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  1. We're agreed on the need for less player involvement, but "tournament winners decide" is by no mean likely to lead to superior result. Less interaction is fine, but that means putting less decisions in player hands, not putting decisions in fewer players hand. (And for those looking for a memorable story that resulted from a vote? How about the very first interactive story decision ever, when the early members of the imperial assembly voted that the Crane champion would be the one getting duplicated by the Egg of Pan Ku, thus setting in motion the whole Hoturi/False Hoturi/Kachiko plotline?) I mean, from where I stand that's probably a top 5 and a serious contender for #1 in "Most memorable plotline in L5R history"...
  2. Single people winning a single tournament deciding story is not crazy, the absolute worst results have generally come from broad player votes. Mantis kenku ninja personalities for example. Democratically run settings are the worst. Single voices should be it. I see your Mantis Kenku Ninja, and I raise you a Crab Treasure-Hunting Elephant. And wasn't there an incident about a sumai tournament that almost ended up pitting...was it the Unicorn war dogs against Houhou or something of the sort before the story team put its foot down? Mantis Kenku Ninja is positively sane in comparison, without even accounting that, as I recall, the vote was deliberately set to give weird result with people voting separately for a creature, a clan and a profession. So there's no telling how many people actually voted Mantis Kenku Ninja ; just that Kenku got more vote than the other creatures, and separately more people voted for Ninja than the other jobs. IN short, nice try but not supported by the facts.
  3. Not many memorable moments were really decided by players. Most of them happened more despite player involvement than thanks to it.
  4. Again that would be conflating honor with politics when they aren't even close to the same.
  5. And it's not like anything new for L5R either. Kakita was running around during the Bloodspeaker arc and the Age of Enlightenment, and between Coils and Siege: Clan War, there are some Clan War personalities hat have more recent versions than currently alive personalities. Plus of course the fact that we never banned personalities because they got killed in the story.
  6. I'm not sure how I'd feel about canning the Great Clans. Reducing their numbers is fine. So long as it's done with an in-story rational that explain how Rokugan went from this to that, anyway. Even if just a passing one-line reference. But if in 2017 FFG arrives and tell us "There has never been a Dragon or Scorpion clan. This is a new setting without them."...then it will be a new setting. Not Rokugan, and not L5R. I feel Huitzil's desires are quite plain considering: -his insistence toward a complete setting reboot (rather than a soft reset by moving the storm forward several decades) -his openly stated opinion on John Wick's rokugan, -his admission that the setting has always disappointed him.
  7. There's literally nothing in that post that says, "not L5R." Are you referring to something else? Huitzil makes a specific suggestion to jump 20 or 100 years, which hardly means, "not L5R." Everything else is general, "Don't be afraid to make changes." So, I suppose if L5R to you is, "Nothing changes," then sure. But that's not L5R. Things have already changed over the course of a 20 year history. I'm sure they'll change some more, especially in the next couple years. It may seem abrupt. But it's still L5R, because only FFG gets to decide what that means. Uh, if you re-read his post, he says that a 20 or 100 year jump (which I already said would be a legitimate way of shaking the statu quo and making changes) is not sufficient for him because it still ties L5R with too much backgroudn material it would be better off without. What he's proposing is a complete retooling of the setting to get rid of elements that were present from the start and elements that were added since that he feels get in the way of what he feels L5R should have been (which is something different than John Wick's original creation) Again, all those are things that he actively stated in his posts.
  8. You are right, it is not a universally positive view. It is like the view I have (and, I think, a lot of people had) of Inuyasha: a view where you are shouting at the screen "You had so much potential! I wanted you to be good SO MUCH! How do you KEEP BUNGLING IT?" Skipping ahead 20 or 100 years still ties the game down to loads of baggage that damage the setting's ability to tell relatable stories. There are things baked into the setting that players are considering sacred unassailable cows that don't actually make sense, don't serve any productive function, and the game would work better without. The existing audience was very small and dying; the future of the setting as AEG had it was not going to last very long anyway because the game was going to die. FFG is much better served by picking out the parts that made people care and removing the parts that tried to drive them away, than by assuming that because some people cared, the parts that made them care and the parts that drove people away must be inseparable and the history inviolate. Your wishes are best served by that. Your wishes are, essentially by your own admission, for something that isn't L5R That FFG is best served by fulfilling your wishes is hardly self-evident.
  9. Off-screen deaths may be bad (though that's hardly a universal rule), but they're an unavoidable part of any time jump, and off-screen clan demotion and setting changes that are actually explained are infinitely preferable (in terms of established fan reaction) than a pure retcon/all-out reboot. Still, I don't advocate clan removal. I'm merely outlining a better way of achieving it.
  10. AND adding "We'll make sure to tell you everything and give you all the choices". AEG went way too far on the "fan interaction" aspect of the brand.
  11. Oh, I have no doubt of that. FFG is a powerful brand in and of itself. And, in that light, I question how much a damaged, dying brand really helps FFG if they intend to use the name only. Lots of people, you say, know someone who have played the game in that timeline? Possible. But that mean these people can tell them: "This game has nothing to do with the one I played. They gutted everything important about the setting." Brand recognition is about more than just a name. Frankly, to me, the "Reboot the entire setting with whole clans wiped out view seems more like wishful thinking by people whose view of the setting ("John Wick's appeal to himself based on his, let,s say, colorful interpretation of east asian cultures")...well, I can't call that a positive view. Clan removal could be made to work (though I don't advocate it), but like I said, it should be made to work in a way that fits the setting. The way DTR did it (factions destroyed in cataclysmic events in the interregnum), not the way Huitzil propose doing it (completely rebooting the setting). You want merged Dragon/Phoenix? Fine. Post-Wrath-of-Kanpeki (ie, in the hiatus between the two games) the emperor merge the two clans due to their ghastly losses and the fact that the Dragon failed horribly at the "supervise the Spider" job. You want the Mantis gone? They got wiped out, and even a century later there are only remnants of the clan left around, barely struggling back to their feet. Or they've gone with the merchants path, eschewing great clan status entirely. "100-years-Post-Onyx empire" is a much more effective (and much less dangerous) reset button than "Retcon the Empire".
  12. Possibly not a downside. If anything, AEG listened *too much* in my opinion. The problem is that they listened to the loudest voice who didn't necessarily speak for that many fans.
  13. If you're going to make a new continuity, and change large parts of the setting, why bother actually paying for a dwindling, dying brand when you could just design yours from the ground up and save the money (and the association with a dying brand)? Trademarks and Copyrights wouldn't have stopped them (they don't apply), and a patent as broad as "A card game about Samurai" likely wouldn't have done much either. The fact is, a complete reboot and redesign of the setting make sense if you already own the setting and are trying to giving it a new lease of life. If you want to make what's essentially a new setting, you might as well actually make a new setting and not shackle yourself to the memories of the dwindling game. If you're buying the setting, then either A)you're sufficiently interested in the setting to actually want THAT setting (as opposed to a different one), or B)you're sufficiently interested in the setting's existing reputation and fans and/or C)You want to tap into the old, lapsed fans nostalgia. In both of the later case, it's in your best interest to keep the setting very familiar to them. That FFG actually bothered to spend hard money on L5R speaks volume about their feelings on the setting. Again, that doesn't mean all factions will be playable when the game release or present in the story off the bat. The Dragon could be in seclusion from the empire. The Unicorn could have gone on a second journey beyond the empire. The MAntis could have isolated themselves on their island to protest imperial taxes. The Scorpion could be back in exile. etc, etc, etc. There are plenty of ways to write this or that clan out of the story for a time. Some might even stay out of the story permanently, for all we know. But it's a far cry from that to retconing a clan out of existence altogether as part of a largely unnecessary cosmic reboot (since the same effect - starting the game fresh - can be achieved by a sufficient jump forward in the story).
  14. I think actually merging or removing clans from the setting would be the epitome of horrible. Delaying the release of this or that clan from the base set to a later expansion is one thing. Altogether removing this or that clan kills a huge part of the setting. Given that the setting is in fact what FFG paid for, I think the idea of removing any of the great clans is...likely not going to happen. I also feel it's a pretty horrible idea on the whole. Refocusing on the roles of shugenja as priests of the kami would probably do a load of good to the Phoenix. They're the bridge between Rokugan and the spirit realms, charged with identifying spiritual and Spirit issues and resolving them. Local clan shugenja do it too, to a (smaller) extent, but any heavy lifting that needs done, it's the Phoenix's job to do it. THEY explain the anger of the kami and the wrath of the fortunes to Rokugan. THEY speak to the fortunes on behalf of the Empire. Much better than being miscast as stereotypical wizards who hurl fire at problems until they go away.
  15. As I said, it was a fairly trivial example. There are certainly more significant ones. House restricted attachments, events, interactions, etc. You also sacrifice the ability to play a banner (card that begins in play attached to your house) that reduces the cost of loyal cards by playing the alliance banner that allows you to go out of house for cards. Speaking of which, you also can't play loyal cards from the allied house. My assumption is that FFG will try to balance pure clan decks with alliance decks such that neither one will trump the other. This has huge benefits in opening up a card pool that will begin small compared to a CCG and remain that way for some time. My hope is that we start with pure clan decks being what they build for, and later packs and big boxes add more options, including combo decks. But focus on making the clans work first. They're the heart and soul of L5R, and they're the decks that most need balancing and working on to start. (Also, while some trait-based decks might work well in the setting, I'm not so sure about others...I don't see a "Scout from everywhere" deck being very good. On the other hand "Alliance" decks that rely on combining the scouts of two different clans I could see. That's if they don't get rid of scout altogether).
  16. Cost reduction as a source of synergy is not nearly as powerful as "You can only play these actions with personalities with the right keyword".
  17. So long as they're not designed from the ground up to be for completely different deck where you're better off pairing the Daidoji with the Hiruma than with other Cranes because hey Scouts.
  18. Personally I want to actually play the clan. This is a game about nine clans, not forty or so families. The families should be different elements of the clan that support one another toward the overarching goal of the deck. I'm sick of the notion of "Daidoji decks" (or Crane Scout, same difference) and what have you - the Daidoji's job is to delay enemies while Crane politics win, not to go out and crush provinces. Legend of the Forty Families wasn't the game I signed up for, and it was one of the biggest interest-killer in the game for me. ------------- Which isn't to say I agree with Tetsuro. I think he's oversimplifying the essence of the clans. Even if the Crane are distilled back down to politicians, they'd still have bushi to slow down their enemies. Just the bushi would be support for the politician (as they should be, that's what the Daidoji *are*), not a distinct decktype in their own right. Likewise with pretty much any minor theme anywhere. The family themes should support the overall clan themes, rather than each be their own independent thing.
  19. Small Farm. Doesn't have to be a free holding, but the most basic holding/resource should absolutely be the small farm - the heart of Rokugan's economy.
  20. I'd rather not - honor vs dishonor as opposites was a very, very, very bad game mechanism. Make politics (and dishonor) their own thing (and decouple it from the honor meter), and honor a separate thing.
  21. Agreed, dishonor = politics make a modicum of sense, but honor is more than just the opposite of dishonor, and shouldn't be defined or limited by what dishonor is.
  22. It's what honor was originally described as - victory by popular acclamation after becoming a paragon of everything it means to be Rokugani (not just bushido, but art, piety and culture too)
  23. I like the notion of victory by becoming the ultimate paragon of what it means to be a Rokugani (ie, the original thematic of the honor victory), but I can live without it, so long as honor is represented in the game as something distinct from politics. It's the honor = politics mentality that I find completely devoid of any relation to Rokugan.
  24. To Do What We Must. Kharmic Strike. Definitely the Art of War terrain, especially Deadly Ground Although please actually read the Art of War before deciding what Deadly Ground does, this time. It's all about how weaker forces that are trapped and have nothing left to lose can often beat larger, stronger but less desperate forces. So making it a terrain that prevent the weaker army from doing anything to avert its destruction is...kinda like making a card called "CHARGE!" and making it a limited action that give a bonus to personal honor.
  25. Fair enough, although I will point out that there were at least two beastmasters (including basic Benika) in Lotus. I didn't pay much attention to which got printed where. If by "always" you mean "Starting in Jade Edition" and "starting in Shadowlands" respectively. So, not quite always. (the first personality with both Tattooed and Monk was the Jade Edition reprint/errata of Togashi Mitsu ; prior versions were tattooed but not monk. This was quickly followed up on thanks to the Dragon civil war and the Hoshi hiding in the brotherhood plotline going on at the time. The first dual-wielder was Mirumoto Taki, and the NEXT one after that had a Gold Edition bug on him (Mirumoto Tokeru in HoR). After Taki (and his soul of), the next Non-unique dual wielder had to actually wait until Dark Allies. Which is pretty much my point. Themes were not "always" there. A lot of themes took an eternity to develop properly, and most themes were later extrapolations from a single card. Beastmasters are no different in that regard.
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