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  1. In the old lore, the only thing the Mantis were bad at was being a "respectable" Great Clan- and they basically spent every appearance making it plain that they didn't care. Showing us the "how dare those Crane and Lion and Phoenix look down on us!" as a thing in a story they tell their children makes it much clearer that it actually bothers them.
  2. I gotta say, the new continuity is doing a MUCH better job of laying out the insecurity that was supposed to be in the Mantis' social wheelhous
  3. Given the nature of the Phoenix moves relative to the Unicorn, I doub the nuance is considered all that heavily from the Purple People Eater side...
  4. A Unicorn-Phoenix alliance is unlikely, to say the least- which is another aspect of the move Yoshi pulled off here. He got two clans which aren't exactly throwing each other flowers to publicly align on an issue contrary to Shoju's position.
  5. As one of the chief bashers of Yoshi- the reaction of the court indicates that the magnitude of his achievement is not purely in his own little noggin. Fans do not rustle over "Jesus, what was the point of that?"
  6. About bloody time he managed to get through an appearance without actively hamstringing his own cause with every breath. That said... even when he acts with skill, he's doing the wrong damned thing!😂 And he's still dancing to Kachiko's tune in the ways that matter- it's just that the tune is a bit jangled at present. Kachiko's misstep in trying to remove Toturi plays into his tunnel vision fixation on Scorpion plots, Kachiko's absence because of that misstep leaves Asami vulnerable to discovery, which in turn lets him know that the Scorpion had something to with the attempt on Toturi's life. Yoshi cannot stand up without constantly leaning on others, whatever bluster he tosses out in his internal monologue- and one cannot help noticing that the way he crows about his little victories here reflects the limitations in his vision.
  7. Because the Isawa are arrogant... and if you'd applied a less pejorative tag to Ishikawa than one indicating that he's some kind of sexual predator in waiting, we might be able to properly address his flaws 😛 It certainly fits his actual behavior better. He is absolutely infatuated with her, nobody reading the text can deny that.
  8. Counterpoint: Have you noticed anyone in the Imperial families doing a better job than Ishikawa in particular or the Seppun in general? Any Otmo, Miya, or Seppun besides him who has done better? ... Except that he's not defined by his flaw. He is defined perhaps by his love for Kaede, true- and true, she's married to someone else. But he is also defined by trying to do the right thing, even when he absolutely hates it. And by not indulging in his feelings for her in a way that causes her trouble. Case in point, working with the guy who's married to the woman he loves. You quibble about why he's doing it all you like- but he's doing it. Not only is he doing it, he's not even taking chances to let Toturi have an "unfortunate accident, there was nothing I could do." Possibly because he's not simply "creeping on" Kaede, but actually cares about her happiness. <seethes in Shiba> And who in the story do you see as a "worthy" representative of their family's virtues? Even clear-cut heroic "this is your Clan's shining star, gentle reader" types have pronounced flaws- sometimes potentially crippling ones. Tsukune may have spent the Phoenix novella finding her confidence, but let us not forget that in almost every appearance to date, she has been out of her depth- including the novella, wherein her rising to deal with the situation took the entire course of the story. Kosori is, well... lonely. Her affection for her Unicorn contact (which then goes all wrong when the Council uses the incident he helped to resolve to bar Unicorn passage to the Shrine of the Ki-Rin) represents a difficulty she has with her own duty, which we're hopefully not past yet. Toturi the overthinker trusts heis own clan to do the right thing, even as they make move after move to get rid of him- kicking him upstairs to be Emerald Champion, not squashing Tsuko's power-grab... through it all, he tries to buy time to think, letting matters get away from him. Hotaru is a deeply compromised but heroic champion for my least favorite clan in the game, confronted by issues that are not her fault, but which we cannot pretend she isn't guided by her own hangups on. Yojiro is pulled in multiple directions by his duty and loyalty. And those characters are clearly the "good guys," people without much question about where they're headed. Our iconic Isawa is Tadaka. In the old lore he died a hero, but only after doing some bad things, and in the new lore... he's definitely walking a familiar dark road. Our iconic Kuni is Yori. All signs indicate that he's not exactly covering the family name with glory. We haven't gotten one Kakita yet who embodied the family's virtues without also wallowing in its vices. Your fixation on Ishikawa is, well... leading me to speculate in ways that are unhelpful.
  9. Except that his word is law. If he says "take a powder," they have to take a powder. Especially when he's in the heart of a warded palace that has been secure for centuries with nobody known to have any particular motive to harm him. Ishikawa and every other Seppun who should have been on duty, then. I notice that you don't castigate them, despite the fact that whatever any of them happened to be doing, they weren't on the scene before the Scorpion. No one is saying they didn't fail. No one is saying that Ishikawa is a flawless character whose decisions were all correct. But only you appear to think he's some kind of quasi-villainous creeper.
  10. And yet they're getting the job done. Given the total absence of any Seppun (or anyone else who was supposed to be there) at the time, what makes you think the Emperor wouldn't have told him to take a powder while he had a very difficult private conversation with his son? You seem to think that the Emperor was supposed to be awash in bodyguards without examining why he wasn't. He doesn't have just Ishikawa on call to look out for him- the entire Seppun family's job is to watch over the Emperor. If none of them were present, it's because he told them not to be. Then you should start, because again, the absence of literally all Seppun indicates that the Emperor told them to be somewhere else. They probably didn't like it, but considering that only Shoju, Toturi, and the Emperor himself had any inkling of what he was meeting Sotorii to tell him, it is utterly laughable that you think Ishikawa should have been there. If it hadn't been Kaede, it would have been "go make sure the duty guards at the gate have their armor polished" or something.
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