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  1. The United State's largest domestic export, some believe, is American culture.
  2. Thanks! We still have room for contestants.
  3. Updated Link:
  4. The Topaz Championship is the most prestigious gempukku (coming of age) ceremony in the empire. The seven great clans send their brightest stars to compete for honor and glory before the eyes of the most influencial samurai of Rokugan. Every contestant competes for the coveted title of Topaz Championship, an honor surely to elevate their position and bestow upon them many opportunities. Young men and women are tested on all of the skills expected of a samurai - proper social etiquette, general knowledge, and the arts martial. Samurai, do you have what it takes to become the next Topaz Champion? Emerald Empire is a play by post Legend of the Five Rings role playing game using the 4th edition rules set. The story takes place before the new5R storyline. We are hosting our campaign on Discord. Currently, we are in need of more contestants (Unicorn, notably). Guests are also welcome. Applications close on September 23rd, 2017 at 23:59 EST. Please visit our Discord channel, review our information, and join us. Thank you! Link
  5. Rokugan is not Japan, but without Japan there would be no inspiration for Rokugan.
  6. Am I the only one not impressed by the costuming of the actors? Maybe its because I make my own 16th century Japanese armor and costuming for the SCA and know what looks right. Then again, good quality costuming and armor takes A LOT of time. I'm currently working on hana-gusari for kote and chainmail takes time to weave.
  7. I'm sure if the actors were offended by the idea of dressing up as samurai, they wouldn't have accepted the contracts.
  8. I have to agree with Manchu in that there is no other RPG as immersive as L5R. Why? Its the culture. Social etiquette is baked into the setting. It influenced heavily by Japanese culture that it becomes an experience, unlike every generic fantasy game out there.
  9. One of the most compelling comments by an Asian artist on the topic of the art direction was the fact if every character inherently looked Asian, all the characters would look the same. This is not to say that all people of a race look the same, its about artists having the freedom to make their characters unique by deviating from stereotypes and cultural/ethnic expectations of the human body. Its important for characters to look unique so the artist didn't want to conform to the concept that his art, which was his artistic expression, had to look realistic or historic. Its a very valid point but I don't disagree with characters maintain a strong aesthetic inherent to the setting being portrayed.
  10. What's amusing is the term banzai is of Chinese origin.
  11. I believe Toshimoko-sensei has already been mentioned so three cheers for the Grey Crane!
  12. Kitsuki Jotomon taught a technique at his dojo called Jotomon's Shinrai which made you pretty good at throwing a wakizashi.
  13. The reference to the City of Lies box set was the best part.
  14. OCTGN works and is free. TTS costs $20 and I'm a cheapskate, especially with Ringteki around the corner. After all, I'm not about to pay money for a program I'll only use for one game.
  15. L5R Risk? I'd buy that.