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  1. Surprised no mentioned Akodo Godaigo. He is also an exemplary example of a tainted Samurai not succumbing to being Lost and persuing an honorable finish despite the three cuts. More Spider should have been in his vein.
  2. Yeah, but just thinknof it like an investor's review. We might not buy stock, but we are invested. And really, talking behind their back is just rude
  3. I think you should be given a fair shake to continue, yes. As I have said elsewhere, you and your cohorts (including shawn?) tried hard to get engaged with us again. And you guys got blindsided. Those are not the people you toss.
  4. Not...really. unlike conquest, the clans are not inherantly opposed to working alongside each other. In conquest, all the factions are seeking just about all others' destruction with the Space marines and IG working together. The wheel was forced for sake of what made more sense in an otherwise non compatible set of factions. Even Spider has allies in other Clans (less so in Scorpion and Crab) Alliance and Oath of Fealty were more synergy cards for people splashing personality to obtain rare ebenfits that were clan exclusive.
  5. Actually, maybe going down the route of Minor Clans would be an interesting way to break the Clan lock on who gets promoted and how it plays.
  6. I wonder how much we have frightened FFG at this point with all our posts.
  7. This is why i prefer using less "level" structured mechanics when running L5R. Advancement in Rokugan is trickier.
  8. That...is a sticky one. Official OA set in Rokugan did. But Rokugan books did not.
  9. I think thematically, we can safely see the end of provinces and thier destructions. It made sense for the Clan War era. Not so much after. No one clan actually gained or lost territory with a few story driven exceptions after the Second Day of Thunder. Not to mention many could operate without a province to call thier own.
  10. True, and I not expecting anything till they start heading to the printers. But the article hopefully sheds some light on what we can expect. Which looks like good things.
  11. Though the link is "off topic", I think this shows a little more what FFG brings to design we can expect. Hopefully, we can see some of this after the new year. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/21/ned-shagga-and-jaime-revisited/
  12. Considering they love doing design articles, I can safely assume we will not be in the dark.
  13. It should be a lot like the choose your adventure books, with votes tallied from smaller victors to choose a path divergence (perhaps with a bit of flavoring defined by certain metas, like taint). In all those books (and early l5r) the various endings already exist, the players as a whole just decide the particulars. Eg: Second Day of thunder had a victory already detailed out for each faction should they win. Presumably one vetted by everyone in charge of story and Brand. They would all know the fallout tesult and had planned accordingly for the next "story". It was modified obviously, but it worked.
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