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  1. Kakita Shiro

    Some Newbie Questions

    1) No. 2) Yes, and yes. 3) A Unique card such as Ice can only have one copy in play at a time, but a non-unique attachment like Milk of the Poppy can be attached to different characters. 4) Losing defender's choice, barring card effects as you mention. 5) If the plot card offers you a choice, then you make that choice. Valar Morghulis specifies "each character" so each character is killed (i.e., everyone). 6) Events move to the discard pile after they are played, except as card text states (Risen From The Sea, as an example). 7) Yes.
  2. RSVP on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2175187929473474/
  3. Kakita Shiro

    Elemental championships

    I didn't hear about one, but in general the lack of information about Elemental Challenges is disappointing.
  4. Kakita Shiro

    Campaign Rules

    As long as you do not add new heroes, you don't incur the threat penalty.
  5. A subforum under their Media and Interactive heading would be best.
  6. Kakita Shiro

    Elemental championships

    I'm told there's one this weekend at the NOVA Open.
  7. Core set doesn't have any full decks in them so you can do whatever you want. What Intro Deck did you buy? That can inform what you want to buy next.
  8. Kakita Shiro

    Guest of Honor and Mantras

    This is the solution we arrived at.
  9. We had this come up at a Conflict Tournament and just wanted to confirm the ruling on the field: My opponent's Togashi Tadakatsu forced me into declaring a Water conflict, so I choose Political and am about to choose my Guest of Honor as the attacker, but he wants to play Mantra of Water to ready Togashi Mitsu to defend. Does the declaration of a conflict involve all of selecting a type, element, and attackers; or is is a piecemeal process? Can he react with Mantra of Water once Tadakatsu decides it's going to be a Water conflict before I decide who is attacking?
  10. Blind is the best way to play. You'll have knowledge every subsequent play-though so why not enjoy the surprises once?
  11. Kakita Shiro

    Intro Deck Release Date

    Not anymore. Everyone has migrated to Iron Throne. I won't link it here on FFG's official forums, but run a Google search for it on the Internet and you'll find it.
  12. It was too hard to pay for Kachiko and AFWTD, obviously.
  13. As long as she is asking the kami to Cloud your mind, the Jade Magistrates really have no jurisdiction. Binding kami with gaijin sorcery or maho, though...
  14. Mostly I'm shocked that there's a living kitsu.