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  1. Don't we have any playmats

    Which one is the precious?
  2. Newbie help

  3. Player Meetup Megathread

    Check out LOTR.cards
  4. Dragon Swarm

    Much more reliable than getting it from Keeper.
  5. Pax South Tournament Turnout Sad.

    61 is pretty low. Should be closer to 100 in order to fill up a top 16, possibly even the other side of 100.
  6. I don't disagree, but apparently FFG/Asmodee does.
  7. Pax South Tournament Turnout Sad.

    This guy gets it. Not everyone can have funds on demand for a $45 badge, $40 event ticket, transportation (potentially hundreds of dollars), room, and board.
  8. Its easy to stream Worlds but they don't send their media equipment around the world for these events.
  9. Best L5R forum?

    For the most part the folks on the Discord are fine people, but I cannot stand the medium.
  10. Honor on provinces

    Lord knows we don't need more token types.
  11. I expect someone to stream, or at least record at the Cork Kotei but I have no idea what's planned for PAX South.
  12. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Reading the FAQ.
  13. Check the Pacific Northwest Facebook groups (Western Washington L5R and Coastal Katana Dojo)
  14. Seems like a "you" problem, not a "design" problem.
  15. Match Length

    Is it, though? We had a 10 player tournament over the weekend and we had I think just 2 matches go to time.