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  1. The Paradigm Shift of Red Dice post brought up an issue that's afflicted X-Wing for some time now, which is the gross in-game inefficiency of low-PS generics and jousters. Vulnerable to both turrets and arc-evasion, and caught in a middle ground between escalating extremes of attack and defensive capability, they are now incapable ships. The discussion in the above thread reminded me of some of the theorycrafting that was done in WoW--particularly about tanks, and a metric called 'expected time to live'. It struck me that what we're talking about with regards to the poor performance of generics and jousters is their ETTL vs the ETTL of the turrets/aces/etc. that they face. (ETTL can also describe the arms race between AGI-based defence and HP-based defence. I don't agree completely that high-AGI is devalued by high attack; rather, it makes the AGI ships' survival graph spikier, while actually flattening the graph for low-AGI ships. And given that people remember bad beats way more than they remember Soontir dodging 4 hits several times during a game, the time he gets one-shot is given disproportionate psychological weight.) Anyway, it seems clear that the answer for generics and jousters can't (or maybe shouldn't) lie in increasing their offence, which can only make the general situation worse. Instead, these ships need something to keep them on the board longer against turrets and aces, so that their player can leverage the tactical advantage of numbers. In my experience, these ships just come off the board too fast to be competitive. They need to live a little longer, sometimes even just one turn. With that in mind, a suggested fix. I've tried to make it as clean as possible, with the title/modification requirement a necessary nod, imo, to the ships that might otherwise gain too much. Jouster's Wings Title. Modification. 1 pt. When defending, if the attacker is outside your firing arc, you may add 1 <evade> result to your roll. It'd be great to see the forgotten ships of X-Wing back on the board. Any more suggestions?
  2. You're misinterpreting it (although the example is not at all clear on what it's trying to get across). If you look at the Firespray, you can see that the top right corner of its base only is in arc, and in range 2 of the K-Wing. That's why Tactician will trigger on the Firespray--because no other part of its base is both within arc and within range 1. If you moved the Firespray two inches to the right, its base would be both in arc and inside range 1, and Tactician wouldn't trigger (even with the rest of the base at range 2. You can check the 'at vs. within' definition near the start of the FAQ). Basically, nothing's changed outside an information diagram trying to squeeze in too much information and causing a bunch of confusion.
  3. Yurishi

    New FAQ up.

    About the bolded: No. Tactician requires that any part of the defending ship's base be at range 2 WITHIN YOUR FIRING ARC. But Autothrusters as well as rolling an extra red or green die for range measure closest point to closest point. In the example they've given, the only corner of the Firespray's base in arc is entirely at range 2. If a part of the Firespray's base was in arc at range 1, then the Firespray would be 'at' range 1 in arc, and Tactician wouldn't trigger. For the Autothrusters in that example, the TAP is either: out of arc at range 2, or in arc at range 3. Autothrusters will trigger under both these conditions, so it does. - edited for clarification
  4. There are some significant tactical differences. Homing Missiles work at R2-3, so the ideal scenario is probably going to be a long-range deployment into the edge of R3, taking a target lock and launching--in the hope that you make R2 next turn and can launch again. You don't want to deploy any closer, because next turn you could easily find yourself in R1 of your targets, and you're not a dogfighter. The Gozanti deployment here also allows you to sneak in target locks on higher-PS ships that you might otherwise have missed, which is a definite plus. Protons only work at R1, so shielding their carriers and delivering them into R1 has unique benefits. (Homing missile bombers could always skulk at range and get their locks the old-fashioned way.) Their alpha strike is going to be higher than the HMs, which may or may not make a difference... but every little counts. It also means you've delivered 4 highly manoeuvrable knife fighters into the heart of an enemy formation, and you've shielded their flank and/or rear with a huge ship. Combined with an alpha strike of that magnitude, it's going to be pretty hard to repel that attack. So, while there isn't a huge difference in terms of raw damage numbers, the tactical situations are very different, imo.
  5. Design may have been worried about the potential alpha strike from 4 proton missile, PTL, GC ships deploying straight into range 1 after most other ships have moved. You could do something similar with Tempests, but they lack the near-guaranteed 5 hits from each proton, and are inferior knife fighters once in close.
  6. Imperials already have a form of regeneration - in the shape of free (or nearly free) evade tokens. When you look at the X1 title with Accuracy Corrector, the V1 title, and the X7 title, there is a pretty clear doctrine at work. The analogy isn't exact, of course, but that's what makes it interesting. The main difference is in utility: a regenerated shield is good no matter what, and persists, while an evade token is only good if you're attacked (and they roll at least one hit), and must be renewed each turn. To balance this, Imperial ships have been given increasing amounts of inter- and intra-ship synergy with Target Locks and Evade tokens. E.g., Vessery, Omega Leader, Comms Relay, and especially Juke. Another implication is that Imperial ships benefit most from their pseudo-regen by being engaged in combat. In contrast, Rebel and Scum regen work best when not taking attacks. Rebel and Scum regen can also be ported to a number of desirable aces, while the faceless Empire restricts theirs to specific classes of ship. So, while Rebels and Scum have true regeneration, Imperials do have access to a comparable effect. It's just a bit more aggressively adjusted And a really nice piece of design.
  7. The Hammerheads: Transdoshan Slaver + Bossk + Gunner + Tactician Transdoshan Slaver + Zuckuss + 4-LOM Transdoshan Slaver + Greedo + Boba Fett A control ship, a punch-you-in-the-face ship, and a crit-you-break-your-stuff ship. 18 hull, 18 shields, 540 degrees' worth of firing arcs, and 100 points.
  8. If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally.
  9. There are a few strikes against the card. First, the wordiness. Cards have limits and borders, and that's a lot of text. Second, the effect is really narrow, conditional, and of questionable use. First, have a ship that can take crew. Then face a ship with crew. Then kill a ship with crew. Then kill your own crew. Then roll a dice. Did you fail the dice roll? You just sacced your crew for no result, on top of a 4-pt EPT. Third, the design rabbit hole of the theft and destruction of opponents' upgrade cards. Having Boba as a unique, faction-restricted one-off is cool and thematic. Having effects like this be generally available is closer to a Mad Max-style game. Fourth, people potentially walking off with other people's cards is a nightmare in waiting for both TOs and players. Accidentally or through dishonesty, losing something like a Palpatine is not pleasant to contemplate, and holding up rounds because people have to find their previous opponents to recover cards is just a hassle. Just play Boba
  10. Omicron + Palpatine + Baffles + Engine Upgrade is a lot of zoom, and Soontir fits snugly into the rest of the points (though I like him with Targeting Computer, both for initiative bid and killing stuff fast).
  11. S-Foils. Title. X-Wing only. 2-3 Points. Closed (side 1) You cannot modify your attack rolls. At the end of the Activation Phase, assign an Evade Token to your ship. Action: Flip this card over. Open (side 2) After you modify a defence roll, discard all Focus Tokens assigned to your ship. At the end of the Activation Phase, assign a Focus Token to your ship. Action: Flip this card over. I think any design needs to keep Poe in mind, so as not to push him even further than he has been. Therefore, curtailing roll modification seems necessary. For the closed, evade-y side, no modification at all on attacks works thematically, and is simple. Assigning an evade token gets around stress, and with the addition of a Focus action can turn certain x-wings into incredible tanks at the cost of offensive output (while still allowing for that lucky snap-shot with foils closed). Biggs could be an issue, but his firepower suffers, and he'd end up at near to or over 30 points loaded up. The offensive side is trickier. Preventing all modification on defensive rolls would unnecessarily harm pilots like Luke, who need help. So a slightly clunkier wording is needed to prevent Poe from becoming a complete monster. If that means Poe doesn't take the title, that's fine, too. He's a gold-standard pilot, and the other X-Wings could do with catching up. Should give the X-Wing two very different modes of play, and help make them feel more like the multi-role ships they're meant to be.
  12. The only thing I can think of, and it's really more speculative than an actual wish, would be to re-work the order of movement to depend on both Pilot Skill and the number of ships a player has. So... starting with the lowest PS (with initiative breaking ties as usual), player 1 moves their first ship. Then player 2 moves their lowest-PS ship. Then player 1 moves their next-highest PS ship. Then player 2 moves their next-highest PS ship, and so on, until all ships have moved. This is mainly to prevent single aces from completely outmanoeuvring entire non-ace lists, and to offer a changing tactical aspect to each game as it progresses. There are probably a bunch of unintended consequences that would make this awful, but I think the gap between the top aces and generics of equivalent costs is one of the bigger design issues the game has at the moment.
  13. It's strong in the current meta, which has been squeezed quite a bit by TLT. But with stress-resistant lists on the horizon, at least for Imps (Defenders; and Bombers via alpha strike), stressbot should become a less desirable piece that is chosen for strategic need rather than tactical power. It's having a good moment.
  14. I was just taking the leap in awesomeness from the basic TIE to the FO, and imagining the frankly butt-clenching extrapolation of having an Interceptor as the base. My butt was pretty clenched, let me tell you. I would, however, totally settle for an Int/Def hybrid with white s-loops. Good thinking
  15. I think you're giving up too much on Omega Leader by omitting Juke. OL's damage output drops hard without permaCrack. I'd replace a single Crack Shot BSP + VI with Juke and either Wampa or Chaser.
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