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  1. The Dallas crew would love to host you guys for bigger events when they happen too. Hope everything is going well down there for you guys.
  2. I had left off Hitomi because of her Thunder status, but yes, Daini was about number 4 or 5 on my list for Dragon.
  3. Doh. Yeah, in my head I had his family right, but wrote it wrong.
  4. That's fair. FFG has shown they are willing to take both approaches - re-imagining characters that didn't fit with their new vision, and bringing back plenty of fan favorites. I'm happy with that mixture. So far there is a pretty healthy mix of people coming in for the first time (typically another LCG) and those coming from the CCG. I've run a lot of demos with people who lead by telling me that they played in XYZ Edition and can't want to come back. It's a fine line to walk, but I can't wait to see new stories unfold with some of these familiar names.
  5. Oh, Dairya would be fun indeed. What's funny is that I originally cut the Thunders and future champs, but then I realized that most of the lists basically had that as an auto-include. And when I went back through the list I missed Tadaka.
  6. So I went through and tried to make a list of characters that would be great to have return in the new continuity. I tried to get a balance of heroes and heels, and avoided anyone who was a Thunder or Champion (at any point). I've also tried to spread the love among the families (Phoenix I struggled with). Here is what I came up with: Crane Doji Shizue Kakita Toshimoko Daidoji Uji Crab Hida Amoro Kuni Yori Yasuki Taka Dragon Togashi Mitsu Hitomi Kokujin (likely renamed) Agasha Tamori Lion Matsu Agetoki Kitsu Okura Akodo Kage Phoenix Isawa Tadaka Isawa Tsuke Isawa Norikazu Scorpion Bayushi Aramoro Yogo Junzo Bayushi Tangen Unicorn Shinjo Yasamura Iuchi Karasu Iuchi Shahai (honorable mention: Moto Tsume)
  7. @terryfuller Yes!!! Send me a message either here or on Discord, and we'll get you plugged in. There are several pockets popping up, so it just depends on where you are geographically.
  8. I would stab someone for a new version of Tangen.
  9. I'd like to buy a Warrior Poet please. Please???
  10. Hi Elena! We brainstormed tonight on the unofficial Discord server, and came up with a few specific rules questions, some of the answers might send ripples through other cards, so we compiled them and made a list. Sorry that some are very specific and intricate, but we created examples to make them easier to answer. Thanks for taking the time! If I Let Go an opponent’s Watch Commander, do I lose an honor? Since keywords seem to be distinct from constant abilities, and as such seem to not be covered in the timing in the Rules Reference, if I have an honored character with the pride keyword and I want to play Spies at Court after winning a political conflict, what status does my character end up with (and what is the exact order)? Does Steward of Law prevent a character from losing honored status to go back to ordinary status or only from gaining the dishonored status Borderlands Fortification allows it to swap with another card “in one of my provinces”. From what I can tell in the rules reference, my stronghold is in a province. What happens if I attempt to swap my Stronghold with a Borderlands Fortification using its ability? Togashi Yokuni’s ability copies another triggered ability “until the end of the phase”. If Yokuni copies Shiba Tsukune’s interrupt that triggers “when the conflict phase would end”, will Yokuni be able to use the interrupt or will he lose it before it triggers? Finally, A lot of questions have come up about Shameful Display and targets. Can we get clarification: When choosing targets are you required to choose targets who will end up with the honored/dishonored status being applied, or could you choose one target that you know won’t change if the other one will? For example: If three characters are participating could I choose two honored characters, and have one go back to ordinary status? Or would I need to choose a target who will become honored and a target who will move towards dishonored status? If I target an honored character and an ordinary status character, could I choose to dishonor the ordinary character and honor the honored character?
  11. No. The glory is the glory. It's only whether it's a buff or debuff that changes.
  12. The question is specifically about Glory counts, like with the favor. The Glory count doesn't care if you are honored or dishonored, it is still added to the total for the check.
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