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  1. It was a name an item tournament in Charleston, SC at The Green Dragon. I was playing an all or nothing blitz deck out of The Sacred Temples of the Phoenix from the Honor and Treachery learn to play set. Playing a blank box at a time when boxes did awesome stuff got me some odd looks. That is till I took a province turn 2 consistently throughout the tournament. I finished swiss 6-1 (IIRC) getting into the top cut but not getting into the top4, though did finish top Phoenix and was furthest traveled. The end of Emperor Arc was rather crazy and that deck fit in but was so far afield the meta at that tournament it just went to work till it ran out of luck either way my rounds ended somewhere between 5-30 minutes which was nice made the tournament more relaxing getting an early lunch, bathroom breaks, etc.
  2. Perhaps mechanically they would have to sleep a full night to recover or spending 1 void point for every 24 hours of watch stood that cannot be recovered till a full sleep period. If they have insufficient void points to stave off sleep they crash moving sluggishly as though in an intoxicated stupor till they can recover. Perhaps this is too harsh a penalty, but to go from a watch of extreme alertness for an extended duration and then being expected to be immediately combat ready is rather superhuman so spending void seems to be an adequate response if they need to fight during the course of events. If they don't have the void points available they can still do something just not as effective as they could be.
  3. If by anything you mean nothing then I agree. If by nothing you mean Nothing then I agree...
  4. Tiny hype https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/2/the-stories-of-games/L5R and Rokugan mentioned...
  5. Some WC IV alumni are of the exact same mind... Canon or not sounds fun. Just wish I would have time, wrapping up my degree sadly needs to be my priority.
  6. I agree that constructive criticism is a good thing. I did not hover over the AEG forums as much as I would have needed to to catch the moments of lashing out and I was not involved with WC4 at all as I was too busy with RL matters to participate in any fashion. Though your concerns with that type of behavior seems to be put to bed by FFGs policy of staff not interacting on the forum, though I do not know if that is actually a policy even if I have seen it expressed as such several times by people on the forum. Though getting the players used to the idea of an aloof Story Team might be difficult, of course having almost two years to wait may take care of that as well. Myself I just hope that FFG continues the ongoing saga of Rokugan with player actions making a difference expressed in somewhat regular releases of short stories. Like pretty much everything L5R related we are stuck in a wait and see mode...
  7. Name: Jeremy Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: Rocky Mount, NC. I have no local play group, but participate sometimes in Raleigh and attend Kotei in the NC, VA, SC, TN, MD areas. I have also played in several pbp RPGs over the years including Winter Court Kyuden Gotei How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? First go around was at the beginning. I was in High School and trying pretty much every CCG that came out from MtG, Battletech, L5R, Middle Earth, etc. Didn't really play seriously though till around 2005 after I completed my stint in the Navy. Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? Absolutely! Life and Soul for the Phoenix! What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? The Shiba Family and their pretty much absolute devotion to the ideals of their founder along with they mysticism that comes with The Phoenix Clan What was your first L5R tournament experience? Just a small local thing in Asheville, NC Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? “You run,” Tadaka replied. “I die.” This short quote from Isawa Tadaka from KYD shows the measure of the Phoenix at their greatest which is sacrifice. Everyone thinks of Shiba as the iconic sacrifice and they are right. They often see the Isawa as uptight and snobbish, which while that is true to a degree both Phoenix Thunders died during their respective Days of Thunder. Favorite character? Why? Shiba Yoshirou, because I got to create him from the ground up as a WC2 homebrew and I was shocked when he appeared in fiction alongside Isawa Ochiai Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. Running a Solving the Riddle tournament in Asheville, NC and seeing how far AEG, the L5R artists, and the player community would go to support a charitable cause. Favorite deck that you built or played and why. End of Emperor Edition using the L2P blank Phoenix box to get 6th place at a name an item event. My games lasted half an hour tops (usually half that) and victory was quite consistent. Not to mention the look on my opponents face when they saw the box I was playing lol. Favorite Arc and why. I don't really have one, they all had something that was good about them and flawed. Even Emperor which is often dumped on I had some hilarious moments like the one already stated. Story wise I have always been partial to KYD which isn't so much an arc, but still awesome. Favorite Tournament experiences. Meeting other players even went as far as a St Louis Kotei where I bumped into quite a few WC2 players along with The Angry Crab. Met several Story Team members and have always enjoyed the atmosphere fostered by the L5R community. Anything else you would like to tell players about L5R at that time, or any stories to bring back some fond memories for old school players or inspire new ones? Well I wouldn't consider myself old school as I just tinkered with the game at the beginning never even playing a tournament till Samurai Edition. I have not even made it to a GenCon as yet, though 2017 looks to be the year. All I can say is L5R is as interesting and immersive as you want it to be the only limits are those you set for yourself. There are many facets to the CCG and RPG that should they endure the transition and translate to the FFG version of the games will be fun and interesting. Between the story, mechanics, and community these things all come together to create the best hobby I have been involved in. It is not perfect as nothing relying on people ever is, but it was never a waste of time and always fulfilling if not at the moment then certainly in reflection.
  8. The only time I recall Shawn being on the defensive was when another ST writer was being bashed on (not merely critiqued). As for why Shawn's Facebook friends may have come to his defense likely is a result of the sale to FFG and their desire to see the Story Team retained by FFG in some fashion. There is a lot of anxiety about the future of L5R as far as the ongoing narrative of Rokugan and it was that tradition that made the game unique and interesting, its loss would be viewed negatively by a large vocal fanbase. So the sight of harsh criticism of the most recent Story Team Lead could be seen as counter productive towards the goal of getting FFG to keep onboard a Story Team at all. I wouldn't know for sure as I did not see that particular post of Facebook, but these are the perceptions I have seen since the FFG announcement was made. Also being the internet perceived threats, slights, criticisms are typically viewed more harshly than they were intended. I am not saying I think that the Story Team was flawless as it was, but please realize they were pulled in a lot of directions between Brand Leads general direction for the game and accommodating story prizes which often required weaving the improbable to the absurd into fiction simply due to a CCG player's whim had to be hard at times. That they continued to do what they did and the only payment received was in the form of AEG product which they often gave away as prizes at tournaments they attended is in of itself showed their dedication. That they would deal with the L5R player entitlement mentality to try to make things as good as they could on their end showed their graciousness. That from time to time they could be defensive after all they put into Rokugan showed that they are human.
  9. Cynthia Hornbeck is FFGs Marketing Content Coordinator and as Kiseki she is not the decision maker, but an avenue to voice concerns till someone else is appointed. My email got a reply to it in which she pointed out (expectedly) that they are still in the earliest stages of integrating this property, but that they are very open to the possibility of working with Shawn Carmen, but that is all she can say at this time. I would suggest emailing her in a polite fashion with your concerns so that at least you can be certain the message is getting to someone.
  10. Cynthia Hornbeck (chornbeck@fantasyflightgames.com) is the email given over on the l5r.com page as a point of contact. She is FFGs Marketing Content Coordinator so she is not the decision maker, but an avenue to voice concerns. So keep that in mind and please be civil. My email got a reply to it in which she pointed out (expectedly) that they are still in the earliest stages of integrating this property, but that they are very open to the possibility of working with Shawn Carmen, but that is all she can say at this time. The concerns over the novel were not even addressed, but that is likely because they were not particularly aware of it's progress (which I pointed out was somewhere about 60,000 words). Obviously she did not want to promise anything in writing, but that they are open to working with Shawn Carmen in some fashion is at the very least an opening as I have no doubt Shawn will try to get Spooky's novel printed in some form if possible. Do send your own emails though as the more who do will highlight a demand for this product and what company doesn't like earning a profit off of a product in demand?
  11. I have emailed FFG on this very subject and recommend others do as well. I know FFG staff typically does not post in their forums and I am uncertain how much of it they follow especially in the case of L5R which has forum content that has grown at such a rapid pace. Whether or not that makes a difference who can say, but if enough people show a desire for the publishing of this novel it has a better chance of it happening.
  12. If this gets rolled out right I imagine there will be no chance FFG will get stuck bringing too much product to GenCon 2017
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