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  1. ****, and here I thought we shelled out all the cash to go drinking with our L5R-buddies, not to play competitively. Jokes aside, I do agree with your post, SideshowLucifer. If you want to be competitive, but have a budget, pool resources with other players, trade where needed with other players who are on a budget. Carefully consider the purchase of each pack, if it is a pack that is nescessary for your clan or not. It's hard to be competitive AND casual in card games, and L5R is one where it's all in due to its devoted community. Though I'd note that this community is, in my own experience, welcoming and friendly to players who don't have all the cards and will trade or give away cards if they can. Despite not winning anything in my first tournament in the CCG days (thus not winning any boosters or anything), I was given a lot of cards by experienced players that would help me make a better deck.
  2. Exactly! I plan to buy the packs that will be good for Dragon, and then buy the other packs later if I want them for collection-purposes. Honestly, why I can splurge that kind of money on it, our apartement is also running out of space (so many books, RPGs, movies, and my enormous L5R CCG collection), so I don't know if hubby would approve. And with a new group popping up at our gaming store, I might see about pooling resources there for packs, incase there are any players there with less disposable income.
  3. Many players are loyalists to their Clans, but then there are also those who player whatever has the strongest deck or are "mercenaries" so to speak in that they've played the clan with the most interesting story option for a tournament win. In Old5R, that is. At least based on tournament numbers, I'd like to say that Europe tends to be very consistent on its clan loyalty. I remember plenty of tournaments where posters on the AEG forums would be surprised to see a large representation of a "weak clan", and it could easily be explained with the fact that people liked being loyal to their faction. Casually, I would dare say that most players do play different clans. With the Keeper/Seeker mechanic, I think we might see some more changeup, but not that much, to be honest. And I've seen that already on the Dragon Clan forum, people have started to have a conversation on what would be the best pick for the Dragon. I wouldn't be surprised if similar discussions are happening on other clan forums.
  4. The expansions that I think will be very good for my deck, I will get as they come out. The rest I will hoard eventually over time to complete my collection.
  5. Like theaficionado, I too love this decision. Especially leading up to christmas. I can wish for expansion packs in my (L5R) christmas stocking!
  6. *sigh* Attention-posting, I see. It's like unsubscribing to a Facebook page or something similar, and post all about it on said page. With that said, I think this is a good move. The sooner we get more cards into the card-pool to make all factions viable (I am looking at you, Unicorn!), the sooner the environment will be more supportive of all the factions and creating a more diverse tournament scene.
  7. I am liking this quick release of new content to get the environment in a better place. I've seen other LCGs, like GOT, struggling with being stuck in the beginning phase too long when it comes to deckbuilding, making all decks look the same. I will certainly look at the content of each pack to see if it's worth buying for my deck, and buy as needed, or split the cost with other players.
  8. I think it will do better in Norway than the CCG did, seeing as how there is already a Facebook group for L5R in Oslo established after the release event.
  9. I feel compelled to check my boxes too when I get home. How many copies should there be in a single corebox?
  10. Oh wow, the Kobune Port is still active? For the Dragon, there's the Dragon Clan net ( http://thedragonclan.net/index.php ). It's been pretty quiet over there since the IP sale, but things seem to be picking up again a little now.
  11. I was sadly suffering a stomach flu during the night so I was in no shape to attend my store's sunday release event. Which was a shame, since I really really want full-bleed Yokuni!
  12. It's fairly safe to say that the "no banzai"-rule is probably going to be ignored several times in Europe at least.
  13. I know the old game was popular in the Phillipines (and I think they did the Banzai-shout there, but I'm not 100% sure), but I think that was the only place where it was played in that region?
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