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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/382923205647568/
  2. I have never used Discord.. I guess I need to look into it. I listened a podcast where they discussed a tournament they went too and what they liked. It definitely helped.
  3. I understand completely. it's also the south side of cincy. So even worse. I'll run one up there some time. I just live down here.
  4. Thank you all. Awesome suggestions. I am putting together a tournament on the south side of Cincinnati ohio and trying to make sure everyone is excited. If I have enough players then I will raffle off an AtAt that I 3d printed from Mcnaultys thingiverse. I am furiously printing and painting terrain and will have spray deodorant for people who need it. Lol
  5. I'm curious. Wht are the biggest draws to a store run tournament? What will make people drive hours to get there?
  6. 800 point tournament. Three brothers games. 1960 North Bend Road Hebron, Kentucky 41048 Will have kit prizes. Suplimented with card trays. Tournament transport trays possibly. If enough people show up I will give away an AtAt from thingiverse. Printed and painted. Currently printed but not painted. https://www.facebook.com/events/369318713699973/?ti=as
  7. Hi all. I'm currently designing a wall/fortification for legion. It will be modular. But, I was wondering how much was too much. How detailed.... how big... how many options. Etc. Until i try and sell it or the printed pieces.
  8. Yup. Louisville. Was a fun day. Long. But fun.
  9. Yeah.. should have used the BYE. Lol first game took forever. Not that he was slow playing. Just had a lot.. lol 6-5 my way. And I think we went to round 3.. maybe 4? Was fun but having 4 hours sleep and 2 hour drive probably needed the bye to rest. He had lots of y-wings. And hammerheads.
  10. Thanks all. Pretty much where my head was at as well.
  11. I'm heading to a regional in the morning. No idea if I should use my BYE or not. I can do another next week.. save it. Or use it?
  12. Im.going to start with playing more than 3 games this year. Lol
  13. Played rebels. Used the MSU fleets. I'm sure there are more.
  14. Welcome. I love armada. I actually dumped my x wing for it To answer 3. Bighest difference is the scenarios. You can go all out. Beat your opponent close to death. But if they follow the scenario/objective they can make it a tie game. Or even win. I've done it before. And capital ships. Always. Lol
  15. I totally understand that. But this is what I use for the cards.
  16. Yeah.. please dont take what I said as saying a TO who doesnt wait for everyone to be set as bad.. I just meant most that I've seen. Wait till 'most' are all set and ready. They call out "everyone at their tables.. got a partner" etc. Just couldn't remember the exact wording in the docs. Thanks for clarifying.
  17. Pretty sure it's always 3 games.. as for time between games. If you use the whole time for a game. 2 hours I believe. It's usually about 10 minutes between. Quite often everyone gets done and is waiting on the last table to finish. The TO knows where people will be based on how it will finish. And as soon as its done they announce new pairings. Ad soon as pairings are announced everyone moves sets up. A good TO will wait till everyone is at the table with asteroids set cards set out. Etc before starting the next round.
  18. Thank you. I dont have a good picture of the one I make that holds large ships. Which is wierd. But. I make all sorts of tournament resources.
  19. Bring a way to move all your stuff quickly from table to table. Some times you have very limited time from announcing match up. To moving tables. To start. Other than that. Have fun.
  20. Just like squats. More its talked about. Longer it will be before article. Lol
  21. A while back, and I mean a while, ginkapo wrote an article about armada. It was chosen as best and I had donated a prize pack of tournament trays and transport trays. I failed miserably in shipping and.. well this is the result.
  22. This guy has the right idea.
  23. Thank you. I actually have a legion one specifically in the works.
  24. Thank you for that. It was a self imposed exile. As ardaedhel said. Things look.bigger and bigger the longer it stews.
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