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  1. Two different Unicorn cards, three copies each.
  2. I don't have any issue with the group. I just wouldn't want to appropriate their name without their express permission.
  3. I wouldn't want to use their name but I think a charity event would be great.
  4. Kakita Shiro

    The Free Folk and Master of Whispers

    You can apply a second claim with Free Folk, but only the opponent who lost the challenge suffers the claim.
  5. Kakita Shiro

    State of LCGs

    My understanding is that FFG only has the license to the ASOIAF series. The other material didn't exist when the contract was struck.
  6. I was under the impression that only Moto Doge will do.
  7. Kakita Shiro

    Going for time

    As mentioned, the problem is losing out on the Ring effects, which help push you ahead of your opponent. Without several repeatable sources of Ring triggers on defense, it'll be quite tough. Crab/Unicorn KoE. Pilgrimage and Defend The Wall. Talisman to whichever circumstance you need (defend to not lose or defend to win).
  8. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I liked what the RPG players were trying to do with the Spider Clan, but I think that saying it was "working" is a bit of a stretch. I look at it as how it could have worked if the Empire actually gave a ****.
  9. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I mean, we've already seen Minor Clan cards. There were five low-to-average quality Mantis cards.
  10. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I like that A) it removes itself from the game to prevent abuse B) that shuffles your discard into your deck
  11. We also would like to know what time zone the decklists need to be submitted by.
  12. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire

    So basically you're telling me that Courtly Challenger is no good without a second card unless they're losing the honor game so badly they can only bid one. Gotcha.
  13. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire

    When are you ever dueling a 1 Pol when it can't enter a Military conflict? Further, most Crane decks aren't even running Fans, so unless the paradigm changes significantly you'll be stuck with a -/2. If you honor them, you're wasting that honoring on someone who can be in both challenges, as well as it's own ability. Like, it's cute that we can contrive all kinds of cirumstances when it could be not-terrible, but that's not the reality of the moment. The real question is whether or not Composure is worth not drawing 5 cards every turn. Or if you can duel someone not in the conflict. That would be amazing.
  14. Kakita Shiro

    Children of the Empire

    Courtly Challenger is pretty awful as it stands. Needs plenty of support to ensure a duel win without dropping 5 honor unless your opponent is obessed with maintaining Composure.
  15. Kakita Shiro

    Query about multiple reactions order

    The RRG seems pretty clear-cut on this. If you use The Mander as a response to winning by 5 or more, your opponent subsequently has an opportunity to react to losing with Ghaston Grey.