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  1. Before 2016, kits were 4 per I believe.
  2. A lot of these provinces just read "Flip this province, I win".
  3. Same weekend as L5R. Gonna be spending a lot of money that weekend...
  4. There's some kind of ranking algorithm involved, but I don't know the specifics.
  5. We need a Lore hero. Three Leadership, three Tactics, soon to be one Spirit.
  6. Come One At A Time XPS Fire X is twice the number of attacking characters. Action: If you have no more than one defending character at a conflict at this province - the defending character challenges an attacking character to a Military duel. If the loser of the duel has no fate on it, discard it. Otherwise remove 1 fate from it and bow it.
  7. The second part was so short, I'm not sure why it was broken up like that.
  8. I think Dream Wizards will be supporting it, but this is just supposition.
  9. Talk to your FLGS about ordering one (or more) today and they can price it out for you.
  10. Highlander Games & Comics 119 Boonton Avenue Boonton, NJ 07005 Another raffle! This time we have the 2017 Gen Con promo, an alternate-art Celeborn! (As soon as we have a date, I will add the Facebook event page to this post. It will assuredly be in the first half of November.)
  11. The optics of not-hiring Asian actors to portray samurai are pretty bad.