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  1. From the limited time I've been playing the RPG i understand there are advantages like: Sage, Soul of Artistry and Crab Hands, which unless i remember wrong say more or less whenever you make an unskilled check your considered rank 1 in that skill,though they don't cover everything. Sage i think covers lore checks, soul covers artisan skills and crab hands covers weapons. Sorry for rambling but with these advantages would my tens still explode within the areas covered by them?
  2. The tn i was mainly speaking of the the stamina 15 tn to not be deafened by fury of osana-wo and the TN 15(earth roll) to not be knocked down by the rank 3 water spell Strike of the Tsunami to not be knocked down. Sorry for not being very clear I'm still a newbie to this game community.
  3. I'm currently in a 4th edition game at my local game store, I'm a rank 2 Isawa shugenja, i can see how some see that the shugenja are overpowered, yet i never rolled more dice than my groups courtier or even our 3 bushi, being rank 2 my strongest spell does 5k2 or 3k3, unless i cast " Fury of Osana-Wo" during a really bad storm, which has yet to happen, at my rank the TN to ignore or reduce some of my spells effects are relatively low. My 3k3 spell takes 3 rounds to cast unless i want to pass a TN 25 to make it go of sooner, when with my dice-pool i rarely roll twenty. Sorry for ranting or whatever, I'm still rather new to the game and it's system. On an unrelated note how do I get little text bullets under my posts?
  4. There isn't much counterspelling in the game unless you happen to be an Asako inquisitor who go around hunting for maho practitioners, they end up having a skill that functions as a counter spell. It starts out as a complex action then goes to a simple action. It would be nice if there were more counterspell stuff instead of going to bash the shugenjas face in. As for insane feats look at the rank 3 ability for the Elemental Guard, it lets you cast a rank 3 or higher spell as a simple action a number of times a day equal to your void ring.
  5. I am relatively new to the L5R franchise, I've been playing the rpg for a couple of months now and really researching the lore and then this happens i hope they don't completely change the history of Rokugan, i was just getting really into it, that being said i kind of hope they give the CCG/LCG players a little less influence on the rpg story line as from what I've seen not every card game player, participates in the RPG and vice-versa; I say this as some of the choices made by the tournament winners seem a little nonsensical.
  6. I hope they keep the Phoenix Clan, their my favorite in the rpg.
  7. So how many people got put out of a job (if any) when they FFG gained the IP?
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