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    The hostility is uncalled for!
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  3. AsahinaMaebure

    Invocation (Organized Play)

    Good to know. Maybe I can convince my FLGS to buy a kit. I know the owner plays, and I have a friend who plays so just have to find someone to buy the 4th set of goodies.
  4. AsahinaMaebure

    Invocation (Organized Play)

    It might be a good event for running Labyrinth of Lunacy if someone in your playgroup has it.
  5. AsahinaMaebure

    Invocation (Organized Play)

    While like the support and will likely see if my FLGS will get this, I really hope it has more than just the alt-art, ultimatums and playmat.
  6. AsahinaMaebure

    Lola Hayes Question

    The rules on Lola can get a bit murky. My thought is that you are correct with regards to Ever Vigilant. You have to be in Guardian class to play it, and the three assets would have to be Guardian or Neutral to play. Sleight of Hand might get around that though because it does say to put an item directly into play.
  7. AsahinaMaebure

    The Actress (Lola)

    The only issue I see with Book of Shadows is that you will have to stay or keep going back to Mystic class, and that means you aren't getting to spend much time in your other 2 roles, which kills 1/2 your cards.
  8. AsahinaMaebure

    where can i get this ?

    There are some US online stores that still have it in stock, no idea about shipping to EU, andbot sure of any EU stores with it. Miniature Market still had some in stock last week.
  9. AsahinaMaebure

    Path to Carcosa now "At the Printer"

    Probably not arrive by then, but the official release date is Thursday. I would say it would ship by Thursday or Friday and arrive shortly after.
  10. AsahinaMaebure

    The Actress (Lola)

    I played her with a group through the core campaign, and she played well. The group consisted of Mark, Rex, and Lola. I struggled some in the first and second scenarios, but I think it was mostly just bad timing on weaknesses within the group. In scenario three, I hoovered up clue and smacked around some enemies. I was playing her as Survivor/Rogue/Seeker (in that order), running lots of static boosters. I also had some Guardian and Mystic cards that provide static bonuses (Beat Cop, True Grit, Alyssa Graham, & Holy Rosary), and when I could I would switch to those roles to help mitigate a weakness draw.
  11. He (and I) know that is the way the rules work, but what I believe he is asking is thoughts on an alternate house rule. I feel the change would be fine and, additionally, makes sense from the story aspect. I also feel that this makes a good house rule with solo play. As he said, you wouldn't just tell Leo to scram immediately after you talk Lita into helping you defeat the ghoul priest which he has already been helping you with.
  12. I can see using a house rule to allow something like this, such as when/if you parley either of the professors in the first two Dunwich openers, especially if you are playing it solo.
  13. AsahinaMaebure

    Carcosa Gencon Reactions?

    I have been playing around with a Lola Hays deck, and so far I found she works best as Seeker/Survivor/Guardian, though she is less combat and more about playing Teamwork and True Grit while in her Guardian role than shooting things. She just does not have the health or sanity for surviving combat. I tried her with Mystic but the sanity hits were too hard. She also did not work well with the Rogue Cards as they have a lot of 'succeed by 2 or more' effects and she often can just succeed and misses out on the added bonuses. After a few more tests, I may publish my deck build on arkhamdb, but that will depend on how well I feel she plays the next few times. She is interesting to build around but she just may not be useful in groups or solo. The jury is still out.
  14. I am bringing 5 investigator decks so I can swap to whatever might be most needed.
  15. AsahinaMaebure

    Path to Carcosa now "At the Printer"

    I am hopeful that PtC is available at GenCon. I would love to get it and brew up a new deck before my go at Labrynths of Lunacy!