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  1. So, this is the list of SKUs as known to us at this time: MC01 - Marvel Champions Core Set (2019/10) MC02 - The Green Goblin Scenario Pack (2019/11) MC03 - ?? MC04 - Captain America Hero Pack (2019/12) Also, without known SKUs we know we are getting: MCxx - Ms. Marvel Hero Pack (2020/01) MCxx - Wrecking Crew Scenario Pack (2020/02) Chances are MC03 is one of these, and they have skipped one number for unknown (to us) production reasons. Still, it may be fun to speculate this is some kind of "surprise" product for the Xmas season!
  2. Now that FFG has it's own card supplies division, I hope they do something cool for all their other lines, even if they are now focusing on KeyForge bling.
  3. I guess if the Magic the Gathering series is a huge success, TV platforms will turn they eyes to other CCG properties, the same way the success Game of Throne series opened the gates to other fantasy productions. https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/netflix-and-the-russo-brothers-join-forces-with-wizards-of-the-coast-for-first-of-its-kind-animated-series-magic-the-gathering
  4. As I understood the LCG format has the problems requiring stores to buy and keep in stock a great number of SKU (right at this moment, if I'm not mistaken, there are 21 individuals SKUs). It is a big commitment for a store to stock AND display all this product. When we get to the apex of the rotation this will be 33 (6*4 cycle packs + 7 clan packs + core set + Children of the Empire)... you could fill a complete wall with just this. Also, entering into the game gets increasingly expensive. Now, this would still be cheaper than a traditional card game, but this is still a matter of perception. You get an interested customer, you tell him he has to buy over 30 individual products.... you immediately lose that customer. It's way easier to tell him (and less shelf-room intensive, too) to tell him he needs to buy boosters from these 6-7 MTG SKUs. So LCGs have objective advantages, but also very real, objective disadvantages. That one (as I do) may think that the pros outweight the cons do not make the disadvantages less real. He said something to the effect that they'd think to make a pause to AGOT, then they would continue to release the game in a new format. I interpreted this to be maybe something like Children of the Empire, instead (for reference, Children of the Empire was roughly the equivalent of 4 cycle packs).
  5. D'oh! I guess I missed that bit skipping. Still almost no content and barely no questions answered. It's something I guess... do you have an aproximate time where that's mentioned?
  6. ... apparently, none. Lots of questions in the chat, all purposefully ignored. Other than a general mention of trying new release models and mentioning the 6 packs 6 weeks with mixed results, then something about the RPG, nothing in around 1:30 hours. Now, I jumped a couple of minutes forward now and then, and I may have missed something. Im not sure if that bodes well. 🙄
  7. Frankly, when I saw the first cards it was going to be a hard pass from me. I only reconsidered when I realized this was going to be an Arkham Horror LCG-style collaborative game. May be it's not the art per se, but the card layout/design that makes it somewhat underwhelming to me. The truth is all Big Two licensed games have this uninteresting style (VS, HeroClix, etc) so maybe it's more a licensor imposition than a publisher's decision... after all, FFG is making many other games that look cooler than this.
  8. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. In the cards in the article in the FFG website Hero-side is A, while Alter Ego-side is B. These seem switched in your list.
  9. That was very frustrating for many prospective players and for me it was a reason why I didn't play the game (even if I still bought to collect). I think they made a good decision with AGOT 2E and L5R. In the end, the dedicated player will end up buying 3 core sets anyways but, while on AGOT2E and L5R it felt like it was a reasonable investment, for Netrunner the second Core was a grudging buy, and the third one felt an outrageous waste. Arguably it was just a matter of perception, but that perception most assuredly cost sales.
  10. I finally was able to read it. So... quite a lot of information about this new version of the Burning Sands. Has someboy been able to put together a map, even a rudimentary one, of the world outside Rokugan and the travels of the Unicorn? I find interesting that the Iuchi Horde never returned. A plot hook for a later developement?
  11. Also apparently the Ivory Kingdoms, heavily featured in the last years of oL5R (Rokugan even got a colony there!) is part of nL5R, as it's been referenced now and then.
  12. Now, what's this? https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/39/b5/39b59442-dd09-48ec-b048-0900a3eee2f8/l5r08_art_asahina-yajinden.png
  13. Over one year ago, upon the collecting of the first several stories as the First Scroll, I wrote a post pointing what I considered were "seasonal" problems with the order. The issue is not fresh on my mind TBH, but this may be helpful to you, or maybe not:
  14. ...and now, at long last, the Dark Lord himself! Sort of.
  15. Also, they took the chance to re-do the Core Set. Some of the more problematic cards were taken from the CS and a few select ones from the first 2 cycles were added-in. Overall, people were happy with it. Sadly Netrunner license wasn't renewed, so it was moot. Will they take the same approach with L5R? It would make sense at some point to take the opportunity to clean house both for balance and for storyline reasons. For the first, looking at the restricted list would be a good indication; for the second removing dead characters would make sense.
  16. This seems a common problem through Europe. For instance, in Spain we got the Spanish edition on release day, but the English edition is not available from any European distributors, not even Asmodee UK.
  17. Also, IIRC, Motso had no connection with the Kami (maybe he was forsaken, even?), which is way he took an unusual career for a Kitsu. It would make much sense for both the Kitsu and Agasha daimyo to be shugenja. It could go either way for the Seppun.
  18. For a Matsu to become Champion of the Lion, instead of the next Akodo in the line of succession, something major must have happened. In the OL5R, this was the banning of the Akodo family after Toturi's fall from grace. It remais to be seen how exactly develops in the new story. In any case and if, as it seems, 1) the Lion Clan Pack has been pushed forward, when it was designed to be the final one, and 2) also the overall release rate of clan packs has been increased, we will be seeing a Matsu Champion way earlier than originally planed by FFG. I only hope this doesn't impact the story negatively. One advantage that FFG version of the story had that AEG didn't is that they had the benefit of hindsight, and were able to present a more logical progression of the story, as opposed to being patched together from improvisations based on tournament results, planned or unplanned.
  19. I was somewhat puzzled that the SKU for this product is L5C27. The Inheritance Cycle should take up to L5C24. That leaves a gap of two products. One theory is that 25-27 are meant to be other two clan packs, but they have decided to advance the Lion pack because of their perceived performance in tournaments. Any other theories?
  20. I didn't know this was out yet! I guess this Caliphate takes the place of Medinaat al-Salam in the old lore?
  21. I hope so... As I have said many times, FFG has a privileged that AEG didn't: hindsight. Different writers under AEG "inherited" whatever plotholes or even outright inconsistencies their predecessors left; retcons added upon quick fixes, upon errors of judgement. In all, the story had its ups and downs, but it came out good enough, considering... after all, it's the story many of us fell in love with (me included). Still, FFG knows where they want to go with the story, instead of improvising on the go, which makes for a more solid story. I still flinch when I something that is different to the old Rokugan, but I also rejoice when I recognize long-term plot threads seeded now for future developement.
  22. How long does usually take for FFG to activate the link, after an expansion is released? http://ffgapp.com/qr/L5C16
  23. So... isn't the Disguised mechanic like a mix between the old Experienced and Ninjutsu mechanics?
  24. Mon no Oni

    The app?

    I think the Starter Set includes two demo decks, that are the same for everybody and not usable in tournament play, plus two random, "real" decks. Those two should have their own code.
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