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  1. https://fiveringsdb.com/rules/reference#dash
  2. Clans played worldwide, player clan usage, player stats. We can even petition to expand the information to splash clan and honorable victories. (Which I am about to do right now)
  3. But does not provide data about the global meta-game.
  4. The official FFG one is called TOME and is available for download somewhere in the byzantine labyrinth that FFG calls a website. It's also prone to crashing and losing data. Obviously, I recommend avoiding it when possible. The Lotus Pavilion (www.thelotuspavilion.com), on the other hand, is a free web-based program that is as reliable as your Internet is and built on an AGOT client that has never (to my knowledge) crapped out on someone. It also has data from every tournament ever run on the platform available to peruse and it aggregates that data to show some statistics.
  5. For some reason, I thought he was saying that he couldn't even play the Ambusher from hand.
  6. Why wouldn't it work?
  7. Definitely a missed opportunity to show that FFG can be clear about things.
  8. I see no reason to adopt anything less than a "wait and see" approach to this. It could be terrible, but why not give it a chance to be terrible?
  9. Probably. =(
  10. Maybe the news is that the card game will also take direction from the TV show in a few years after it comes out.
  11. Matsu Ushio? That's a real card from the CCG. The alt-art Raitsugu was probably Photoshopped.
  12. www.thronesdb.com has a list of all the cards, including some that have only been previewed. Expansions and Chapter Packs have 3 copies of each card so you only need to buy one each (or two if both you and your son want to play with the same cards).
  13. No, Banzai is once per conflict.
  14. I brought the Boromir Two-Handed Special to Gen Con. One location totally screwed us up.