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  1. I want to see Hitomi, but she's not really important enough at this point in the story to warrant a card...?
  2. My Lion assessment was off, but my Scorpion assessment was on. So far, 3/4 correct. I wonder who the 5-cost Dragon will be?
  3. Have you seen the last 4th Ed. L5R RPG book, Atlas of Rokugan? I was looking at it an by and far, the world is much larger and rearranged compared to older RPG products.
  4. Let me know if there are any other players here!
  5. If the Shadowlands is immune to Dishonor, what stops it from Bidding 5 every turn and drawing 5 cards? Honor is fundamental to the game - you have to interact with it. Whatever the case may be, we won't see Shadowlands as they were previously. There will have to be new mechanical innovations without making special case rules which are poor design decisions.
  6. Let's just say due to Honor and Dishonor being fundamental aspects of the game, new factions will have to adhere to this and not ignore it - when one faction plays by an entirely different set of rules, we have problems.
  7. That's likely showing the uneducated ronin versus a well educated Lion kuge daimyo. The Lion, after all, are students of history.
  8. Thanks, Dave!
  9. I hope not since he hasn't received any story time yet. I also think we have someone else stirring the pot between the Crane and Lion.
  10. My thought process is if you have 9 cards dedicated to canceling events, you have 9 cards that don't accelerate your win condition.
  11. I mean, if you have 9, is that too many?
  12. While not a 5-cost, Ide Tadaji was on my list too!
  13. Looks like my Yasuki Taka guess was on point. It supports the sacrifice theme though.
  14. Thank god all these angry customers are not business owners. They'd have run their business into the ground already.