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  1. The missing piece to really solidify Shoju's guilt would be a well-placed lie, and the best person to deliver that lie is Miya Satoshi. All someone has to say is that Hantei Joden was considering bailing on the edict at the last minute. Then you have means... even though no one is to be armed in Joden's presence, the sword was right there.... Motive...Joden was going to cancel the edict or deliver regency to another... and Opportunity...Kachiko, at least, was in Joden's presence at the right time.
  2. If you are interested in a more Emergent Narrative podcast with 5th Edition Mechanics, like Powered by the Apocalypse, you can find our sister AP Podcast at Crimson Gold Agonies at ‪Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5LyBwPzyjXUo9DwhOEKhvt?si=B63a_YWCSIea3ganw-KI-Q‬&fbclid=IwAR2InZJJGsVUyeaxYRkSKK7gWbD_P7wbeaS30Pnn6CeMsyGSgCBWevzuU1o ‪Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/.../crimson-gold.../id1517912593‬
  3. Our first episode for an Actual Play Podcast for L5R 5th Edition, Fortune and Strife, began today, with new episodes coming out every Monday. This podcast focuses on strong characters, a classic format with a fun storyline, and 5th Edition Mechanics. Episode 1 "A Father's Love" is out now for Fortune and Strife: RSS: https://pinecast.com/feed/fortune-and-strife Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1Is9EQwJ6838bIPz2a2Rct?si=-P9GM2baRcubActRMavmQA&fbclid=IwAR2AV07qU2-1dGUWEwsLeTXP_BnQmCvd4MEI2R6TKrxidgsCoMeyA15tqAc Patreon (public): https://patreon.com/posts/38256915 Apple and Google to come shortly.
  4. Our Podcast Court Games has an interview with Max Brooke and Katrina Ostrander discussing Building a School as in Path of Waves you might be interested in. https://courtgamespod.com/podcast/5e-school-creation-w-katrina-ostrander-and-max-brooke/ We also built the Kakita Artisan School in there you might want to take a look at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tzYpcgGcLfVCrG_ZEJMg2AJv8mt56NaJ/view Hope you enjoy!
  5. I hope there's not a Shadowlands playable faction, but it could be super cool for L5R to get a cooperative version of the card game where the players go against a prebuilt/self run kind of Shadowlands deck.
  6. I'm cool with it being a very much longer, and more torturous road before we ever reach that point, but if the story does get there, then...I hope Sukune is someone we love and are heartbroken about that he should have such happen to him. And the story could be wild and amazing. It could happen with time. For now, A unifier in the Shadowlands...a tiny foretaste of what might come.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Tying things to elements was done late in the redesign for L5R since we tested this before in a system that didn't have elemental links like that, so I can definitely work on changing it. As for the size, I've written it in depth because, in part, I felt like I needed to make an argument for /why/ you would use these alternate rules instead of just having the alternate rules by themselves. And as I am not an experienced game master, for me I need things spelled out in more detail to understand it. It is my husband who is the experienced game designer who made the original design and they are many pages longer in his writeup because he's like that. 🙂 I can try to make up a 1 page cheat sheet PDF for the Influence Game and Mass Battle for Small Groups at some point. That could help. Thanks again.
  8. Thank you for the feedback! I'll bring it back and work on it.
  9. Man, quick to condemn much? There is a separation between what someone thinks/feels and what they do. You're condemning Ishikawa as unworthy to be head of the guard not because of anything he has done, but because he feels something for Kaede. Not even anything he did out of those feelings...just the feelings themselves. That's....different. 5th Edition is a whole game system about ninjo vs. giri. Feelings vs Duty. Every single character in the storyline is going to have some sort of conflict between what they feel or want vs. what they have to do. That's the point.
  10. Just wanted to share my Mass Battle for Small Groups rules as an alternative to the built in Mass Battle rules. Let me know what you think! https://craneclan.weebly.com/mass-battles-for-small-groups.html
  11. You're only accessory to a conspiracy after the fact if you help cover up the murder by actually taking some sort of action that covers up the murder that conceals it from another. Like, for example, Sumiko destroying the evidence for Satsume's murder to make it look like natural causes, and then reporting it as natural causes to her boss. You're not required, I don't believe, to report every crime you find out about. Shoju himself knows who literally, actually murdered the Emperor, agreed with hiding the evidence, and hasn't charged the murderer.
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