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  1. I am not sure if an open beta for the new LCG is warranted or needed. If it went into open beta the older L5R community will attempt to re create the old game. Which is not what FFG is after. They want their own game with this new IP. I know that We as a community want instant gratification, and a new hand in creating this new product. However this could be a bad thing. The phrase "Too many cooks in the kitchen" applies here. Look I understand the loss of our beloved game but we have to give FFG time to design and produce the Alpha first and let their team of PT people whip it into shape. I have looked at and seen a few of their products and I have talked to people who play their products consistently. They do not make bad games. Let them just this once put their ideas forth. If it is nothing like the feel of what we know, then I can see an outcry for change. But as some of the others here the L5R community has way too much vested in their clans in order to be impartial to create an excellent product. Leave this one in their house and let us just see the Dev blogs on how this game is going to be put together.
  2. To my knowledge here there are 14 distinct factions that FFG has to consider here. There are the 9 Great Clans as of this time frame Crab Crane Dragon Lion Mantis Phoenix Scorpion Spider Unicorn Then there are 3 beloved factions that need to be addressed. The Naga The Shadowlands The Ratlings To round out the player base there would need to be 2 more factions added Imperial (Toturi's Army) Ronin This is where the crux of what to keep and what to cut comes into play. What I would like to see is the base set be a core group of cards that everyone needs aka the fate deck style stuff and then have a clan pack based on each faction so the purchase point for the reboot is more focused for the player getting into or back into the swing of L5R. From there the clan packs can focus on a particular style of game play for that clan. Dueling, Courtiers, Tattoos etc. I also would like to have the good people here at FFG give us a developers blog on the new card game to give those of us who are going to be without new L5R for two years something to look forward to.
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