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  1. The article said the link goes to the place where "Roles are freed" should be written, but the pdf has no mention at all of it. What I am missing?
  2. In O5R Jade Champion was removed for centuries, and during Scorpion Clan Coup and part of the Clan War it still remained vacant. It was later reintroduced by a Shadow-possesed Toturi, and it was won by Kitsu Okura, the best Jade Champion ever ;). He was smart enought to summon Okura no Oni and spread the taint among his kin. Shameful.
  3. I have begun the reading of Courts of Stone, and from the small fiction at the beginning of the RPG I have to understand that weddings between couples of the same gender are accepted as normal among Rokugani society. As far as I know this was not covered in previous lore, just to mention.
  4. I have found another conflict regarding the name of the founder of the Asahina family: - In "Legend of the Five Rings - Roleplaying", page 62 sidebar it is said that Isawa Asahina was the founder of the Asahina family. In fiction "Tempest and Tides", the founder of the Asahina family is mentioned as the one involved in the battle known as ''Victory With No Strike''. - In ''Emerald Empire: The Essential Guide to Rokugan'', page 56 the battle known as ''Victory With No Strike'' was made by Isawa Tomokazu as a revenge for the Lion-Phoenix War. To be noted that in old canon Isawa Asahina was the founder of the Asahina family after he surrendered in the battle known as ''Victory With No Strike''. Again, there is a conflict between both sources that only FFG may take care. In the Fandom L5R Wiki I would overlook the name "Isawa Asahina", taken "Isawa Tomokazu" as his Phoenix name, which was changed to "Asahina" when he joined the Crane Clan.
  5. I have found a conflict regarding Imperial Advisor post: - In ''Emerald Empire: The Essential Guide to Rokugan'', page 51 it is said that it is an unofficial post, and that Bayushi Kachiko has been the first Imperial Advisor. - It has been previewed Kakita Ryuko (Warriors of the Wind set, #13), who is described as a former Imperial Advisor in her flavor ("From the virtue of her writing, gossip about the former Imperial Advisor inevitably becomes reverent praise.") To be noted that in old canon Kakita Ryuko was the writer of the famed novel "Winter", and Imperial Advisor to Hantei XXXVIII, being replaced by Bayushi Kachiko. In new canon Kakita Ryuko is also the writer of the famed novel "Winter", and the flavor seems to show her as a former Imperial Advisor in new canon as well. I don't know if I slipped something when I make the above estatements, but I guess there is a conflict between both sources that only FFG may take care.
  6. What it would need be changed: * Every page with TCG tag. * Every page which was has a link to a page with a TCG tag. Not easy to see, you need to check in every page created for new lore. * Every category created for the new lore. All of them have the TCG tag. * Every template with the TCG tag. * Every picture/file with the TCG tag. * Check every page created for new lore to find the broken links, mistakes, or problems which would arise when a mistake is made in those previous steps. When these changes are still not completed, many pages will be seen with broken links, or disparate appearance for reasons not easy to chase for new contributors of L5R wiki. It is not impossible, but it would not be my horse. Too many things can be wronged, and it will take many time that I prefer to spend on new contributions. On the other hand, later this matter is taken, more and more difficult it will be.
  7. Sorry, but you do not know the amount of pages and categories which are already "contaminated" with my "wrong" decission. I am deeply sorry with such decission, after I realize the community reaction, but it is already carved in stone. It will take nearly a month full time of changes with the sure appearance of not working links and mistakes in the new lore pages. I am not able to assume the workload of such a change.
  8. I have time to do the work until now, but I shall change my job for a new one (in a different city and far from my family), so and I am sure I will lack the lot of time I am spending currently on L5R Wiki. Anyhow I love to do it, and I am stubborn guy, so I shall try to keep the pace, removing time from other hobbies. I guess you have other role on our community of much more worth than editing wiki, so keep your effort on spreading the L5R atmosphere to everyone that loves Rokugan.
  9. New lore is being added to the fandom Wiki, being me the main and mostly only contributor. I am also an administrator, after former one passed me the badge. Sorry for those who disliked TCG tag as it has been used, but at that time was the way I did, and there is nearly impossible for me to remake all the work done. We have to live with my decission, even if it is odd for many. Regarding people who blame wiki as not updated, it isn't. I am currently on page 51 of "Emerald Empire: The Essential Guide to Rokugan", and I have also included all the LCG cards and flavor for already released sets. They just don't know how to reach new lore, what is totally understandable. Many people cannot navigate throught the relevant pages of new lore in the wiki because main page is sticked on old lore, so they have to make searches in order to get your desired lore. I will not change the main page myself, as it is not my first priority. Anyhow a wiki that have old and new lore at the same time is very difficult to manage properly, so I cannot share the point of some people claiming other wiki "well organized" if these wiki haven't this issue. Try to do it better, anyone is welcomed. I am open to hear other people opinion, and to see if some of them may fit fandom L5R wiki. Note: Gamepedia Wiki is mostly for LCG content, so you will lack lore there. For your perusal I am also contributor and administrator there, as well as in Kazenoshiro, the web repository of L5R lore.
  10. Aranat in the old Lore was one of the children of the Kami Shinjo.
  11. On the lore side, Akodo Makoto has been misspelled, she should be Akodo Matoko, portraying the character already described in the fiction "Service and Sacrifice". Matoko is also an existing character on old canon and CCG, a Lion samurai-ko who severed her ties with her Crane husband due to the conflict between both clans.
  12. Some characters missing or with an errata from your spreadsheet: Imperial Families Hantei III (m) - existing character - BA Miya (?) - existing character - RPG:Core Otomo (?) - existing character - RPG:Core Seppun (?) - existing character - RPG:Core Crab Clan Hida Kayo (m) [distinct from his descendant Hida Kayo] - new character - ARP Hida [Kakita]] Suzu (f) - new character - RPG:Core Crane Clan Asahina Kenji (m) - new character - TaT Doji Akari (m) - new character - Imperial Gifts fiction Doji Fumiki (f) - new character - card Doji Kiseki (m) - new character - RPG:Core Doji Shike (f) - new character - card flavor Kakita Hikaru (m) - new character - TWaKC Dragon Clan Agasha Johei (?) - new character - RPG:Core Agasha Seigen --> instead of Agasha Saigen [errata] Kitsuki Shimada (m) - new character - RPG:Core Kitsuki Tai Yu --> instead of Kitsuki Ti Yu [errata] Mirumoto Ichirō (m) - new character - SaS Falcon Clan Toritaka Nyotaka --> instead of Toritaka Naotaka [errata] Lion Clan Akodo Kiruhage --> instead of Akodo Kiruhige [errata] Mantis Clan Hanako (?) - new character - RPG:Mantis Miaka (?) - new character - RPG:Mantis Tōya (?) - new character - RPG:Mantis Phoenix Clan Asako Yogo (m) - existing character - RPG:Core Isawa Asahina (m) - existing character - RPG:Core, TaT Isawa Ranmaru (m) - new character - Isawa Aki portfolio from Beginner Game Kaito Gensa (f) - new character - TSaTS Shiba [no Sesai] Yasuhide (m) - new character - RDNCF Shiba Isonashi (m) - new character - RPG:Core Shiba Itsuyo --> instead of Shiba Itsuya [errata] Shiba Musamu (f) - new character - TSaTS Shiba Seinaru (m) - new character - RPG:Core Scorpion Clan Bayushi Ago [non existing] --> (persona of Shosuro Hametsu) Bayushi Umiko (f) - new character - Doji Ren portfolio, ItPotEC Shosuro Chiyome (m) - new character - WoSaS Soshi Ezo --> instead of Soshi Ezu [errata] Unicorn Clan Iuchi Takuya --> instead of Iuchi Takeya [errata] Utaku Yumino --> instead of Utaku Yamino [errata] Wasp Clan Tsuruchi (m) - exisiting character - RPG:Core Fortunes Jiro (m) - exisiting character - RPG:Core, SM Non-humans the Ishikibel --> instead of the Ishikibal [errata] Fumio (cat) - HFD Genki (rat) - RPG:Core Irugel --> instead of Irugei [errata] Kiso (horse) - FD Mayu (horse) - O Rakusetsu (horse) - TRW Takuhiro (dog) - KV Tsubasa (horse) - FD Umeboshi (horse) - FD Yue (horse) - FD
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