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  1. Ah that's awkward. At least the option exists , even if its subpar. Now I'm just searching for and looking at ridiculously beautiful wooden deck boxes for this game. O_o
  2. They do, but that box is intended to fit their LCG boxes, not sure about the newer boxes with thinner profiles. Though, honestly, I prefer to just upgrade to their Artist Wooden case anyway. I have Legendary stored in that and it's wonderful. For L5R though I might just store it all in binders (so much easier to deck build from) and put my decks in wooden boxes.
  3. :ahem: http://www.thebrokentoken.com/sleeved-card-game-organizer/ I'm sure there will be an insert or so for L5R as well.
  4. I think a Draft format would work, with the small caveat that they would probably need to craft a "draft" pack. For instance, a Draft pack would always include 1 Character card and 2 dice (So you can run the character either at say, 10 or 16 points) Then 4 other neutral cards. You'd draft 4 more packs of whatever set(s) you wanted. Few Deck Construction Rule Tweaks would be needed though. 20 card Deck. 20 Point character limit. Players can build using any faction cards they want. (other idea: Players pick a faction (villain/hero) and cards not in faction cost 1 more resource to use. Nonfaction characters could cost 2-3 more points to use as well.) This way you'll always get a character to run, your deck building options are more versatile, the open ended faction nature will lend the format to its own "feel" outside of constructed games to give players a new experience. Just a thought.
  5. Gameplay should be the most important thing in any game. The story (interactive or otherwise) is marketing. I'd just as soon FFG kept their focus on the gameplay, and story was limited to art and some flavor text, as is the case for their other games. Obviously I don't have to go to the website and read it, or whatever. But until they produce tie-in novels (and for me personally, probably not even if that happens), the game is what I'm actually buying, so I hope FFG keeps its eye on the ball. I'm just going to say that one of the absolute core reasons that this game has had such a long lasting impact, and has been played for so long, is the story interactivity. Original mechanics, and balanced gameplay, that's easily found. But the feeling of stepping into a Kotei, the camaraderie of players talking about their clan, the costuming, and the UTZ! BONZAI! as the tournament starts? That's magic. And it's the -story- that's really brought us all together. And I have faith in FFG in terms of Theme and Gameplay. They're really good stewards in that regard. But I've never seen them tackle something like -this- where the Lore and Story are as important as the rules. So I'm hoping they have some plans there
  6. Well CoC has 8 Factions. So I expect to see at least 8. And You can just cut Spider and make them an unaligned faction. And Game of Thrones has House Cards, which are very awesome. So I'd love to see an analogue there to show the assymetrical starts that L5R can provide
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