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  1. I think so. Maybe it's more generic and bland that we, who follow the current soap opera, would like. But that's a benefit to a new reader who could otherwise be overwhelmed with the amount of who-is-who and ongoing plots. This presents you a minor Crab Clan fortress, its governing vassal family (the Kakeguchi), internal conflict, battle with the Shadowlands, etc, and doesn't require you to know anything else in the same way that the novellas do, for instance.
  2. I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of the novel. If you are so inclined, you can find my (spoiler-free) review here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3383923940
  3. I wonder about a time traveling mechanic. Immortus and Rama-Tut as minions? Or different levels of the Villain card?
  4. https://print-and-play.asmodee.fun/files/aconyte/l5r_curse_of_honor_en.pdf
  5. Now I wonder which version of Ant-Man / Wasp will it be. The line-up seems to point to a classic Avengers roster (thus Hank Pym/Janet van Dyne), but these could also be their most recent versions (Scott Lang/Hope Pym). Also, it could be mix and match (one classic, the other modern). EDIT: Now I see that, while there is a Hope Pym in the comics, she doesn't belong to the main continuiity, so it will be classic Wasp most probably. The jury is out on Ant-Man, then. While it would make more sense it was the classic one, to complete the original Avengers line-up, a case can be made that the modern is more popular because of the movies.
  6. It seems an online retailer leak has solved it for us: Not oficially confirmed yet: MC11 - XXXXX Scenario Pack (2020/08) ***probably Kang MC12 - Ant-Man Hero Pack (2020/09) ***online retailer leak MC13 - Wasp Hero Pack (2020/10) ***online retailer leak MC14 - Quicksilver Hero Pack (2020/11) ***online retailer leak MC15 - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack (2020/12) ***online retailer leak
  7. updated with retailer leak 05/02/2020
  8. The bit about the Phoenix blessing the plains intrigues me... I bet we will hear more about this.
  9. In the movies Rocket original name was 89P13. They could use that, in a pinch. In any case, however fun it would be to speculate about and identity card, characters like Rocket and Groot probably never will have their own, and they will be just allies to other heroes. In an speculation mindset, maybe teams like the Guardians could work like a reverse Wrecking Crew, were one player manages different single sided "identies" with one single deck. Or maybe Groot/Rocket could work like two sides of an identity card with two hero sides that tag-team each other to deal with the villains.
  10. I'm somewhat hopeful for L5R with Skirmish. When I read the released in the design article, I agreed almost point by point with the diagnostic of the problems and it made me feel hopeful for the health of the game for the first time in months. On my area nL5R had a huge start because there was a lot of the original game looking forward to it. We sold tons of Core Sets and the first cycle. Then both sales and tournaments dried up. Now there is just a very reduced core of players, and sales are reduced to those and collectors. I am now one of the later. My experience last time I played with a friend over the weekend, was one single long, protacted game of endless micro-decisions. No "gotcha moment" in over an hour, no involvement. After some thought, I decided I wouldn't bother with the game, and decided I would only keep buying packs as they came out just for collecting purposes (I have loved the world almost since the beginning) and I wasn't at all surprised at all the following Monday back at the store, when my friend let us know he didn't want to continue buying packs and sold is collection. Now, we weren't playing at a competitive level. I'm sure if we were really regular players we would have better decks that got to their point faster, some of those micro-decisions woud be on auto-pilot decisions based on experience. We wouldn't have to read and reread the other player's card to remember what they did. That game wouldn't have taken over an hour, maybe just 45 minutes. Still, I can't imagine teaching that game to a new player, or playing for fun as it is, honestly. I can play 3 games of MTG on Arena in that time. Again, it's not just the time it takes, but the involvement, too. All those decisions... there are a lot of cool mechanics and ideas, but the sheer accumulation of them takes the life of out it. And speaking of taking the life out of it, putting together a legal deck is another chore. When you have a customizable game where you absolutely do need to use a website to deckbuild that tells you what is legal and what is not, you have a big problem. I'm not speaking only of banned/restricted lists, but also of role-locked cards. At first, I was not too against these, but i see now this is another layer of complication (as well as another set of decisions you have to make) on an already complex game. Will it be enough to "save" the game, or is it too late already? Frankly, I haven't designed any decks based on the Skirmish ruleset and probably I won't bother until something exciting happens (for me, it would be the possibility to play a Shadowlands deck, for instance). However if I ever play again, it will be something like Skirmish, not the original game. Maybe somebody who has more experience playing will have more informed opinions, but I honestly think that if there is ever a second edition of the core set something like Skirmish should be the standard ruleset from then on, with the current "Stronghold" as just one more variant. That would mean no new role locked cards and phasing out those who are already in the pool. Maybe some of them are viable if reprinted without a role limitations, others less so. About the only thing I don't like about Skirmish is the lack of Stronhgold cards. I think they add a lot of flavor to the game, so I hope some other iteration of the Skirmish ruleset puts them back in the game.
  11. For the scenario, I'm going with Kang. There is a fairly obvious sort of central ridge in the head. Also, this pose fits almost exactly (the right hand is a little lower in the silhouette):
  12. The Rise of the Red Hulk shows silhouttes of the scenario/heroes coming after Red Skull: Someone cares to guess? The guy from the Scenario pack should be the villain (unless they decide to go the Osborn/Red Goblin route again) and the rest should be the alter-ego version of the identity cards.
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