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  1. Probably a lot like me. Glad that they got that bit fixed.
  2. Well, there are still all of the Clan forums out there. They had been fading, since many people used the main AEG boards. Perhaps they'll have a resurgence and we'll get another Deathseeker.com or something.
  3. Well, right. I was just looking for a place to be able to read the rules and regs, rather than just fumble along in trail and error.
  4. Where did you find their policies on that? I haven't done an in-depth exploration of this new forum, but a quick look at the basic places left me without any rules to go by. :/ If that's their policy I guess that's how it will go. Hopefully the fan forums get back into action. I'm just not comfortable posting someplace that impersonal. (That's entirely me, though. I understand not wanting to allow random images. I just don't agree with it.)
  5. I was the moderator for the Artisan District back on the AEG boards. That's close to official, right? Heh. Anyway, whomever's reading, let me know if you'd like the files, and I'd be happy to make more.
  6. Just Doomtown right now, and I'll be looking into L5R. I can't really afford more than that. (Contrary to the general opinion, since I only really play one deckstyle from one clan an LCG will probably end up being much more expensive to me than the CCG was.)
  7. I don't know your position on avatars and such yet, but if you're looking for a bunch of L5R avatars, I'd be happy to let you use the ones I've made over the years. http://silverdragonsden.com/l5rstuff.html
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