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  1. Krayts should interview Brysan. He rocked it. Good job Edmonton!
  2. I'll give this a whirl next casual night. I like the idea of ops spec, and the EMP for offense to slow roll is very nice. There have been times I've wanted to do a 1 straight by the dial forbids me. I'm putting in Lowhrick with selflessness first tho. I think passing off that reinforce to save someones life will be paramount!
  3. yes, bombs/nym, accuracy corrector are huge counters to these lists, and A-Wings in general. Because of the popularity of said things in this meta it has been a real uphill climb. It's a blast to play and a pretty versatile once you learn how to fly them A-Wings. The nice thing is there are a few different ways to build them, I just wish we could fit in Auto-Thrusters to help with TLT bullcrap.
  4. I'm part of a photography group on Facebook. a discussion got pretty disrespectful and belligerent so I posted "JUDGE!!!!" no one understood...
  5. Guri (30) Intensity (2) Advanced Sensors (3) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk. II (-3) Virago (1) Talonbane Cobra (28) Veteran Instincts (1) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Scavenger Crane (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Vectored Thrusters (2) Stealth Device (3) Vaksai (0) Total: 70 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 30 points left over to season to taste. So far I've been loving the TC build, but the Guri build has been pure bliss! Adv sensors a barrel roll, gain an evade. Enemy comes in, R1, gain a focus. Allows you to still flip the intensity if you don't need the tokens. life is great.
  6. I use savage and rekt all the time at home now... my wife doesn't understand and thinks I'm a goof. Just wait until I start using natties in day to day conversation.
  7. The problem with Nym is not just pilot skill, pilot skill makes him that much more powerful, but the big issue with Nym is that he is an autodamage machine. His damage output is so stupidly efficient.
  8. am I allowed to complain about my dice when I roll paint ONCE all game (crit on a debris). 6 dice attack on Dash with rerolls/focus. blanks out. reroll 3 (Jess Pava) get 3 more blanks. WTF! 4 snap shot triggers, always blanks/focus, R3 through a rock Awing on defense with evade token, opponent rolls natties, I roll blankies. the odds were not in my favor... I made major mistakes, and there is 0 denying that. but when one lines up a 6 dice shot on Dash with full mods... one expects pain!
  9. On another note: how is your meta? I have faced a total of 2 Lowwhriccks, and both times they were not part of fairship rebels. Both times not with this list. I face Nym at least once, if not twice nightly (usually play 4 games) and he has annihilated this list in ever form. I haven't figured him out yet. It's not the cruise missile, I have only felt pain and suffering once from it, but the TLT and bombs. Dash is another one I'm having issues with as he can just end up anywhere and everywhere. The big issue is Ketsu, her tractorbeam shenanigans wreck this... but luckily only one person flys her still. The lists I have continued success with are triple jumps, mindlink, imperial aces, Quick Draw and friends, RacLoVader, Dengar + friend (as long as it's not Ketsu). On another note, I went 2/3 using: Dengar - VI/K4/Unhinged/Title Concord Vet - Snap/Title x2
  10. @gennataos now that's interesting throwing ops spec on Tano... I think your onto something there. You know how much I like Jan, and I personally have yet to find a better support craft than Jan as I find I she really helps with the A-Wings offense late game. but I havent' been flying her properly lately... I'm going to try Lowwhrick next casual night as my support ship and see how that works out. Selflessness is the only upgrade I can fit, but if I can pull damage off the A-Wings/Jess during that initial joust I should get through to the late game a lot easier. The new auto-damage meta has ruined me!
  11. I don't plan on it, they are a staple of my play style. But I have to adapt my playstyle pretty hard since the intro of Nym. Surprisingly it's not cruise missiles that have put my life out to pasture, it's the stupid autoblaster/accuracy corrector and bombing BS that just shreds them to pieces. I've swapped my Jess/GSP/GSP/Jan list out for a 4 GSP w/Crack/Snap/Procket/Chips list and finding it very effective. I need to practice against Nym more with it tho as I haven't seen him as much with that list.
  12. Dengar (33) Veteran Instincts (1) K4 Security Droid (3) Unhinged Astromech (1) Punishing One (12) Concord Dawn Veteran (22) Snap Shot (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Concord Dawn Veteran (22) Snap Shot (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder This is another idea I've had... based on my love of flying A-Wings with Snap.... probably would put out a ton more damage than either Rebel version above?
  13. I'm pretty good with the snap-shot A-Wings. They have been my bread and butter since the release of Snapshot with Hero's last October. I don't really use them as a jouster anymore as that just gets them killed. I use them as area denial/blockers to setup shots from the other ships. The Juke/Snap combo helps push through damage as by themselves or with crack-shot they are pretty ineffective. Crackshot works well, don't get me wrong, but Juke does the same thing for the snap attack without discarding a card. I much prefer the Procket to the cruise. I find a focus is way more valuable for the fragile A-Wing that a target lock. I would rather use the focus to keep the A-wing alive than get the procket shot off. If I'm not firing to later in the order and all I got is a TL and get shot I have no modifiers to defend with and go boom. Then there is the need to be going fast. Usually I'm fast in, then dance around slow to clog stuff up and create some bumps. (unless bombers are around...then I guess I'll die.) I guess the issue with the pairing of 2 A-Wings with Nym is that both function with area denial being the key fundamental of the list. Probably not enough damage output without the prockets.