fortunes and Doom of the Dark Lord for my Modern/Bigdeck decks. There was a fairly neat win condition in Burning Sands that was similar to Doom of the Dark Lord. If you could outlast your opponent so they run out of water tokens, you win the game. I also really loved stuff that gave you a win condition such as An Empire of Madness or Yoritomo Ascends.
  3. Burning Sands had a form of dueling and it was very familiar to those who played 7th Sea. What with the Counter-attacks/Thrusts/Parrys/etc/etc. Although I can see how people would like a fixed form of Rock/Paper/Scissors/Dynamite.
  4. I would just want to see the cards at an early time like sometime during 2016 so we can see what is going on. I would like to beta test, but I am also just cool with previews.
  5. The Spoils TCG also does the WoW TCG thing... in addition to having its own specific resources. HOWEVER I also start a game of Spoils with two resources right off the bat. Now you might question it and ask "why both"? Well that is simple. Now why do people hate lands/resource cards? Simple. Resource Drought and Resource Flooding. Resource Drought is exactly what it sounds, you don't get any lands/holdings. Resource Flooding is the opposite, you get too much of that resource. So the most common question for a person having trouble with this is: "How many resource cards are you running?" I've seen it before many times, asking the question can make people flustered like as if they had somehow made an error with their deck composition. Spoiler: Its just an error, just correct it dude. Everyone makes errors. Also just to point out 1:10 bad games is a blessing. Also because you can cycle your cards on the first turn, you only have the potential to get 2:20 in terms of bad games. You want some fixed resource in L5R (ccg)? Go purchase a play set of Forgotten Legacy. Your first three turns guarantee you 3x holdings that produce 3-gold a piece.
  6. Legend of the Burning Sands. I later learned that LotBS had a sister game: L5R.
  7. The Moto's Treachery Timeline Twist #1: In the great fight of Yodotai vs Lion and Unicorn, treachery occured within the ranks of the Unicorn clan; specifically by the Moto Family. Timeline Twist #2: The lost Yodotai scout party did not meet the Lion, but Moto forces of the Unicorn clan instead. They offered to the Moto a vassalization alliance, to be elevated over the other Rokugani and that the Moto would be overseeing Rokugan after it would be conquered. The Moto spoke and said they would return in three days time with their answer. They returned three days later and agreed to the arrangement. No member of the Moto Family spoke to the other Unicorn families. Timeline Twist #3: Legulus did not die this day, however he was severely injured. Timeline Twist #4: Legulus defeated both the combined efforts of the Lion and the Unicorn clan with the assistance of the Moto Family who flanked the Lion forces from the left.
  8. Its not a mechanical or flavor reason; its a social reason. Rage and Vampire would need a bigger following of people. A smart company like FFG wants to grab a Brand/IP that not only exists and is willing to be sold, but to also buy a Brand/IP that has a good-sized amount of customers that are willing to buy the product. FFG is a company and if they are going to devote resources into remaking and remarketing a new product in their line of LCGs, they do expect to get their investment returned by how many people actually bought it and how quickly it was being bought. Take one of the various preexisting LCGs under FFG's wing. What do they each have in common by chance? Huge cult-followings that are currently popular in the mind of the public. Names that even if one who heard it had never seen it or watched it would have a idea of what you are talking about.
  9. Wrong how? Spider reverting to Shadowlands Horde? Spider being the "anti-heroes with a heart of gold?" Spider obtaining dominance over an evil realm? Spider being an evil mastermind that finally gets to sit on the throne? I don't quiet follow.
  10. I really would like to keep it as two decks even if its only 30/30 or 25/25. I'm actually having trouble of thinking of another cardgame (TCG/LCG/CCG) that utilizes two separate decks.
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