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  1. The problem is that the flavor of subtitles and experienced are not the same. Subtitles better represent different aspects of a personality ; Experienced better represent the progression of a character, their ongoing story. Somethign subtitles can't really do well.

    A very large part of the flavor problem in L5R basically come down to the attachment to having a new version of the Clan Champion as a fixed personality in every base set, which led to Experienced inflation that rarely actually represented progression by the character, and instead just reflected the fact that AEG  needed a new version of that specific character because they were the clan champion and had to be put into the starter for their clan. Which is how we ended up with Kuon Experienced Five Billion despite having no strong story shift between him and the Diamond Edition (or so) version of Kuon. 

    Overlay rules were messy, but we don't need those anyway. 

  2. The problem is fundamentally, the Hantei and their vassals should have been a clan, too. The most powerful (not necessarily the largest) clan, founded by a kami like the others. Because, historically, that'S what a feudal king or emperor is - the most powerful (in terms of authority, not in terms of any particular type of power) feudal lord in a given area, to whom the other feudal lords (nominally, at least) owe their fealty. 

  3. 2 hours ago, TheHobgoblyn said:

    Just because someone handled something badly 15 years ago... hell, 15 MONTHS ago for that matter, doesn't mean they will do a bad job now.

    People learn more from mistakes than successes. I am sure we have all had whatever project that after finishing it and sending it out there in the world, we later realized something and want to a do-over. How many games in the video game market where you have 10-50x as many people working on it get turned out in a broken state, but given them 6 more months and it can be a great play experience?

    Did we need mortals to kill the sun and moon and replace them for all of... 0 difference it made?

    Did we need a 10th Kami to pop up out of the blue, accomplish basically nothing of note and then disappear just as quickly leaving no real impact?

    Did the Shadow HAVE to be defeated by giving it the kami Akodo? Was that even a sensible way to defeat it? And how is it the ninja serving the Shadow somehow got turned into 'Akodo' that were indistinguishable from the old ones? That's just... weird. What does that even mean about free will and how is it others who carry the name of an ancestor do not behave similarly constrained?

    What good really arose from the whole Spirit Wars? What meaningful impact does it have to make the worst Hantei return if it isn't going to go anywhere?

    Why was there a stronghold that inverts the entire concept of military and requires you to beat it via chi when the whole game isn't designed for that?

    And how did anyone think a stronghold with 5 province slots in a game where there was free gold and free personalities and powerful events was going to well.. be remotely balanced?


    So many highly questionable decisions that were made to the game in both story and design right out the gate. Nothing that has been released in the previews so far looks bad or wonky though. 15 years is a quarter of a lifetime-- humans can undergo quite a lot of growth in such time. As long as he doesn't claim that no mistakes at all were made, I think the same person should absolutely be given another chance.


    Those behind the last few editions of the CCG though? Particularly given how I heard they handled the last Winter Court?...

    I would be quite a bit more hesitant trusting them with the direction of the game as I just don't sense they have quite figured out that they were screwing up the whole thing... I get more of the sense that they believe they were doing everything perfectly and just had the rug pulled out from under them by the company "before they had the chance".

    I'd argue with many of those. Hitomi and Yakamo were big deals at the time, even into Gold. The Shadow being defeated by giving it the name Akodo was a natural resolution : the whole point of the Nothing was that it didn't have an identity, and therefore could take on the traits of anything (hence the shapeshifting and impersonation sheananigans). What Hitomi gave them wasn't just an empty shell of a name : it was an identity, the name Akodo and everything that name meant.  They didn't just become Akodo-named people ; they literally became the Akodo. Though it did help that (as Spirit Wars showed), a number of older Akodo and their children returned to the clan to guide them. 

    What meaningful impact did the return of the worst Hantei have? Well, there was the way it impacted the personal history of a lot of Gold-era characters - Naseru ; Taeruko, Nakamuro, Aikune and Shaitung ; there was the long-term effect of the destruction of Beiden pass, all of which had lasting story effects well into Gold. 

    Long-term impact beyond Gold (even in Gold, but beyond) is largely on AEG, since they had the game firmly in hand by that point. And you could ask the same question of just about everything AEG did - lasting story impact of big storyline points was never their strong suite, because they were always desperate to move on to the Next Big Thing.

  4. IIRC, as it was explained at the time (of the sale), Hasbro, owning Wizards, was having monies trouble, so (as big companies do in those times), ordered its subsidiaries to make cuts and sell off properties to get some cash flow coming in. Wizards (which unlike other parts of Hasbro, was doing quite well) was ordered to chip in.

    L5R may or may not have been in trouble itself (we were never told it was). It didn't matter. Wizards had to make cuts, and it had essentially three relatively big names to chose from at the time (plus a handful of minor side projects). At that point, it almost didn't matter how well (or not) L5R was doing - because the other two big names were Pokémon and MTG.

    For obvious reasons (of the "two licenses to print money" variety), Wizards chose to put L5R up for sale. 

  5. That's only one aspect of the much wider problem of AEG trying to cram way too much into way too little time. There were only two significant (generational) time jumps in the entire L5R saga ; there should have been two or three more. Particularly, the death of the Toturi dynasty should have been a multi-generational time jump to the end of a lasting Toturi dynasty, not some hackneyed series of plot contrivances to wipe out every last person of influence in the Empire (not blaming the story team, who managed to make a good story out of it anyway ; but I'm pretty sure the necessities of the Race for the Throne concept weren't their idea).  

  6. 16 hours ago, C2K said:

    That was done to alleviate the pressure on the card pool that needed to cater to clans that more often than not had the same theme.  Pulling a rare that you were never going to use because you don't play the clan was underwhelming, but pulling a rare that worked with Scouts might work for that scout theme they were giving your clan at the time.  While I doubt it will be at the extreme it was during the Celestial/EE, I do think you will see this in the FFg version if only to keep cards from being pigeonholed into one deck from one clan. 

    The problem is that, in the vast majority of cases, "rare that work for scouts" replaced more general-purpose rares (actions/strategies, which were rarely clan-specific) ; not clan-specific ones (eg, personalities).

    Plus, that Scout theme card would work for you only if you happened to be interested in playing your clan's variant of the scout theme. If you were (say...) a Crane player and interested in playing a honor deck, that scout card was exactly as useless as a Scorpion one. Even worse, thanks to personalities being pigeonholed into themes, that meant that a lot of your own clan's clan-specific cards became utterly useless if you weren't playing the right theme. Pull a Daidoji Scout out of your pack? Yeah, if you're not interested in playing Crane Scouts, that card is exactly as useful to you as the Scorpion dude you might have pulled instead.

    No ; themes did not address the problem you describe. If anything, they made it worse by further subdividing the game into approximatively thirty-six different pigeonholed niches instead of nine different niches. 

  7. The downhill roll began with the ever-increasing attention on "themes" in each clan that slowly started growing in late Diamond, but really hit peak intensity by Celestial and, most especially, Emperor. 

    In a game that had always been about the clan, suddenly clan almost became a second fiddle to having the right keyword (scout, berserker, etc) - there were several cases where you were better off with an out of clan personality with the right keyword than an in-clan one without. It also completely did away with the notion of the clan as a whole entity - Daidoji just didn't belong in the same deck as Doji (in fact, they didn't even pursue the same victory condition). The flavor of the game suffered a lot, and by the height of the movement, it just didn't feel like L5R to me anymore. 

    Then, as they had done before with Gold and Samurai, design tried to hit the brake hard at 100MPH in response to fans complaints about speed of the game, and this time, the wheels came off and the whole thing collapsed. 

  8. Yandia, I don,t know why you liked my post, because it really wasn't on your side - it was a reply to your nonsensical statement that "a person being sexy is being confused with sexism".

    Chuda Ruri (for example) is not a person being sexy ; it's a (male) artist deciding to picture a representation of a woman in a position that draws attention to her sex appeal. These are not the same things.


  9. Assuming, of course, that Hitomi did not swap back the other way (since we already know Kamoko and Kachiko did not). 

    And assuming that there *are* Thunders, and that they *are* the same people. Of course. 

    (If AEG were running a reboot, we'd get "top of clan chose their clan's thunder" at GenCon, and then end up with an Elephant, a Gaijin, an undead and an oni among the thunders). 

  10. I'm sure playing defense will be a possibility and a huge element in the new game; but it won't be quite the same style of deck without a clock ticking in the background. What you describe is more like a counterattack deck, defending then using Counterattack (or the original Harrier sensei) to hit back. Only in this case the "hit back" involves a different kind of conflict.

    Mind, that can be a fun type of deck in their own right. But it's not quite the one I was describing

  11. I'm not unhappy. Politics were a poorly handled afterthought in the old game. Having those be their own style of battle and not a crappy boatload of limited tricks is good. 

    I'm going to miss the defensive attrition-based decks, though. Not "avoid battle at all cost" control-style build, or the "Go to battle, drop entrapping/flattery/etc" style, more "Go to battle to kill their personalities with ranged attacks/TDWWM/battle duels and blunt their attack". Loved those. The most Daidoji-like decks I ever played (as opposed to those offensive Daidoji abominations AEG foisted on us in the last few sets)

    (And anyone who call that "playing solitaire" can go kiss a wookiee. I'm fighting battles just fine and opposing you just fine. That's only solitaire in a very deluded imagination) 

  12. It occured to me. About .5 second (and as a more likely and less atrocious alternative) after the idea that "Of course the clan that got mocked for years as 'girly' get a gender swapped champion". But I feel the kami thing is more likely.

    Still going to miss Hoturi, who was as iconic a Crane as we ever had. Hotaru has some bit shoes to fill, especially with so much of the rest of the all-stars squad coming back. Here's to seeing what she can do!

  13. Not to mention, "Crab Shugenja", "Daidoji Bushi", "Dragon Samurai-ko" "Matsu Bushi", "Wasp Archer", "Shiba Yojimbo", "Bayushi Ninja", "Unicorn Battle Maiden", and "Armed Peasant"

    Or, as they are much more interestingly and famously known, `Kuni Yori, Daidoji Uji, Mirumoto Hitomi, Matsu Gohei, Tsuruchi, Shiba Tsukune, Bayushi Aramoro, Otaku Kamoko and Toku, all of them who grew from their nobody beginnings into some of the most defining figures of L5R history. 

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