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  1. Multiplayer launched. The rules are (slightly) different from the beta. Do we still need this sub-forum?
  2. The question is a bit of a misnomer. If someone wants to make a dueling deck it is almost certainly going to be Crane splashing Dragon or Dragon splashing Crane. There are some other options that have a lot of benefits (Crab can make your duelists stronger and more resilient, Lion offers more options and gives benefits when Kakita Dojo honors your duelists, etc.) but for pure dueling one would want to run one of those two builds. At that point it becomes a matter of style and meta (currently Crane dueling seems to beat Dragon dueling but that has more to do with the fact that much of Dragon has been nerfed while Crane has received a big boost from their clan pack) than anything else. The real question is who runs a better dueling deck without splashing the other, i.e. does Crane/Unicorn beat Dragon/Crab (or other combos). The general consensus seems to be that Dragon dueling works better as a support strategy than Crane dueling does, but Crane can run a better duel-focused deck than Dragon can.
  3. Will there be any alternative format events? Will there be a play-in day for players that didn't win an invite and, if so, how will it function? Will there be anything for those of us who did get invites to do on that day or is it just for people to qualify? Can we get specific dates? It makes it a LOT easier to plan travel and time off from work when we have more than two months to schedule time off from work. Who will be doing streaming commentary? Is it possible to get Fro and Aneil again for days they're not playing? (I love your guys but having two of the top players doing commentary was fantastic) Will there be non-CCG events? RPG (someone already asked about this so just including it for completeness sake), Battle For Rokugan, costume contest, etc. Can we get any hints about storyline decisions? Today (June 13) is my birthday. Can I get a happy birthday? ID proof available upon request.
  4. Man I wish I could come to this, but I have two weddings that day (officiating at one of them). Have fun!
  5. Thank you for preserving the archives! Yes, a lot of us still use it.
  6. Okay, not here but here's the link to it. http://thedragonclan.net/index.php?topic=2385.0
  7. They're running a multiplayer beta event at World's so it's unlikely the October announcement will be a dedicated beta product. This lends greater and greater credence to the narrative campaign hypothesis.
  8. Nice break down. While I don't agree with everything here, I suspect it's more due to the way my local group has approached multiplayer (generally it's much less aggressive with all players in my area pass their first Conflict each round and making treaties to allow cooperating players to farm Rings off each other) so things tower units are effective and our games often go 4-5 Rounds. That said, I'm glad to read this in advance of World's to get a sense of other playstyles I'll need to be prepared for. In particular I want to make an Imperial Librarian/Master Alchemist/Seeker of Enlightenment deck to bump everyone's Glory, Dishonor everyone else, and keep the Fate safely on my own Fire Ring. Thoughts?
  9. There was: http://thedragonclan.net/index.php?topic=2382.0
  10. I gave up my fight to make Dragon/Crane work and switched to a variation of the Dragon/Crab deck that Mindsdesire came up with. It feels like I was playing the game on hard mode and flipped a switch to easy mode.
  11. Case 1: Cathy Crane, Dragon Drew, and Phoenix Phil are playing. Drew attacks Cathy with Fire and collects the Fire Ring, putting it one his Public Forum. Then Phil attacks Cathy with Fire and puts his Fire Ring on his Manicured Garden. Cathy passes (defending's taken a lot out of her). Then Drew attacks Phil's Manicured Garden with Water and breaks it. Since Drew already has a claimed Fire Ring, Phil's Fire Ring would return to his unclaimed pool. Phil plays Wholeness of the World. What happens? By strict ruling, Phil would keep the Fire Ring on his unbroken province forever, since no one can break it again and the Ring only goes back to pool when the Province breaks, not when the province is in a broken state. Case 2: Phil has claimed the Fire Ring. He plays Know the World to switch the Fire Ring and the Water Ring. When the Fire Ring would return to his unclaimed pool he plays Wholeness of the World. Since KtW says "switch" rather than "return then take" returning the Fire Ring is not a cost but an effect. Does Phil now have both Rings?
  12. Follow up question: can Jade Masterpiece move fate off of Rings in my opponents' unclaimed pools? If so, can I move it to Rings in my unclaimed pool?
  13. Okay, that all makes sense. Thanks! So to be clear: Togashi Initaite, Kitsuki Investigator, and Written in the Stars only spend Fate to my Rings but then allow me to recoup that Fate at my leisure. Written in the Stars only takes Fate off my own Rings so there's no point to using that effect. Seeker of Enlightenment only checks for Fate on my Rings but I can leave it there for longer since I can retrieve it at my leisure. Enlightened Warrior can trigger when any other player attacks and chooses one of their Rings with Fate (seems likely at some point). Stone of Sorrows screws over all the other players. Correct?
  14. Yep, read that a half-dozen times and I'm still not sure how it applies here.
  15. When a card requires you to pay a Fate to a Ring (i.e. Togashi Initiate, Kitsuki Investigator) can you choose one of your own Rings? This seems much more powerful now as you can guarantee that you'll recoup your own Fate later. When Written in the Stars goes off does it add Fate to all players' unclaimed Rings without Fate / remove a Fate all players' unclaimed Rings? This seems much more powerful now as not only are there a lot more Rings to add Fate to but the game adds Fate to them at a much slower rate.
  16. Emerald Empire and Sword and Fan, both 4e supplements, go into great detail about the organization of armies.
  17. What do you consider the most underrated cards in the game? These might be cards that are good now but aren't properly appreciated/utilized or cards that are good but are waiting on other cards to combo with.
  18. Dragon conflict card: Bo Staff 0 Cost Attachment +1/+0 Weapon Restricted. Action: During a Conflict bow Bo Staff. Bow another attachment controlled by an opposing player. For the rest of the Conflict Blank that attachment or change its modifiers to +0/+0. "A simple, humble weapon, masterful the right hands" || influence.
  19. Good point. Maybe twice per conflict? At that point it's basically a more expensive Banzai! that has the advantage of being reusable (costs 2 Honor, +4 Mil, -2 Pol that you probably won't care about). Thematically I was trying to show drunken boxing (from the 2e book Way of the Open Hand) as an effective but low-brow fighting style and I think it does that but I still want something that makes sense. And I like the idea of burning through one's Honor to win Military conflicts. I'll edit. Glad you like the flavor text. It's a half-remembered quote form Jackie Chan's Legend of Drunken Master (couldn't find the exact quote online).
  20. Neutral conflict card: Drunken Mantis Boxing 1 Cost Attachment +0/+0 Technique Monk or Drunken Master character only. Action: While participating in a Conflict, place one of your Honor tokens on this card (Limit twice per Conflict). Action: During a Conflict, discard 1 Honor token from this card. Attached character gains +2 Mil/-1 Pol until the end of the Conflict (Limit twice per Conflict). "Do you know how many drunken masters end up as drunkards?"
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