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  1. You don't know whether I'm 'calm' or not. I do know that saying 'Calm down' to someone is a really great way to escalate a confrontation though. Yoshi is allowed to have flaws. He has several. However, presuming that he is making gross base mistakes that are based on the opposite of his character and status as depicted when there are other explanations seems wrong to me. If Hida Kisada failed to handle a delicate political negotiation with tact and aplomb, but instead barreled through it without caring, it would be a mistake that would appropriate for Hida Kisada. If he lost a division on the wall because he was too busy discussing the finer points of tea with a visiting Shiba, however, it would be a mistake that Crab players would rightly find silly and out of character. If other clan players came on saying that the reason he lost the third division tower was because he was too distracted by his emotional feelings towards Bayushi Kachiko or some other clan, without any evidence in text of actually him personally having such feelings towards anyone, they might protest too. Him feeling personally emotional about the Crab has not one bit of evidence in the story. The Yasuki wars happened 700 years ago, and Yoshi has no reason to have any day to day interaction with the Crab to have negative feelings about...certainly not negative enough feelings to overwhelm him in such fashion. He's not even competing with them. He doesn't need to be hostile. His job is to cultivate friends and allies. If he was rude purely as a mistake from being overwhelmed from animosity over an event 700 years ago and generalized hostility, it would be as out of character and weird as Hida Kisada losing the wall due to a desire for courtly romance. The writers could write it that way. Or there could be a more reasonable explanation.
  2. Or, he is a skilled courtier, and was intentionally offensive to Taka not because of his own personal beliefs but because he was told to make sure that Taka never makes the same request again. Even if it made Taka an enemy. Or maybe he wanted to make Taka angry at the Crane rather than the Emperor, because he has more loyalty to the Emperor than the Crane and knew the Crab would be angry either way. (Which is already established as true...he puts the interests of the Emperor over even the needs of his own family members). He has never had in any incarnation shown any particular loathing for the Crab. Either you accept he's an incompetent courtier who climbed to the top somehow, or you accept he's a competent courtier who is doing what he intends to do and knows he's pissing of Taka and knows that Taka will be mad at the Crane at a time when the Crane desperately needs allies (which Yoshi also knows). Either he's overwhelmed with emotion...when he's specifically and intentionally citing emotion as a weakness...or you accept his reason is because he thinks it's in the best interest of the Empire. You can argue that all you want, see him as incompetent all you want. But it doesn't change that he has been cited already as being 1) A very good courtier 2) A courtier that puts the Emperor first 3) A courtier not controlled by his emotions and 4) A courtier that was told specifically to tell Taka there was no more jade and there was no jade to be had.
  3. Taka said hello and The Emperor ordered (at Kachiko's request) Yoshi to say nope. I know these fine distinctions don't matter to people, but it's an important distinction. It wasn't really Yoshi who denied the Crab jade. It was the /Scorpion/ who denied the Crab jade and made the Crane say it, for no reason than to leave the Crane further and further without allies and advance the Scorpion position in court. But, you know, go pincer alliance.
  4. Good job! This is such a great resource.
  5. I had similar problems. I was able to resolve some by making 'Late Spring' as Early in spring as I could possibly think could be called Late (Mid April, with Spring as being March/April/May). At some point you have to take a swing and go for it.
  6. I updated the timeline. Did the author say it was 5 years before?
  7. There's a Crane mon on the helmet in the new art. The previous Topaz Champion per the Beginners Box was a Dragon female. The Crane NPC contestant in the Topaz was a female with half white, half black hair, so not this character. The Crane PC contestant in the Topaz was a male. It could be the Topaz Champion armor, but putting a Crane mon on the helmet would be weird...especially for a Dragon wearing it.
  8. I used the dead leaves /cold wind to put it in late autumn.
  9. Thank you for the correction! That makes it make much more sense. I totally missed that and really was swinging wildly with it. I have not got Dark Tides and Mask of the Oni so I can't really place them. RPG materials in general are hard to place since they are new characters and meant to be timeless. I can place Palace of the Emerald Champion and Topaz Championship due to the proximity of Satsume's death and that Kaagi shows up with Toturi later in one of his fictions, but not to this narrow a timeframe.
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEhIccleYFIsL_C0zKAV3gk4U7XIcjNXokEsuMBbBZM/edit?usp=sharing Compiled by Kakita Kaori and Alphasquid. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think. This is just my best guess. Methodology Notes: In general, assumptions I tried to use. If there is an event related to a piece of very personal information that an important person would be able to know about, and would be at the forefront of their thoughts if they were aware of it, AND if that person didn't have those thoughts/awareness of the event AND that person would have regular communication from a mix of sources during that time, I was willing to go on a limb and say that that that event happened after the POV, or close enough before to be in the same week. I tried to use seasonal references if I had them, which are obviously very broad. Though some, like Kurosunai Village, have a more defined seasonal reference like 'Soil baked dry after the long harsh summer' means it's going to be late summer, not early summer. I generally assume that travel from any major place to a major place takes about a week. Toturi cuts it close a little. I also use gross numbers and figure most complex mechanations take about a week unless I'm told otherwise. So Kachiko tells Yojiro to rig the Emerald championship a week before the EC. It could be longer, but it certainly shouldn't be shorter. I also TRIED to bias against having more stories within a single week. I really did. I wanted them to be more spread out, so if given any possibility to do so, I spread them out. The most awkward boundary was the '6 months ago' one in Children of the Empire. I fudged it a little. It's not exactly 6 months, it's probably more like 6 months + 1 to 2 weeks. I thought that was fair. In heart of the garden, the author has the month of Bayushi directly follow the month of Doji in her date planning, which doesn't make sense and blows the sequence of events way off (putting 6 mo ago after Satsume's death) so I think that may just be a mistake and Shiba and Bayushi got switched, which makes for a straight forward timeline. The Pure Land Stories and the Naga Stories are the most unlinked from the main timeline and you're free to shove those around a little to your liking.
  11. If you don't like reading, I can suggest the Table is Yours podcast, where you can listen to audio readings of the fictions.
  12. It was pointed out in the most recent fiction that the Emperor's edict against total war includes it being illegal to keep hostages unless a full scale war has been declared, which there is not between Lion and Crane. While an Ikoma might 'fudge' that a bit, Matsu Tsuko is far too honorable to appreciate nuance in such matters.
  13. To be perfectly fair, the rift at the top of the Crane between Kuwanan and Hotaru at this point has no one supporting Kuwanan. And Kuwanan has no in clan power or out of clan power at all. It is certainly not like the relationship of Kachiko and Shoju or Toturi and Tsuko, where both of the parties wield considerable power. The big difference is that the story is not following Kuwanan with a sympathetic eye right now, so even though the family is divided, Kuwanan's part of the division is pretty much a non-entity at the moment, and where there has been Crane story, it has focused on aspects far away from the clan division We haven't seen much of Hotaru or Kuwanan for quite a while, so we don't know what will happen with it.
  14. Shoju has already offered to kill Sotorii to keep everything chill in the Empire once already. It seems to me very easy for him to decide to enact Joden's will by killing Sotorii himself, leaving the throne for Daisetsu, and himself taking the fall for the attempted coup.
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