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  1. Wiredin

    The ARC-170 in 2.0

    Afterburners is probably going to be my goto for any ship. Shera with burners and a gunner. Garven and Jan ors providing backup
  2. Wiredin

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    It's a pretty solid list for sure. You've had a ton of close games which is great. I'm thinking of bringing awings back for store champs by the way. I'm not gonna beat your list. But I'm gonna have ******* fun. I drove B to quit before playing out with Tycho and Jake pretty much soloing his squad
  3. Wiredin


    Norra Wexley (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Rey (2) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Alliance Overhaul (0) Wedge Antilles (29) Expertise (4) Renegade Refit (-2) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Wullffwarro (30) Veteran Instincts (1) Saw Gerrera (1) Magva Yarro (2) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder try this, it hits like an absolute truck. if you don't want the 2 point bid, put targeting computer on Wulffwarro
  4. Wiredin

    Playing X-Wing sitting down

    yup, absolutely. I have minor nerve damage in my left leg, after a long day at work it can sometimes be unbearable to stand, and after a week if it gets really agitated I can sometimes be in excruciating pain for the whole weekend. There have been some days I've done the whole day at work, gone and played 4-5 hours of x-wing after work and then almost not make it up the stairs at home due to this godforsaken nerve pain. So I sit down as much as I can if it's irritating me. luckily I've learned some stretches and riding my bike helps the blood flow and relieve the never pain so it's been pretty minor as of late.
  5. Wiredin

    Just a thought about 2.0 for new players

    of all eyes. hence why there is an option for reflective blue coating in recent optical prescriptions. going to be hard to go through life without having a screen in front of you in the modern techcentric world.
  6. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    that was super cute and wholesome. what forums am I on again?
  7. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    back in my day we just played hop scotch. I still play today, but it has a different meaning....and its a different game.
  8. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    plastic? pen, paper, and a d20. thats where it was at. not these fancy dials and plastic ships.
  9. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    ahhh you need to look at the glass from a different perspective. if we had actual content to talk about on the forums we wouldn't have had the beautiful dumpster fires like the MJ thread and the how to raise your kids thread.
  10. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    x-Wing hipster
  11. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    you old fart! You didn't even have turrets or bombs back then. get with the times
  12. Wiredin

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    medium bases? back in my day we had small and large like civilized people.
  13. Wiredin

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    vs Mary Sue Luke and come out of nowhere Darth Vader back when Star Wars originally released?