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  1. The hands are weapons, after all (they got stats and everything ) and they're specifically taught trapping and guarding techniques that no other school teaches because no other school is utilizing an offhand the same way. To each their own though! (I'd argue Kakita are much better in fully unarmed combat, btw.)
  2. I seriously doubt the idea was "the Mirumoto can catch blades with their bare hands." It's a school that's taught to use each of their hands independently in combat, which most clan traditions don't do (being too busy two-handing them). As such, it's not really much of a stretch to imagine a Mirumoto stepping into someone's reach and grabbing their hand to manipulate them. Hard-limiting the ability to "katana + wakizashi" is also hard to justify IMO. There's nothing about the Niten form that can't be applied to a different weapon set. Twin kodachi, Katana + fan, etc. Don't fall into the same trap that 4th Edition did of "these are the only reasonable weapons you should ever expect to use, because of reasons."
  3. We didn't know his exact date of birth, but he was clearly super-young at this time point in the OG story - if he was even born yet. Yet, it seems we're skipping over Moto Gaheris entirely to get Chagatai out even faster. Thoughts? Seems a lil rushed, imo.
  4. Honestly? I'd run any other Fire province now. It's that bad. Before, it did one (really nice) thing on reveal, and then was a dead card with 3 Province Strength for the rest of the game. Now, it's sooo much easier to play around that it'll end up a dead card 90% of the time. A bad fire province that actually works is better than a good one that hardly ever works, imo.
  5. "Don't bid high against Dragon until you see Restoration" is not unavoidable horror. It's also a totally viable work-around using strategy. Now it's simply, "if you see Restoration, don't commit to it, bounce home, and ignore it until you are attacking with a hand of 4." Or, "go ahead and attack Restoration with a full hand - you'll have to burn cards to break it anyway so by the time you win it won't have any affect on you anyway." ie: It's binder fodder now.
  6. Depends on what you mean by "lore." If you're talking about the meta plot of the current story? That's not so important for deciding on whether to be loyal to a clan (although that can change if the story is THAT against character...) If you mean overall lore of the clan, their presentation within the setting, the little bits that make them unique and personify them? Absolutely yes. I've been a "loyal Scorpion" basically since a few months into initially joining the game, with Dragon coming in a very close 2nd, but those choices were based much more on lore and clan portrayal than mechanics. But I'm weird - I latch on to certain things and then gripe when the ST involved ignores them, lol. For instance, with Scorpion: The clan exists to do the dirty work that other clans simply cannot do because of honor, yet that always devolves into "they're just criminal scum who probably shouldn't be allowed to be a Great Clan." They're kind of the second most shugenja-focused clan outside of Phoenix but that never actually goes anywhere because 90% of the clan is Bayushi. Their swordsmen are, by all accounts, highly skilled and can stand toe-to-toe with the best of any other clan, yet that's not a Scorpion shtick so we never really get any focus on the bushi, despite the very necessary role yojimbo must play for a clan who controls the courts and has two shugenja families. Ditto with Dragon - I'm a Mirumoto fanboy. I find it interesting that this family is the vast majority of the clan, yet they're on the back-burner 90% of the time because the Togashi and Kitsuki are the popular factions. But then it's also things like: The Mirumoto are rivals of the Kakita who do not practice iaijutsu, yet that's basically ignored because everyone practices iaijutsu and the Kakita don't have rivals, they're just the best. The Kitsuki are not really a courtier family, they're a bushi family that puts more focus on finding truth than on studying the sword. That's really interesting - yet they end up courtiers most of the time because "gotta have a courtier family" tends to win over unique elements. The Togashi are a very small order who spend most of their time in contemplation, avoiding the world, yet show up far more often than makes sense for them. The Agasha are wholly different in outlook and practice from the Isawa but that is never actually a plot point that gets brought up or goes anywhere. But what really made me a Scorpion was the attention to detail that it seemed they gave to the clan that didn't exist for other clans (going back to the 1st Ed Way of the Scorpion book from the AEG RPG). Things like Tangen's Lies and Little Truths, Guwahime's Fables, the Scorpion version of the tale of the Scorpion and the Frog, etc. Little bits of life breathed into the clan to give it depth and make them that much more interesting. That, combined with the truth of the clan - they expose the uncomfortable reality that everyone lies, regardless of claims to honor - made them my clan. The fact that I enjoy control as a playstyle is just a happy coincidence! 🤣
  7. Well, Tadaka got nerfed a bit, which is fine. Thoughts on the (IMO heavy-handed) nerfs to Dragon and Scorpion?
  8. Right?! I mean, I haven't seen the new Yogo on paper yet, but that family has exactly one shtick historically, and the core book covered that (arguably also Kuroiban but that's just as much a Soshi thing, if not more still fulfilled by ward masters [edit: heh, derped on my facts]). I know we're not owed anything, and I expect nothing, but after seeing Yogo getting the first additional school, I would love an RPG Q&A.
  9. So what I'm taking away from the (great) convo here is that "success" was probably a bad term to use for one of the dice results, since sometimes you don't care about successes as getting opportunities is what will lead you to the "success" you're actually after? Very unintuitive. 😅 (FYI, for those who were wondering, the Ikoma Bard in question is avoiding combat because of story reasons. He's sustained a permanent injury to his right hand that makes properly wielding a weapon impossible. )
  10. I just meant the Kakita-style of "cutting down your foe in one perfect strike" seems... unlikely. There's probably going to be a lot of back-and-fourth in almost all combat, duels included (exceptions for first strike, of course).
  11. Whew, quite a read! Thanks for the link. If this is typical, it seems iaijutsu duels are going to be incredibly rare while kenjutsu duels will be much more common. 🤔
  12. I think I just have trouble wrapping my head around the way it's worded. 😅 "...choose a position containing terrain that you can see. Each target may immediately move 1 range band toward it." That reads weirdly to me. Seems like a situation where, "that spot on the hill would be advantageous" but 1 range band won't get anyone there. On the other hand, the terrain everyone is already occupying could work as "terrain that you can see" but it feels really "gaming the system" that way.
  13. Looking for an actual play example of how a duel plays out. An instructional video, an online game where a duel took place, a blog post that gets a lil more descriptive than the rulebook, etc. Is there anything like that floating around?
  14. I know the obvious reply is "but that's not the core book," but I totally think it's worth pointing out that the very first time we get Imperial schools, the Seppun family gets two schools for their one family. Juuuust sayin'... 😉
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