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  1. Mon no Oni

    Children of Bushidō

    I hope so... As I have said many times, FFG has a privileged that AEG didn't: hindsight. Different writers under AEG "inherited" whatever plotholes or even outright inconsistencies their predecessors left; retcons added upon quick fixes, upon errors of judgement. In all, the story had its ups and downs, but it came out good enough, considering... after all, it's the story many of us fell in love with (me included). Still, FFG knows where they want to go with the story, instead of improvising on the go, which makes for a more solid story. I still flinch when I something that is different to the old Rokugan, but I also rejoice when I recognize long-term plot threads seeded now for future developement.
  2. Mon no Oni

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    How long does usually take for FFG to activate the link, after an expansion is released? http://ffgapp.com/qr/L5C16
  3. So... isn't the Disguised mechanic like a mix between the old Experienced and Ninjutsu mechanics?
  4. Mon no Oni

    The app?

    I think the Starter Set includes two demo decks, that are the same for everybody and not usable in tournament play, plus two random, "real" decks. Those two should have their own code.
  5. Mon no Oni

    card database

    Is there one?
  6. Mon no Oni

    Explain the families to me

    In short, each clan has several families. In most cases, at least at this stage in story, the main (ruling) family for each clan is descended from the original Kami that fell from the Celestial Heavens. Then each clan has several other families. In most cases, these families come fron the first original followers of the Kami and the Dawn of the Empire. Some humans particularly distinguished themselves at that era and they earned a place besides the ruling family. In some cases, new families were born later. Most recently, we have witnessed the birth of the Kaito family, for instance, but there have been a few other families born in the 1000 years for a number of reasons. Some have an straigtforward: like the Kaito, the family did a service to the clan. On other instances, that birth has a more convoluted, and sometimes dark story behind. My favourite is the Yogo family of the Scorpion. Yogo was not one of the original followers of Bayushi. Instead, he was Isawa Yogo, a powerful shugenja who was part of the Isawa family. However, during the first war agains Fu Leng, the Dark God cursed him and his bloodline so that they would always eventually betray those who they loved most. Yogo dropped the Isawa name and chose to follow Bayushi who, he reasoned, was a lord he would never love. And that's the story of the Yogo. And now we have Yogo Junzo, daimyo of the family and descendant of (Isawa) Yogo, who is a loyal follower of Bayushi Shoju, daimyo of the Bayushi and Champion of the Scorpion. Other "later" families are the Yasuki, the Asahina, the Kitsuki, or the Moto. Vassal families are other thing... Each clan has dozens of those, each dependent to an official Family, and they have never been totally listed. While the regular families are sactioned by the Emperor and recognized by the Empire at large, the vassal families aren't: they are an internal clan affair and, sometimes, their function is kept secret from the rest of the clans and from the Emperor. For instance, the Kaito before they were recently made a family were just one of many such vassal families. To the Phoenix they were the Kaito, vassals of the Isawa, but to a samurai from another clan, they were just some backwater branch of the Isawa. Now, of course, this has changed. Everybody will now know who are the Kaito, who is they daimyo and their mon. and where their lands are.
  7. It seems to me more a collectible figurines than a game. What I didn't get from the video is... are these supposed to come in painted?
  8. Mon no Oni

    Heart of the Garden - Unicorn Fiction

    It seems to me that in this new version of the tale FFG is introducing elements of several eras in this version of the DaiXXtsu/Shahai romance. First of all, I see some elements of Iuchiban uses in the prince. As he saids somewhat pointedly to his yojimbo, he is only a second son and, therefore, unimportant in the long run. It was only when his older brother got near death, then recovered miraculously that Otomo Jama's story took a dark turn leading to Iuchiban. The flavor text on Shahai's card, sort of reminds us of the Heartless, too. Also, there are very light touches of the Seinen/Shibatsu situation. In any case, I don't remember Iuchiban being mentioned anywhere in this iteration of the setting (I might have missed it, though), so I wonder they are planning to make Daisetsu both Daigotsu AND Iuchiban. Also if there is no X Clan Coup this time around, this situation might be the cause of the end of the Hantei line, leading to a Clan War.
  9. Mon no Oni

    Outsiders - Phoenix Fiction

    So, this story shows they are willing to make major breaks with the old canon so it got me thinking... what if instead of the self-fulfilling prophecy that drove Shojo to the Scorpion Clan Coup, and the Clan War, we get the Phoenix visions misinterpreted leading to the Clan War scenario? Consider, they distrust meishodo and think it's to blame for the elemental imbalance; their pride won't allow them to consider they might be wrong and won't even take the advice of the Unicorn, who know about djinn and are better equiped to deal with the menace. This leads to a major catastrophe. It doesn't need a Phoenix Clan Coup, but they are convinced they know better, perform a ritual and... the Imperial Palace blows up in flames, severing the Hantei line, or some similar scenario.
  10. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kY4Kl https://www.facebook.com/wisnu.tan.5
  11. There was also The Complete Exotic Arms Guide for the d20/L5R2E edition of the game which gave some info about the world beyond Rokugan and, of course, the Second City boxset had a lot of info about the Ivory Kingdoms.
  12. Mon no Oni

    Tainted Lands Preview

    The actual original Crab shown at day one in the game is that they were the low honor defensive military clan, as opposed to the honorable aggresive military clan which was the Lion; they were shady guys from day one. A few years down the road, The Way of the Crab was published for the RPG and they were retconned into always having been the anti-Shadowlands clan (with just this one little slip). The so important Wall was retconned into being the core of the clan, but had never even been mentioned until that point (no need for it, the Shadowlands was not meant to be a place in this world, but some kind of netherrworld, and only became a physical place bordering the Crab because of some copyright/trademark hijinks). However. it's reasonable that if you got later in the game, you learned the "history" the other way around, and I agree the retconned story is hard to reconcile ( I think the writers made a reasonabley good job with it, given the circunstances), but realize which was the original presentation, and which was the retcon. Fortunately, FFG has the luxury of going into the story (of which I think they will be following the major signpost, if not the particulars) with full knowledge of how it will develop, which gives them time to set up twists in a more nuanced way. I like, for instance, how they are setting up Tadaka on a dark path... and path which crosses with Yori very soon and probably will turn darker. We didn't have that in the original story (that I remember, maybe at some time there was a throwaway line in some RPG book, or a reminiscence in a story; but in any case it would have been a retcon looong after the fact).
  13. As for the "Artisan" denomination, I think FFG has passed an opportunity to rectify one long-standing mistake. "Artisan" denotes a trade, something below the Samurai class. The word they were looking for is "Artist".
  14. Somebody tell that to Tadaka and his special "own's earth" sauce! ?
  15. Great, ominous day today! We got out first oni (it's me or it looks a little like Oni no Ugulu?), our first maho spell (Crab, of course; but we are all-inclusive in the Shadowlands), and our first recruit, Kuni Yori (oops, wait! Not yet! But I wonder who is casting that maho spell to bolster Crab troops?). As for our previous conversation... this oni gives us a second glimse (after the Goblin Sneak) on how Shadowlands is working, or not? In fact one single common characterstiic is a dash in political, which makes sense. After all, at this early stage Shadowlands is only a cheap way to bolster your military power. Power, yes. And such a small price to pay... IF eventually Shadowlands is to become a playable faction, i guess a lineup of infiltrator characters (Pekkles, Bog Hags, etc.) could easily be produced. However thats were the similarities end: the Goblin was C, the Oni is D. Thematically, it seems hard to picture a Clan openly recruiting such a creature without losing lots of honor. However the Oni only causes you to lose honor when declaring for a conflict. I guess it's just a playability/balance decision. The cannot be honored/dishonored makes sense, and can cause interesting interactions with other cards.