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  1. Fantastic guy. At the end of Gold Edition, I was at Gencon, just another lowly L5R player, and Will was nice enough to spend nearly an hour hanging out with myself and a friend of mine. We even cracked open a box of Winds of Change, and not only did he sign my foil Shinjo Xushen Xp and Akodo Tadenori Xp, but he even put a little '1st' on each since it was the first time he'd actually seen the cards in printed form. A really class act, the world is lessened by his absence.
  2. I can't tell you how many times I got suggestions via PMs or e-mail on how to 'fix' problem cards in the CCG that basically all did the same thing, which was turn said cards into coasters. For some reason that's the go-to response to a lot of these issues. Also, a universal truth is that players don't really mind broken cards all that much, they just don't want other people to be able to use them too.
  3. Take it from someone who tried very hard to 'fix' dueling for years in the CCG, there's not really a way to do it that will satisfy even a plurality of players. About 99% of the time, 'fixes' players suggest for dueling boiled down to making it 'more fair', which meant more random and less reliable. Of course, if dueling is an unreliable strategy, then players (outside of niche flavor players) will never even explore it, instead opting for other, more efficient ways to win consistently. Far too often, 'make dueling more fair' means 'I want to be able to beat dueling decks at dueling without having to dedicate any card space to dealing with dueling.'
  4. It happens. I got hate mail too. That doesn't even count the stuff on clan forums which was usually pretty vicious. I mean, look at some of the programming team for Star Wars Battlefront 2. I think one guy said he was up to 7 death threats over lootboxes and paywalls, neither of which he or any of his programmers had anything to do with. Like politics and sports, fandoms inevitably call to the worst aspects of tribalism.
  5. I think I still have the death threat filed away somewhere that I received when working as a designer for old L5R. Ah, memories.
  6. I'm gonna bet that old gem "NPE" shows up here sooner rather than later.
  7. I haven't checked, but was Backhanded Compliment an Event?
  8. If you take Bearers of Jade as canon in Old5R (many people don't, which is a shame because it's probably the best RPG supplement they ever made), Fu Leng would swap genders frequently in order to sire children with both male and female followers.
  9. During my time working in 'the industry' I came to understand that the online* L5R community had a reputation as one of the most toxic fandoms in the card gaming community. While I won't go into details, when conversations I had early on with people after the IP sale lead me to believe that FFG was not prioritizing nor particularly interested in retention of the old fan base, and was more focused on growing a new one, I have to say I was relieved. Focusing on retention was one of the many reasons L5R at AEG died a slow, hemmoraging death. By the end you'd think the only active fans were people who'd quit years ago and just stayed around for the enjoyment of throwing some stones now and then. (* It's important with L5R to distinguish the online community from the actual physical community, which usually always drew universal praise.)
  10. I see you never had a chance to visit the old AEG L5R forums.
  11. True story, at the Atlanta Kotei one year I had a friend who hasn't played in a while and asked me for a deck to play. I built him Jagged Maw Military because DVD dishonor was the deck du jour at the time. His most notable games: Final Swiss Round vs DVD - Auto win Top 8 vs DVD - Auto win Top 4 vs DVD - Auto win He didn't actually have to really play a game at all from final Swiss to finals, where he lost to Mantis.
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