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  1. Oh, Dragon... raising being pointlessly cryptic to an art form. "Aid the prince." Which prince? "Yes." And now the Dragon have forces in place to help them both. Seems the Dragon have a thing or two to teach the Scorpion about hedging your bets.
  2. 1. Spooky, you magnificent <redacted>! 2. Never mind the lifewards... what if Shahai's meddling with the local kami allowed someone- or something- to drive Sotorii AND Daisetsu to new depths of cruelty and/or malice? Sotorii is absolutely a git, but murdering his own dad seemed to come out of left field. And then we have Daisetsu goading his brother to further depths of misery... and being snapped out of it. What, one wonders, might Shahai have let in? 3. Now we know why Shoju is seen on the throne in that card art. One brother is already missing, and the other appears to be feeling profound self-loathing and actual remorse. Kachiko's mess gets worse and worse for a Champion who wanted his clan to stop being so prominent. 4. While everyone is more or less hosed... MAN are the Unicorn going to get it in the neck from this. Daisetsu was last seen in Shahai's company before they both vanished on the night the Emperor died. And those kami she trapped? Still gone. With her.
  3. I think that image is more akin to a movie poster for the conflict than an actual depiction of a specific encounter.
  4. So he went to the next highest-ranking Crane he could think of. Again- Yoshi did nothing to make this happen- it's not a function of any acumen he has,, it's a function of his position by birth. As for not trusting Hotaru- given their parentage and recent events, that, too, reflects nothing but the mistakes of others. Again- this says nothing about any skill or wisdom on Yoshi's part, and everything about how birth is respected in Rokugan, even while doing an absolutely godawful job of protecting the interests of his Clan and Empire. We have never seen Yoshi take the initiative successfully- he is always, always reacting to and back-footed by the machinations of others and his own emotional foibles which he won't even admit to himself. Which, again, brings me back to my central complaint at this point- it was all fun and games calling him a fool when he stepped right in Kachiko's Crabcake with Yasuki Taka, but at this stage, he desperately needs to be shown doing something even remotely competent, because... right now? His grasp of the politics of Rokugan, which has has theoretically been swimming in since his birth, is about as good as the Unicorn Clan's ability to read a bloody marriage contract
  5. There is nothing subtle about the fact that the Kakita Daimyo who is also the Imperial Chancellor occupies a high social position. It’s literally the only reason Kuwanan would go to him- because Rokugan doesn’t laugh at appeals to authority like a rational society would. Again, this does nothing to display skill or acumen- it’s purely a function of a position that the character as depicted is actually really ill-suited for.
  6. An emotionally distraught man, deeply suspicious of his sister's motives, comes to you for advice. You have minimal respect for said sister, and see a chance to use this guy's already-extant intentions and doubts to your advantage. That is literally all Yoshi pulled off here. At best, a gentle nudge off of an already-precarious precipice. Child's play. Whatever Yoshi said, Kuwanan's doubts wouldn't have gone away- especially since it's not as if Hotaru's bad vibes toward her dad are exactly a mystery among the upper echelons of the Clan I Never Particularly Want To Read About Again. So actually, it's LESS tricky than shooting fish in a barrel. They might actually move out of the way within the confines of their prison, whereas Kuwanan practically jumped into Yoshi's arms. Now, credit where it's due, as Tonbo Karasu notes, he DID evidently have someone in place to tell him the Emperor was dead... but since as has also been noted, Kachiko is covering up the murder, not the death, that's no great shakes. Moreover... if that is the sole proof of his competence in his position thus far? Uhm, that kind of proves my point that we need to see this guy be GOOD at something, because otherwise, he's actually quite pathetic. Being able to hire unobtrusive people? That's a function of his position, not his skill or judgment. Being able to tip a guy down a channel he was already favoring? No biggie. Claiming credit for the adroit work of someone who basically rescued herself? Laughable.
  7. Kuwanan isn’t exactly a hard target, particularly and especially under the circumstances. I do not find shooting fish in a barrel impressive. Nor do I find manipulating an emotionally compromised person into continuing down the path they were already on even remotely noteworthy.
  8. Almost certainly not, as far as his portrayal goes. See, the problem there, as far as it pertains to Yoshi the Fool? (Because I agree, we're not at the part of the story where wise leaders make good decisions) Kachiko, Tsuko, the Elemental Council (and a special different-subset-of-mistakes nod to Tadaka), Altansarnai, Yori, Taka, Hotaru, and so on have all made bad decisions for a variety of reasons and have made things worse- but they've also gotten little snippets of competence to make them look a wee bit better than ol' Yoshi does. For the ur-example: Kachiko's mistakes and villainies are very, very real- she has definitely done more damage to the empire as a whole than Yoshi on his worst day- but she's also shown as generally good at what she does. In fact, she's been shown as on top of things several times prior to her massive, Empire-wrecking, Shoju's-gonna-be-so-mad misstep- and thus, when she made that mistake, it made sense. Her hubris has something to underpin it.
  9. His track record to date indicates that he very much is. I can't think of a single fiction he's appeared in where he hasn't been either lead by the nose by someone else, utterly blindsided, or duped by his own biases into avoidable mistakes. The guy is a disaster. As I said the last time my favored whipping boy came up, I actually want him to get a courtly win of some kind, because so far he has ZERO. Seriously. I can't think of ONE thing he's done that has served either the Crane or the Empire well in the slightest. His folly and ineptitude have become comical at this point.
  10. Getting new people in is definitely a hurdle. The buy-in is steep. So is the complexity (which was also true in the CCG days, but I think the LCG actually has more moving parts that actually impact decisions made on a turn by turn basis) As someone noted earlier, the game feels more like it punishes mistakes than rewards audacity (I actually haven't won a game yet, but since it released, I've also played less then ten games total, all against the same opponent- because there's no local group built up to play it. However, that means I'm no way confident in my ability to teach it, so I'm not growing any local playgroup either) It can also be hard to pick up and run with a clan that interests you flavorwise if they're, well... Unicorn during the first year or two of the game's existence, and so forth. Also... those of us who played the CCG and made the switch? We're gettin' old, man. Haven't got hours and hours of free time to learn the game well enough to really sell it.
  11. Given the Void shenanigans involved, and the... situation of Kaede's birth? I think there might be absolutely Nothing wrong here.
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