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  1. A pack a week would drive me away from the game. Issues with Imperial aside, we needed more cards in the environment to be able to have the game hit it's stride. Continuing this pace beyond the initial plans would make things far too hectic, expensive, and would likely only increase volatile swings in clan strength.
  2. You can read all the story that has been put out, so far. There's one for each clan, one for the first story decision, and a couple that have been put out since GenCon. That, along with the bits of flavor text on cards, comprises the entirety of official lore we have at the moment. Fantasy Flight games have reset the history of Rokugan from the CCG and have changed significant elements. The full ramifications of those changes, as well as what they've decided to bring over from the CCG and what they decided to ditch, is unclear. Because of that, there's no way to tell what of the old lore is applicable.
  3. Excited to see this off the ground. Can't wait to try it out.
  4. Exactly this. They want to be able to constantly update it and not have multiple versions from different printings floating around.
  5. Does anyone know of a place in/around Baltimore that's going to be running L5R?
  6. But if people did that then what would he have to talk about on the forums?
  7. I believe that you would resolve the effect of the claimed ring, not being able to choose any from any additional effects available.
  8. I think a large issue in this discussion is the assumption that by us getting 3x of a single-include card we're missing out. There's absolutely nothing to say that if they only included 1x of that card in a pack they would replace it with two different, unique cards. The far more likely scenario is that they would simply cut it down to 1x of the single-include card and have a slightly smaller pack. Likely at no decrease in cost, because it's only a couple of cards.
  9. I imagine both are supposed to be September, all the dates they have listed on the website are in September. Neither of those dates are correct for the events they say they coincide with, however.
  10. Your supporting citation is both an RPG, rather than a card game, and was made by a different company. I'm not finding persuasive support there.
  11. If you don't want any extra copies of single-include cards, feel free to give them away. I'm sure others won't mind having more.
  12. You won't get an official answer on these forums. You can submit the question here and get an eventual response. If you do, please post the answer so others can know. Seeker of the Void is desirable because of the ability to field two of the fantastic Void provinces, not in the minor depowering of Kaede that may or may not ever come up in a game, particularly if you're intelligently planning and swapping what rings are at what conflicts and getting claimed.
  13. I think the setup that you lay out is unlikely. It would severely undermine the importance of the role determination at worlds. Particularly with how minor the Ring component of the choice is compared to Seeker v. Keeper, such a rule would make the role decision almost entirely unimportant. I don't see how having a minor change in the available selections of what ring your can pick in relation to Seeker and Keeper keeps things fresh. If that was the system, they would be better off printing cards related to the element of your role, rather than Seeker or Keeper. If you want to play and try decks with non-official roles, go ahead. That's a great way to test things out and lobby for your top of clan to choose the role that you think is superior. But if the system is going to have any sort of impact on the game, you'll have to play competitively with your clan's current role.
  14. None of these effects have changed the ring for the declared conflict. You're claiming the ring that was declared or is the ring that resulted after ring swapping effects. The one that is physically on the province in question. You have the opportunity to resolve other rings effects, but that doesn't change what ring is claimed.
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