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  1. Pluck foam life over here. A lot of small ships will sit on their engines facing up and take up a -lot- less space when in storage or transport. I keep my entire collection in a glass case next to the table and use a Battlefoam PACK C4 case to carry ships to games. If you want to transport epic ships the only BF option is the PACK 720 series. I've got one for my 40k collection (like that all fits in one case...). There's smaller sizes but you can fit a crap ton of ships in a 720 case with those glorious large trays. 2" fits most any ship up to the Ghost and GR-75, feel like you'd need 4" trays for the Raider or CR-90 (though it would likely be a touch overkill for the Gozanti).
  2. Perfect! Thanks for clarification guys.
  3. Pretty convenient that you scratched out just enough to avoid "if it does not have any shields to lose". Am I missing something here? It specifically says shields come into play.
  4. WHat if it had all 1s or all 3s? Or 1 hard and 2 bank/straight, 3 straight? Where would the comparison with the Interceptor or TIE/fo dial be then?
  5. If it doesn't have a green sweep across all the 2-speed maneuvers how could it look like a FO/Interceptor dial? Or If it doesn't have all green 2-speed maneuvers I'm changing from getting four of them to getting none. I'm torn between two comments.
  6. NTaW


    Why not? I plan on working out a scenario that uses both, and due to how much people are willing to pay for palp and the advanced fixes if you catch a Raider on sale after selling those duplicates I don't need it's essentially free. This was my exact thought, though admittedly I cared more for comedic value than being of assistance in my first post. People seem willing to pay quite a lot for a piece of paper because...I dunno...they're upset about it being in a big ship for ~$100? Whatevs. Buy my duplicates while I plow my twin Raiders though the masses of smaller ships in a 1k match
  7. NTaW


    Why not?
  8. As my clear plastic ones break down (some are definitely there already..) I'll be replacing them with swanky coloured pegs for sure. Thanks for the PSA!
  9. Well this is good news for my Bossk build. Here I was thinking of swapping out EI for EU...pfft! GONK.
  10. NTaW


    Small ships take up a lot less space in foam on their engines facing nose up. In addition, pluck foam allows for a little more versatility from your case as new expansions come out. I use battlefoam for all my 40k and X-Wing needs, works great and is of higher quality than a lot of less expensive foam out there.
  11. I dont think that they do they just dock for the hyperjump FBJ These are also the A-Wings of yester-year that might not be built the same, though docking for the jump is more sensible I suppose.
  12. To all of those saying 'Obi-Wan is dead': so are half the named characters in the game. What did Palpatine ever do for a ship, and he's one of the best crew cards in the game.
  13. Guys, guys. Everyone knows magnets work because they're miracles.
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