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  1. Don't get me wrong - I think there is in fact a fair chance the LCG will be better than the old CCG. I should probably say I was never much of a CCG player to begin with, having tried just once to set up a deck, and giving up because of money issues. So I'm mostly an RPG player only, really. And from that perspective, ditching all the story since 1994 or so (right?) is rather frustrating... due to loose ends in the previous story, to loads of things that could have been more detailed, and this sort of thing - which I already mentioned. As far as a card game goes, though, I do believe FFG's new take on the game is likely to yield good results. I'm even considering buying it along with friends, despite the fact that I'm frustrated about what the future may bring for the RPG. It's just that... I now feel it more akin to a fun board game set in an odd version of Rokugan than the interactive world L5R first was to me. But well, it's still magic samurai clans waging war, and Lion vs Crane will still lead to inspiring fights.
  2. Yeah.... That part is really very convoluted as well. Got me there.
  3. All in all, I greatly dislike the idea of the 'retcon', which is in fact much more a 'coming back to a clean slate'. Not that I loved all of the backstory as it was - there was a lot of convoluted and sometimes not wholly believable stuff going on, and there had been since at the very least the time of the war of spirits. I do get the idea that is would be hard to get new players into the game with that much background information to learn about.... but I still think ignoring all of it, and in a way that makes it hard to even hint at things from the game's past now and then (without them being cameos from an alternate universe) makes things a bit frustrating for those who were involved in seeing the story move forward. At least for me, it's hugely frustrating. It's especially frustrating for RPG players (like me) who were hoping to see some more detail or development in some areas of the old canon... because it basically means this development is unlikely to happen. That said, things like what Kinzen said above are very welcome. All in all, I don't really feel it's the same game (more or less as Doji Takashi said... in fact it's a weird "same but not the same" feeling). But if it's going to be a different game with a similar theme, and it's going to take a different stance in things such as this, then that's good at least.
  4. It's funny - in fact the old system's system's dual 'linear' and 'point-based' character advancement style always struck me as a fantastic way to break with 'levels' without losing some degree of gradual growth. I, for one, would be happy if the Insight Rank + Skill/Trait raising system was kept in place, even if other core parts of the game get changed (but well, I'm rather happy with the system as it is and would rather see some changes here and there instead of a complete overhaul, so there is that.)
  5. And this is one of the few situations I can imagine in which I'd be tempted to buy additional paraphernalia to use with an RPG : )
  6. I do agree with you on this, but this is the #1 reason why I'm not particularly happy about FFG buying L5R, and not particularly hopeful for the future of the game I came to love. Also - I know the LCG is expected to bring the brunt of the L5R-related revenue for the company, but if they expected to retain part of AEG's RPG sales, I believe actually making an effort to keep some support up for the last edition of the game they purchased (since the game's former owner isn't doing any...) would go a long way. Once again, I'll only try and keep my hopes up that AEG will give us back at least the archives of the old forums.
  7. This is just grand. I've been working on and off on a large adaptation of Thrane and Merenae (not trying to be exactly canon though), and this will be a great inspiration : )
  8. Which I feel will be pretty fast at this rate. At least for the RPG. For my part, I'm still here hoping the old forums will be available again at some point...
  9. Other people have already mentioned how the Raise mechanic allows some of this, and how it is actually rather easy to achieve other effects with simple house rules that exploit the R&K system itself in ways not used by its 'official' implementation. So I'll go for a minor nitpick and comment on some specific, official (or at least once official) rules that work a bit like some of the other effects mentioned: 1) Skimming at the 4e book now I cannot find this rule (which I actually kept during 4th edition games), but at least in 3e there was a rule that any roll in which 2 or more dice explode allows recovery of 1 Void Point. This in itself may act as both a "Success, and" and more rarely a "Failure, but" mechanic, so there was at least this one around 2) The optional rule for 'misfires' when using firearms (misfire if at least one "1" is rolled on a failed roll, explosion if 3 or more "1s" on a failed roll) is a clear case of "Failure, and" - even if a very specific one, limited to something used in few games. Similar ideas could be easily created, of course, although that once again enters the homebrew arena. 3) The "breaking" rule for Parangu and Kumade and I think a few other weapons (weapon breaks if it inflicts over X Wounds in a single blow, where X is different depending on the weapon) is a clear case of "Success, but", which is also quite limited as presented, but could easily be adapted for other uses. EDIT: It just dawned on me that this one is also one clear example of how the "control" aspect of R&K may be interesting and challenging - depending on your roll, if using a "breakable" weapon you may be thrown into a situation where you must choose between dealing more damage with your successful blow but losing your weapon and dealing less damage but ensuring you can keep fighting. Of course I don't remember many situations in which people would be left with nothing but a Parangu in their hands, but it might happen, and as mentioned a similar rule might be exploited for other interesting effects. Of course these examples do not completely negate your point that R&K, especially in its 'canon' version, does not have many options or lay great importance on "success/failure, but/and" situations, but I tend to think they do show there is some of this in the canon version, and imho this clearly shows there are options to implement these situations in a game with relatively simple changes. And for what it's worth - yeah, numbers are clearer than symbols for most people... perhaps unless the symbols in question were simple "something" vs "nothing" symbols. I'm now relatively curious about the SW system though. I wonder how it would translate to 'normal' dice - and I'm guessing it would be much more complicated than most systems, which is probably why it needs different symbols on the dice to begin with.
  10. Announcement up on the AEG forums. No single word about the RPG forums - except if we consider that "We may open others, but we're pretty much committed to consulting Fantasy Flight on things that aren't clearly and exclusively related to the CCG " is all they have to say about the RPG forums. I do hope not. From the announcement on the FaceBook. You may have noticed that we've reopened some of the AEG forums. We may open others, but we're pretty much committed to consulting Fantasy Flight on things that aren't clearly and exclusively related to the CCG (which is why we've opened part of Events, and the CCG Rules forum). We'll announce if/when we open any more forums. As for other outstanding items i.e. releasing Evil Portents, releasing PDFs of what would have been upcoming sets, etc. we're still working on those. The PDFs will probably be fine, but the cards will probably have no art, as it all belongs to FFG. We're just waiting for final senior management approval on the plan for Evil Portents. Once more, your patience and understanding is REALLY appreciated. The main Focus of the Forums opened was to Make sure to provide as Much support as possible to the TO's in the Middle of their Respective season's... Both Fall Kotei and Sheriff. As mentioned other Forums will Open back up as AEG works through the Processes they have started with FFG. We as Moderators ask that you Respect each forums Boundaries and Post only Items appropriate to that specific forum. Other posts will be Removed as Off topic..
  11. I always found with some tampering it was quite easy to keep Tainted characters playable. Especially after the Spider got into the game (even before their acceptance), it was the norm in at least a few games I saw and/or took part in. But well, ymmv!
  12. Something I'd like to see more of in the Lion (although I'm biased by being primarily an RPG player) is Ancestor magic. I don't know how exactly to deal with that in the LCG, but I always thought it was a bit unused in the Card Game the few times I tried to do something with it. Well, heck, in the RPG it took a backseat too, although it was supposed to be a defining part of the Kitsu and the Lion.
  13. Here's to hoping the RPG forums do reopen at some point so we can gather some of the homebrew stuff there, host it somewhere else and link it here...
  14. Yeah, just noticed it. In fact, the only part related to L5R deals with events, Koteis and the Card Game in general. Nothing for the RPG so far, and no Setting or Story forums. Maybe they'll come back in time. But hey, at least the Doomtown forum is back - I suppose Doomtown players may have been annoyed by their forum disappearing due to the sale of ANOTHER line.
  15. This! I mean, at the VERY least long enough for that.
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