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  1. Historically cards like this sleep for a while then erupt as part of a degenerate combo. Which is basically the phoenix clan's schtick.
  2. They didn't actually change any rules. People made some assumptions about how it would all shake out, echo chambered themselves into believing it and when the actual announcement came out regarding wins and losses and it was different people freaked. BUT EVEN THEN, i'm not referring to that, i'm referring to the accusation on a certain scorpion board that AEG actually lied about tournament results to prevent the scorpion clan from winning.
  3. If you don't understand "Have a favorite clan but don't be clan loyal" I cant help you friendo.
  4. id honest to god like to thank you for proving my point
  5. Yeah, im sure thats it and not peoples irrational overattachment to their clan
  6. "You're right McDermott, getting too vested in clan loyalty DOES have a history of all kinds of ridiculous problems"
  7. No they literally believed AEG changed tournament result reports in an effort to screw them over. That was the controversy. There was some hurt over the scorpions win condition screwing over second place instead of last place, but it isn't as though it was an out of character move for the clan. The ragequitting came because they believed AEG literally altered results. Trust me, i know, i was there, mocking them for how stupid and paranoid it sounded.
  8. Someone with a decade of experience with the IP and the community surrounding it: "Hey, there are a lot of issues that crop up when you buy too far into clan loyalty. Don't do it" People without that experience: "Nah, whats the point without it!"
  9. An entire board of the scorpion playerbase accused AEG of literally rigging the megagame to screw them over and like half of them quit the game in a fury over it. Edit: but not before that drama bled EVERYWHERE.
  10. I'm speaking from a decade + actual experience with the culture of the L5R fanbase. You can parse it however you want but I guarantee you somewhere 1 to 2 years from now you're going to notice "Why does FFG hate Clan X" threads poking their heads up and its a direct result of people deciding to go for a clan loyal approach. The people with the personality type to be able to suck it up when the faction they traded all their other cards away to complete stinks for 6 months at a time are a lot rarer than you'd believe.
  11. Dude I promise you, the competitive players winning tournaments were not primarily the clan loyal, the competitive tourney folk bent with the tides for the most part. It was the by and large casual fan, which didn't stop them from getting bent out of shape when their faction wasn't winning anything.
  12. I'm going to say this for all the new players of this game that may stumble across this as someone who played L5R from spirit wars forward. Do Not...i repeat DO NOT develop clan loyalty. It is simultaneously the best and worst aspect of this IP. Rather than accepting a card game model, where you feel comfortable picking one of the current strongest 4-5 deck types, you'll eventually get salty and upset when "your" faction sits at the bottom of the heap for any length of time. Clan loyalty is a trap that will give most of you a temporary boost of enthusiasm and make "your" factions time at the bottom that much worse. By all means have a favorite, play them often, or even mostly. Do not develop loyalty to a LCG faction, it will at some point ruin the game for you.
  13. Pretty terrible analogy, if you're getting that vibe I question your sense of perspective. Racist terminology used to belittle a people held in bondage for centuries and oppressed afterward with language like that compared to an exclamation used EVEN BY the cultures supposedly oppressed with nowhere near the historical baggage. Hyperbolic analogy that doesn't compare.
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