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  1. They are Weierstrass rivers. Words like ‘curved’ and ‘straight’ have no meaning in this here, the magical land of Rokugan.
  2. Shut up, Rikako. Don't talk that way about my Good Lint Boys.
  3. Kevin Gates' 2 Phones is the iconic Spider Clan song, in my opinion.
  4. Philosophy (more specifically intellectual history) graduate student here, so either a philosopher (advisor?) or corpse handler, depending on my birth.
  5. People of ‘impure’ ancestry would not work smoothly in a racist society, no. This is not an argument against including them. Bring me Unicorn with Persian/Arabic/Mongolian blood. Mantis showing South Asian and even Polynesian heritage, and even some straight up Indian people (from the Ivory Kingdoms) sprinkled in there. Phoenix, with their obsession with purity, should also have Yobanjin bloodlines among them. The veneer of courtesy needs to show some cracks in it if it is to be appreciated. A ‘racially pure’ society is only interesting if it actually isn't.
  6. I 100% want that. Edit: I am also 5000 people. FFG, do what Kinzen said for some sweet $$$.
  7. This is not true. I went through the thread and found no examples of accusations or characterizations by any of the people who are raising the issue. Even if you dig up one or two, the others are so noticeable and frequent that you will probably not find enough to support your claim. Edit: Kinzen and WHW, in particular, have been impressively cool about this.
  8. No, the embarrassment definitely lies in comparing feminist criticism to the Salem witch trials.
  9. Everyone? Always? The people who are raising the issue have been incredibly patient and civil even as they were characterized as shrill, irrational and angry (See: lumia2's embarrassing post, just above this one). And you waltz in here and add to these characterizations while lamenting that the people who have mostly steered clear of them are too quick to characterize their opponents. Specks in your brother's eye and all that.
  10. You don't find many better qualities than a critical eye and a moral backbone. Those are top tier virtues IMO.
  11. Okay, that's fine, but isn't it good to talk about this stuff anyway? I personally want L5R to be inclusive and this provides a good opportunity to discuss what we (community and FFG both) can do to make that a reality. (One suggestion I'd give would be not making cringeworthy off-hand jokes fetishizing lesbians.)
  12. Why? That looks like a legit ****-up to me and should warrant something more than just deleting the response and pretending it never happened.
  13. I appreciate your going through the AMA and posting the questions/responses here, Shikaku, because Reddit's thread layout is confusing and terrifying to me.
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