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  1. Knight of Dale actions

    I think they could just call it a Secrecy Action. Or use the "If your threat is 20 or lower..." clause again like they did in the Ringmaker cycle.
  2. New Grand Kotei announced at Seattle, new Kotei in Houston. Also of note is that the Seattle event and the Houston event are not part of other conventions.
  3. Announced to be a Kotei:
  4. https://www.cascadegames.com/#show/origins-18/Legend_of_the_Five_Rings In what capacity is unknown, but I would not be surprised if it were the replacement for the cancelled Anime Matsuri Kotei.
  5. Elemental Cycle begins

    Display twice only gets you to 4. You'd have to have used Wholeness of the World the turn before.
  6. Thanks Joe!

    Such horse!
  7. Mantis Clan

    They could surprise us by killing off Yoritomo.
  8. House Arryn

    A logical fallacy.
  9. Disciples of the Void Release

    They specifically said that Ofushukai would be in a later Dynasty Pack, not in Disciples of the Void, in the announcement for the novella.
  10. After some consideration: yes, I would.
  11. How likely is it that someone from outside the brand right now would be better than someone who has already written for L5R?
  12. Yet Another Disciples of the Void preview

    I think she would have been interesting if she provided a bonus tied to the number of attacking Bushi (capped, of course).
  13. New Intro Decks Article

    Probably not.