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  1. thanks for all the insight!
  2. +Jan Ors for 7 dice fun Lots Jess Pava love here
  4. I was thinking a similar concept for the same reasons. I think yours is more versatile than mine for sure: Nien Nunb (29) Snap Shot (2) R3-A2 (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) Autothrusters (2) Black One (1) Warden Squadron Pilot (23) Extra Munitions (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Tactician (2) Warden Squadron Pilot (23) Extra Munitions (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Tactician (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Your has more maneuverability and I think better late game offense. My K-Wings would be useless after the harpoons have been launched.
  5. yea EU goes bye bye for Vectored for sure. But I'll try the R7T1, adapability, primed combo for Sunday and see how it does.
  6. dont post hungry and at work. thigns go wrong
  7. Wedge Antilles (29) Swarm Leader (3) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Engine Upgrade (4) "Snap" Wexley (28) Intensity (2) R2 Astromech (1) Autothrusters (2) Jake Farrell (24) Intensity (2) Proton Rockets (3) Veteran Instincts (1) Guidance Chips (0) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder This is something fun I was thinking about lying awake at night last night. For some reason I thought I could fit Plot Armor Poe in instead of Jake...but whatever. Wedge has good offensive potential, great re-positioning with the barrel roll and ability to boost. Action economy when it comes to TL and focus is light tho. Snap should end up with focus/evade almost every turn with his ability and intensity. giving Wedge an evade to feed from. He should also be pretty slippery and tanky mid-late game after Wedge dies (I assume Wedge goes down first) Jake does jake things, wish I had room to put thrusters on him... I mean I do if I ditch EU off Wedge and swap in Vectored...actually yea, that makes more sense, I'm gonna do that lol.
  8. thank you. and just to confirm I can only splash one other faction correct?
  9. I've recently picked up a pair of core boxes and the first dynasty pack, planning on grabbing the next dynasty as well. I don't really have an interest in 3 cores right now... but know I will need it in the future. So far I'm liking the Phoenix clan the best in terms of lore and feel. The Champion seems really cool too. I'm trying to find something to splash with them. I tried Scorpion but feel that was a terrible idea. I'm now leaning towards Dragon or Crane, but I feel Dragon may not combo as well I am hoping...leading me to Crane as they seem to have some interesting tricks. Just playing casual right now with some of the others in our community until I can get a better feel for the game. Have a whole 2 games under my belt right now.
  10. enjoyable episode. love it when x-wing salt works its way in.
  11. where are the Kryats? Honorable Mention
  12. Jan Ors (25) Trick Shot (0) Dorsal Turret (3) Kanan Jarrus (3) Kyle Katarn (21) Swarm Leader (3) Dorsal Turret (3) Finn (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Moldy Crow (3) Prototype Pilot (17) Chardaan Refit (-2) Prototype Pilot (17) Chardaan Refit (-2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder YES, I know Swarm does not work on Dorsal... but check this out: Kyle Primary 1 / Range 1 (2) / Jan Ors (3) / Swarm Leader (5) / Finn (6) - with focus target lock competitive? NOT AT ALL the look on your opponents face when you destroy them with the HWK primary... priceless.
  13. oh thats okay, my first crit with Rey is ALWAYS Major Hull Breach. At that point I usually just cry as my beloved disappears in a cloud of fire and debris.
  14. that Rey looks like it could be very underestimated. might be worth a flight or two.