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  1. Wiredin

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    The A-wing is fine. it took me a few games to figure it out as it does play differently than it did in 1.0... but not by much. It requires a bit more finesse, but it truly is fine. It could be a point or two cheaper, but thats not critical right now. It could have a second talent slot... but once again not all that crucial. Right now I'm loving Crack/Procket green squadies (yes I know crack only works on primary) and I love Jake! Especially with Ap5 hanging out with him. Nothing like ap5 coordinate a roll, focus, boost, give a focus action to someone else, take stress, then use the amazing dial to clear stress and take either an evade or lock. It's stupidly fun and very unexpected. I have caught a few ships with their pants down. I would love more A-wing pilots. But I don't mind the ones I got.
  2. yup! I love it, it's tons of fun, lots of options, and "put him anywhere" kind of fun. Great for bugging out. I switched over to R2D2 as it synergies better with the double tap and I didn't find myself needing the extra blues as much. But then Corran gets too expensive, and hes' already too expensive right off the hop!
  3. Wiredin

    Rebel Favorites - 3-0 as of this post

    definitely something starting here. but more on the initiative 3 area. However, someone has realized the power of double tapping Dash @ i7. Which is just evil.
  4. Wiredin

    Rebel Favorites - 3-0 as of this post

    thats not the best part! lol the best is take AP5 and coordinate to jake a barrel roll, then get his free focus action, then link to a boost, hard 2 green clear stress and take a lock. Suddenly your behind the enemy and ready to launch some prockets! it's pretty cool. - I've had massive luck with Prockets. I love them. I use them all the time, even on a 2x GSP Crack/Procket list. - Sloan is incredibly popular locally, and in the original list Wedge has no droid. If I approach right I'm not able to get 2 locks with Wedge, just 1 and with Jan it's still a 4 dice shot at R3 and they "dont get a range bonus" because of Wedge's ability. it's pretty funny. - the three point bid is also a local meta call. I know it's not big, which is why I'm debating dropping the bombs to get it a bit bigger. The largest bid I've seen local is 195...
  5. Wiredin

    Rebel Favorites - 3-0 as of this post

    I'm aware it doesn't. But Jake/wedge usually take focus. It helps with primary mods.
  6. Jake Farrell (40) Predator (2) Proton Rockets (7) Jan Ors (42) Seismic Charges (3) Jyn Erso (2) Engine Upgrade (3) Moldy Crow (12) AP-5 (30) R4 Astromech (2) Wedge Antilles (52) Predator (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I was frustrated with 2.0... I wasn't doing so well. I decided "eff it" and threw together my favorite ships/pilots into one list... surprisingly it works very well. There is interesting synergies here I never expected until I put it on the board and so far it has given me a 3-0 W/L with the first two games being landslide victories and the third win a 1 hull vs 1 hull luck of final die roll (AP5 vs Vader). I've been trying to figure out how to improve it... First option is ditch the seismic to get a solid bid. Not for Wedge but for Jan. Jan and AP5 are the keys to this list and they need to stay alive. Jan can arc dodge if needed with her Engine upgrade so she wants to go last. She has often been part of clutch plays. The new HWK-290 is also surprisingly tanky with 2 focus/evade tokens a turn and the turret + forward primary. It's a pretty nasty ship. If played right Jake and AP5 never get shot, or if they do it's by limited ships. Wedge is the sacrificial lamb who I expect to die first (and he did in the second game and was the only one damaged in my first game). The problem is that seismic saved me in game 3 taking down two strikers that were hungry for Jan. Vader killed her that round, but it was a much easier time for Wedge/AP5 to take on Mr. Vader. So now I want that insurance policy more than before. The second option is this: Jake Farrell (40) Predator (2) Proton Rockets (7) Jan Ors (42) Trick Shot (1) Jyn Erso (2) Engine Upgrade (3) Moldy Crow (12) AP-5 (30) R4 Astromech (2) Wedge Antilles (52) Predator (2) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 keeps the bid at 3, which is the smallest bid I'm willing to take. Still have engine for Jan. But adds Trickshot to Jan and R4 to Wedge. I found many times where I wish I could 2 hard and not keep stress with Wedge. The increase of sloan, especially locally means I really want to shred stress as fast as possible as Wedge with Jan's extra die and AP5 coordinated focus to allow him to target lock allows him to 1 shot a striker while Jake gets in position to 1 shot the other striker or let loose into an equally tasty target. Trickshot could be valuable for those times when Jan is hiding behind a rock (often) and could use that extra die. Other options? Dealing strictly with upgrades... Jake/Prockets, Jan Jyn Moldy, AP5, R4, and Wedge Predator are the combos that I want to stay. The rest can be massaged.
  7. Wiredin

    Official Rules Clarifications

    Not the same at all. The Jake question is essentially "can I take a second action while stressed because Ap5 let's me take the first action" Sai lets you take a linked action if you can... Like any coordinate. But you could not get the focus off the linked action.
  8. Wiredin

    Official Rules Clarifications

    That was my assumption as well.
  9. Wiredin

    Official Rules Clarifications

    Jake is stressed. Ap5 coordinates a boost. Is Jake able to take the free focus action?
  10. Wiredin

    So, let's talk first balance patch

    E-wings all need a point decrease to be relevant. I'm thinking at least a 5 point drop maybe even 10 across the board. No way Super Luke is on par with naked Corran for points. A-Wings could use a little help, I think slots change up. Add second talent, mod slot, sensors... something. Super Natural Reflexes could be 20 points and I'd still take it. Tie Bombers up 2-3 points Barrage Rockets up a point Cluster/Concussion down a point Darth Vader crew up to 18 points or require double slot. 0-0-0 up a point
  11. Wiredin

    So about all those leaks...

  12. Wiredin

    So about all those leaks...

    The ARC leak was masterful
  13. Wiredin

    Are You Good At X-Wing?

    NO! unhealthy fanatical devotion to A-Wings and Jan Ors is my fault.
  14. Wiredin

    What are you buying today ?

    all of it! well no additional models... i lied. Obviously grabbed lando falcon... And then went back from a Fang and an xwing.
  15. Wiredin

    YASB vs Dee Yun