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  1. Totally up to you! You can mix and match, even (2x Core Cersei + 1x Expansion Cersei) as long as you abide by the rule for Unique cards in deck (no more than three by name, no matter what version).
  2. Given that support for the card game has ended it is unlikely that FFG will ever support a new digital version. However, you can play Joust with people from around the world via a platform called The Iron Throne, which is browser-based.
  3. In Second Edition, a character can participate in as many challenges as they are able to.
  4. We have heard no news since October regarding the Invocation Kits or the Fellowship Kits for 2019. Are they still being distributed?
  5. https://thronesdb.com/card/13070 EDIT: Just realized that this doesn't answer your question. I suspect that it is fixed at the time of use, but I definitely could be wrong.
  6. I expect any promos with updated wording to be released via the Open Play program.
  7. I don't expect anything from FFG unless GRRM get his stuff together and finishes Winds of Winter.
  8. Kakita Shiro


  9. On the contrary, people played to maximize koku. For instance, as an average player, I dropped from an Arena to play the RPG which gave me far more tickets than I could have won playing three more rounds.
  10. Most card effects that blank text boxes say that they do not remove traits, but if a card said to blank a text box with out conditions, then yes it would affect the traits.
  11. RFG is a separate game state and needs to be tracked. Meryn Trant's ability puts them into this third state, not in the dead pile. If the first copy of a Unique Character or Location is removed from the game, you may marshal a new copy if the Character is not also in the dead pile.
  12. I expect this to last until the next Worlds, where Tyler will ask the Top of Clans again if they want to keep the roles freed. It will be a formality, sort of like how the Tortoise Clan Champion always offers his seppuku to a new Emperor for violating the law on gaijin contact and the Emperor always absolves him.
  13. IMO it's going to change from a small group of elite players dictating the meta directly to a small group of elite players directing the meta indirectly so there's no difference to me.
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