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  1. I'm guessing we will see the Tie Advance Prototype and the Shadowcaster in the same wave as the VCX...which could potentially be wave 5 judging by the prize pool.
  2. Wiredin

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    please pm me source on this. it would make me super happy.
  3. Wiredin

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    it seems like toys are more for collectors than kids. granted my 5 year old loves his Transformer toys and his preschool style Galaxy Hero Star Wars figures (AT-AT being his favorite) and the hot wheels ships. but he has a bunch of the regular action figures I got him for christmas (from the dollar store no less) and he could care less.
  4. Wiredin

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    won't anyone think of the B-wings?!
  5. I've witnessed a few players on "key rolls" seem to always have a die jump out of the hand for some reason.... sometimes they keep the result and let the rest fly sometimes they re-roll it.... hmmmmmm 😓
  6. Wiredin

    Favorite Alternate E-Wing Sculpts

    I have the Alien Luxury and a Mels Minatures' one. The Mel's on is probably my favorite. I need to order another one...
  7. if I die "squirts" out of your hand mid roll, do you pick it up and re roll or count it? also not in the rules, but gentleman agreement decided before the match.
  8. they only put it in the tournament regulations because they realized people would rule lawyer it and they had to spell out "don't be that guy"
  9. @Brunas add this to your floor rules for krayt cup before someone calls judge.
  10. it's standard board gaming edict. like it's implied in the game of life that you can move your car by pushing it along the path or picking it up and moving it to the designated space. there is no rule you have to do it a certain way. or when the spinner in wheel of fortune lands perfectly between two prize zones. you re-spin.
  11. rerolling a cocked die is always a thing. thats like saying you can no longer follow religion because science.
  12. just out of curiosity..... since breathing isn't in the game manual do you do it?
  13. it's not a rule, it's standard gaming edict. if the result is not obvious and rolled in the play area you re reoll it. I've been doing that since I was playing Battletech when I was 11. And it wasn't in that rule manual either.