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  1. The "water cooler talk" is the concern about how the game can managed without the presence of a Game Master. With Strife and Outbursts, can that be managed without a Game Master? How can two players adjudicate player versus player interactions, like duels or social interactions? Right now there is a lot of uncertainty since by comparison, 4th Edition is pretty streamlined and user friendly. As someone who wants the Beta to succeed, I want to make sure it can be used in any venue: around the kitchen table, around the digital table, in an online chat, or at a convention.
  2. What do you mean, "How to make L5R RPG Beta friendlier?" I'm glad you asked, Bob. A little background on myself: I first learned about the Legend of the Five Rings RPG at Origins Game Fair 2008 when I walked in on the Heroes of Rokugan Living Campaign. It was like Living Grayhawk or Pathfinder Society if that rings a bell and still has a cult following. I later joined Five Rings Online, an online community of L5R RPG players (100+). So, I have a lot of experience with very large games as I have served as a Game Master for both. There has been a lot of talk around the online water cooler about how the new Beta works great for a home game, but it would fail to work for a large game like Five Rings Online. There is even skepticism on how well it would work for Heroes of Rokugan. I believe this is all largely due in part to the nature of it being something new. The Beta is unlike anything we have seen before so it defies normal conventions and creates new ways to play the game. However, I tend to be optimistic at the best of times. How do you think the Beta can be adapted to accommodate a large scale game? If a Game Master was not present (like in many instances of Five Rings Online outside of scheduled adventures of "scenes") how do you best adjudicate interactions between characters as opposed to Non-Playable Characters? With the adventure provided with the Beta, how well does that work as a scripted adventure? That is the standard for a living campaign like Heroes of Rokugan. I'm trying to learn about how the new system can be adapted to work unless I'm overthinking what it can and cannot do.
  3. kpsmith

    Most aggressive splash for Lion?

    Currently, I have my Lion deck splashed with Dragon: 3 x Let Go, 3 x Mirumoto's Fury. It gives me answers to attachments and shuts down pesky attackers early in the game, or against clans with lower glory characters. In my last game, it was effective against a rampaging Kisada.
  4. I want to see Hitomi, but she's not really important enough at this point in the story to warrant a card...?
  5. My Lion assessment was off, but my Scorpion assessment was on. So far, 3/4 correct. I wonder who the 5-cost Dragon will be?
  6. kpsmith

    The Osari Plains

    Have you seen the last 4th Ed. L5R RPG book, Atlas of Rokugan? I was looking at it an by and far, the world is much larger and rearranged compared to older RPG products.
  7. Let me know if there are any other players here!
  8. If the Shadowlands is immune to Dishonor, what stops it from Bidding 5 every turn and drawing 5 cards? Honor is fundamental to the game - you have to interact with it. Whatever the case may be, we won't see Shadowlands as they were previously. There will have to be new mechanical innovations without making special case rules which are poor design decisions.
  9. Let's just say due to Honor and Dishonor being fundamental aspects of the game, new factions will have to adhere to this and not ignore it - when one faction plays by an entirely different set of rules, we have problems.
  10. kpsmith

    Minor Clans in Existence in LCG Lore

    That's likely showing the uneducated ronin versus a well educated Lion kuge daimyo. The Lion, after all, are students of history.
  11. kpsmith


    Thanks, Dave!
  12. I hope not since he hasn't received any story time yet. I also think we have someone else stirring the pot between the Crane and Lion.
  13. My thought process is if you have 9 cards dedicated to canceling events, you have 9 cards that don't accelerate your win condition.